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  1. I wrote a very small 3D engine (50 000 or 70 000 lines of code, can't remember now, dynamic lighting, shadows, physics, sound, etc..) screenshot. Unfortunately the company that I got my job in died when the economic crisis came so now I just work at the patent office as a programmer.
  2. AxoDosS

    Xbox Live Gamertags

    I do not play much nowadays [sad]
  3. AxoDosS

    How many girls are members here?

    Let me make a perfectly reasonable guess, 27? [rolleyes]
  4. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback [smile]. Quote:Original post by Boder It gives me error messages when I quit any other way than just pushing ESC. I mean pushing the X button in the upper right. I have not tested this but I am somewhat not surprised because I am not handling the termination message. I will have this fixed in the near future.
  5. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    bump (made updates in the first post 06-09-12).
  6. AxoDosS

    Looking for a guru

    You should ask Visual Basic. He is the guru of gurus, trust me [grin]
  7. AxoDosS

    OMG! It is caturday!

    Quote:Original post by Driv3MeFar Cat fan (this is more directed towards those of you who dislike cats).
  8. AxoDosS

    Development of a new 2D game engine

    Luck has nothing to do with it. You need skills and determination. That is what I wish for you. [smile]
  9. AxoDosS

    Speedtest.net : pretty cool

    I need a better connection [sad]
  10. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    Quote:Original post by Programmer16 lol, that's what I get for posting when I've just woken up. It's 16:10. Edit: Also, it fails to run for me now. It does the same thing it did before (gets to 'use shaders' messagebox (says that my computer supports both vertex and fragment) and then has an error and displays the windows 'engine_test.exe has encountered a problem and must close' message.) If I run it without vertex and fragment, it works fine. Pressing x before adding a light, pressing it too many times after adding a light causes it to go into wireframe mode.On some hardware that only support vertex profiles but not fragment profiles, the engine reports that both are supported. I will have this fixed. If you remove all the lights (pressing X) then it will go into wireframe mode, that is what I wanted it to do rather than render a black scene [smile]. [Edited by - AxoDosS on August 15, 2006 11:54:50 AM]
  11. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    Quote:Original post by Programmer16 I got it working and it ran really good, even with 200 objects. I only saw 4 problems: your camera shadow is almost pitch black, your 'drawn' counter doesn't work (may be because I had the shaders on), I couldn't get it to add a light, and when you get right up to an object it has a really bad fish-eye effect. All in all, good job!The "Drawn" counter and the "add a light" (I hope) should be fixed now. I don't know about the fish-eye effect. The field of view is set to 90deg from what I remember. Is it possible that your monitor has a different aspect ratio, perhaps you have a widescreen monitor?
  12. AxoDosS

    3333rd post

    You all lose. 207 posts since April 18, 2002 [dead]
  13. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    Quote:Original post by bam104Just a visual note - Is it me or are your shadows a bit too dark?That may be true. I think that the ambient level is set to 0.15.
  14. AxoDosS

    Test My 3D Engine [Update 2006-09-12]

    Quote:Original post by ZippoLag ehm.. it throws a msgbox that says "Failed to initialize udSoudSystem" when I try to run it.. Try to remove OpenAL.dll from the directory. The best way is to install OpenAL since you get all the DLL's.
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