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  1. Starcraft 2 launch date July 27

    I think it ends the middle of this month. :(
  2. Starcraft 2 launch date July 27

    There goes the summer! :)
  3. Think of a semaphore as a "count of accesses" which, when set to a maximum of 1, turns into a Mutex. Using a semaphore to determine how much allocated space is available is loony.
  4. Event system?

    Look at the Signal pattern. It will lead you on the right path. Happy coding.
  5. XNA in WinForms - Flickering

    You need to render to a backbuffer and "flip" it to the view to rid yourself of the flickering.
  6. [web] Help with swfupload.

    Outside of Flash, I'm pretty sure you're limited to using the FileUpload control for prompting users with the file open dialog. Even within Flash you must utilize a particular control to allow an upload to occur. In the web environment, the developer is not allowed to have access to the user's harddrive without their knowledge. I'm sure you understand the security considerations. Happy coding!
  7. [web] Help with swfupload.

    Are you trying to give an upload ability in your Flash swf or just from a webpage? If in Flash, you can draw your button however you want and use the File object to do your uploading. If on a webpage, use the file upload control. Happy coding.
  8. Why is Win32 Sleep still such garbage?

    CreateTimerQueue perhaps?
  9. Why is Win32 Sleep still such garbage?

    Why even use Sleep in the first place?
  10. Quote:Original post by ricardo_ruiz_lopez How does your company manage documents? Where do you store your "Software Requirements Specification", "Game Design", "Software Design Specification", "Project Plan"...? In-house homegrown website Quote: Now I'm using Google Docs, which is online and has a versioning system, however because of patriot act, any US government employee may read what he/she should not read. If you're not storing accounting records for terrorists or providing detailed schedules of congressional personnel, why even worry about it? The US gov't doesn't care about you or your documents as long as you pay your taxes. China on the other hand... I don't recommend storing any proprietary documentation on the internet in an unsecured form but if you have to, have some sort of encryption routine you run prior to uploading documents to the internet.
  11. linking GUI to game logic question

    You're on the right path with reflection. Use C# events to alert your components about UI changes and vice versa. A get method is great for a polling mechanism but as most developers will tell you, polling is bad. It is better to respond upon event activation rather than checking over and over if that event has fired. Happy coding.
  12. You could do a GetThreadTimes prior to the Present of each frame and compute the thread time between the two calls. However, depending on how you're doing your threading and what you're using it for, you could get thread times all over the place. Some sort of profiler my be your better bet.
  13. GetThreadTimes or GetProcessTimes would be what you're looking for.
  14. Rate my 3d Models

    Quote:Original post by ChaosDreamer <br/> A small building i modelling. It only took about 20-40 minutes. Any thoughts? Throwing a bunch of blocks together and calling it a building isn't modeling. Your pistol with 500 polygons has waaaaaay to many polygons. My suggestion is to slow down. Pick something you want to model and model it in detail. Do that and then submit the picture. I'm not trying to come off mean, these are a great start. Keep at it. PS: LLP? Do you mean LLC?
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