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    Any word of xna?

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv Longhorn will not be very compatible with Win32 (although some application will perhaps still work). Source please.
  2. I always hear alot of complaints about the size of the .net runtime, but the simple fact is that 20-30MB is nothing - even on 56k. Back in my modem days i'd frequently download linux isos. 20MB on a 56k would take a couple of hours, tops. If your application isn't written in C# 2.0, your users could always use the mono runtime which is a bit smaller at 14MB.
  3. sark

    if means nothing!

    I believe LoadLibrary() only fails if the file does not exist, it doesn't bother checking if it's a valid DLL or not (someone correct me if i'm wrong).
  4. Lets end dumb thread posting RIGHT HERE! Enjoy your new rating.
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