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  1. Your system requirements are ridiculously low to the point where you are backing yourself into a corner for no good reason. The way older 486 era games like id's Commander Keen achived good 2D performance is by relying on clever hardware tricks (eg. banging on the scrolling registers directly) that will outright fail if you attempt to do them on modern videocards without being in some sort of DOSBOXish emulation environment. Also you're making your job 1000 times harder for no real gain. Why do you need to support Windows 95? Nobody supports Windows 95 anymore. Hardly anyone supports Windows pre-Windows 2000s, because the amount of people who use such systems is so ridiculously small and of the small amount of people there are using them, the cross-section between that set and those who will download your game anyway is absolutely zero. ...and 'alot of AI'? On a 486? Are you sure your post isn't a troll? If it isn't, seriously reconsider your system requirements.
  2. gmcbay

    Copyright, when does it expire?

    Well, just because the publisher isn't selling a version of the game now doesn't mean they never will, just look at all the retro collection discs for the various modern consoles... They can always make the case that you're harming their ability for future sales, even if they aren't currently selling it. Anyway, I hate the fact that some publishers try to sue on basic gameplay similarity grounds, like all of those Hasbro/Asteroids lawsuits from a few years back. But if you directly rip off the graphics & sounds from another game, you're just asking to be sued, and I wouldn't have a problem with the publisher suing someone in that case. That is clearly closer to theft than homage/inspiration. Don't do it.
  3. gmcbay

    how to play ogg files

    I suggest looking at Brian Hook's SAL library: I am using it in my released shareware game and it works really well. It can output to either DSound or waveOut, and it works under MacOS X and Linux too. It uses a BSD-style license so you can use it in anything without having to open source your own code. Also... it is free.
  4. This topic comes up here once every month or so. Go ahead and make a bootable game if you really want to, but there are a ton of reasons why it is a bad idea: Hardly anyone is going to bother rebooting to play your game. Modern OSes multitask for a reason. Why fight it? I know there's no way in hell I'd ever reboot to play a game. Also, you'd have to include drivers for all possible hardware on your boot CD. And then when the manufacturer updates the drivers, or (worse) comes out with new hardware that didn't exist when your game shipped, you're fucked because your bootCD game is always going to be using the older, buggy drivers.. or in the case of entirely new hardware, your game might just not run at all because no matching driver is found on your bootCD OS. Last, but not least: game patches. If you discover a bug in your game after it has shipped (and chances are very high you will), there is no reasonable way to patch the bootCD. All in all this is a horrible idea.
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