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  1. Erunama

    Google Talk

    I would love to see video capabilities in this program. Now that would give me a reason to use it. Right now, MSN has (by far) the best quality video, and I definitely wouldn't mind using a nicer, less bloated piece of software. (Plus, I can't get voice/video to work well, if at all, with Trillian.)
  2. Erunama

    PyWeek contest

    Cool! I registered. I've always wanted to learn Python, I guess this gives me a good reason to start. Hopefully, I can do two things: 1) Start teaching myself Python before the start of the contest 2) Actually remember the contest has started
  3. Erunama

    Two versions of Xbox360 after all

    Booo, I was hoping for a little cheaper. I just knew they would skimp out on features and offer a cheaper version, but I want the cool stuff (wireless controller and hard drive). I felt for sure that I'd be getting an XBOX, but now I don't know. I want to hear more about Revolution.
  4. Erunama

    "Kid busted by WoW-playing mommy"

    Quote:Original post by Salsa I still think the best example of mother/son videogame interaction is that video where the kid flips out about getting chocolate milk. Hahahahaha, I love that... link for Pouya EDIT: oh yeah, btw, how many people think that is real? it sounds real, but just sounds too perfect to actually have happened.
  5. Erunama

    The best demos

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein's multiplayer demo. I spent so much time playing that, and was probably one of the best demo players. I love how open it was. There were like 4 maps, and anyone could host games, so there were a ton of servers for the demo. After a while, I eventually bought the game when I saw it for a nice price, but never played it as much after that (plus, Enemy Territory came out and stole my time... and that's still my most played game currently).
  6. Erunama

    "Kid busted by WoW-playing mommy"

    What an awesome mom! She's even in the same guild as him, and two levels up!
  7. That's what a lot of people do, and have it set to auto-renew right before it expires. Just set up an account somewhere to buy the domain, and forget about it.
  8. Erunama

    Missing some credits... Online cs?

    Quote:Original post by jtrask Yeah. It's not looking like I'm losing anything with the bio. Again, my big question here is, where do I get an accredited online compsci course, ideally in Java and challenging enough for someone who knows what he's doing? Isn't getting credit for a course entirely up to your high school? Like, even if you take a so called "accredited" online course, your school would still have to approve the course to make sure it maps to a similar course there (just like in college, I can't go taking a CS course anywhere and get credit for it... it has to be as rigorous as the course it will replace). So, why not search Google for some online courses, try to find something similar in CS, and talk to your high school about what the process is for transferring credit.
  9. Erunama

    Everyquest II cheater confession

    Thanks for the link. Even though I've never played EQ, it was still a great (and fun) read.
  10. Erunama


    my blog I agree with Trent. There are just some things you post in the moment that look completely stupid later on. I don't think I have anything like that now, but I did have a Livejournal in the past which was just me posting about my life. Now, I'm trying to figure out exactly what the heck my blog should be. It started out talking about my life, then I got bored of that and changed it into a photoblog, simply posting images of note with little to no explanation. Now, I sort of combined the two, actually writing some things, sprinkling in photos. Once I finally get back to programming, I'd love to talk about that, as well. (Btw, my site is currently undergoing a design change... most of the big stuff is finished, but there are still a few little tweaks I need to make... haven't bothered doing it the past couple weeks because I have been so busy.)
  11. Erunama

    Starting to have doubts

    It's tough to do hobby programming when you've got other commitments for school. I did a fair amount in high school, but the past two years, I just haven't had the time with college responsibilities. The worst part is that I'm past the core programming courses, and I've had most theory courses (discrete structures, theory of computing, analysis of algorithms, etc). I really need to start applying some of what I am learning and writing programs on my own, but, like you, I don't really have the motivation to do stuff like that after studying and doing homework in the first place.
  12. Erunama

    Movies in IRC

    Hahaha... awesome idea. Quote:Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith *** IHATEOBI has entered the room PadmePreggers: so i was like, omg, whatever! IHATEOBI: hey there sweetcheeks *** PadmePreggers has disconnected IHATEOBI: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THE END ( I ripped your format :D )
  13. Erunama

    Most abused game "feature"

    Quote:Original post by pinacolada Although, if they lag on *purpose*, that counts. In WoW, you can spam the screenshot button, and that will keep your CPU busy enough that you'll lag and other people will see you jumping around. And what good does that do??
  14. Erunama

    Terrain Project! whee!!!!

    Quote:Original post by Moe To be honest, I think I almost prefer the 'before' screenshot. Is it just me, or does smoothing the terrain completely flatten it? I completely agree. Too much smoothing and it just looks fake.
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