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    Help finding game about evolution of gaming

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Probably this: Understanding Games. There were 4 episodes created. I haven't had a chance to play through these, though they look like they could be interesting. They're not the game I was looking for though.
  2. I've been looking for this for a long time now, so I'm posting here as well as Reddit in the hopes that someone here may be more likely to have been familiar with the game: I've been trying once in awhile for the past year to find a game I played somewhere around 2001. This game was about the evolution of gaming and each level was another generation or style of gameplay. I believe the first level was Pong, then Asteroids, then a simple platformer, etc.. This game was released around the time of a GDC conference I believe, though I don't think it was officially affiliated. Can anyone anywhere help me find this game?
  3. ETA: Sorry, suppose I could be more detailed if you're just starting out... SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection( "server=(local)\\NetSDK;database=pubs;Integrated Security=SSPI"); SqlDataAdapter myCommand = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Authors", myConnection); SqlDataReader objRS = myCommand.ExecuteReader (); try { while ( objRS.Read () ) { string strImageFilename = (string)objRS [ "ImageFilename" ]; } } finally { objRS.Close (); }
  4. Melraidin

    new egg products and db setup

    Depending on how quickly you need the search to run you can design an easily expandable database. Consider creating a table called "Attributes". This table would contain a product type ID, ie: 1=Pre-built, 2=CPU, 3=Hard drive. Also in that row would be a name for the attribute, ie: Capacity, Manufacturer, FSB Speed. Then when doing a search you list the attribute types that exist for whatever product type the user is searching for. There would need to be another table that would contain an attribute ID, a product ID, and a value for the attribute, ie: 200 GB, Dell, 800 MHz. I believe the term you should look for when looking for information on this form of database would be metadata.
  5. Melraidin

    Core, My first complete game

    Great game, don't change the controls. While a rotational based controls would seem more intuitive at first, I really like that I'm able to only look at my ship out of the corner of my eye and not have to continuously check what direction I'm pointing. A rotational based model would increase the difficulty far too much. More powerups, a level based system, and possible a more VGA style graphical feel would increase this game's appeal for me. (VGA style meaning like 256 colour shaded ships, nothing terribly fancy; simpler's better in this case!)
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