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  1. In addition to that, I also know of freelancers who maintain their own servers and rent shared hosting to their customers. But you need some sysadmin chops to do that of course.
  2. Sander

    [web] Php Orm Libraries

    Doctrine 2 is great, but be aware that it's a completely different beast than Doctrine 1. If you prefer something simpler, have a look at RedBeanPHP.
  3. Please use an OSI certified license. They work, and are pretty well known and well understood. There's no difference between using a random license found in a random project somewhere on the web and writing your own license (both are generally bad ideas).
  4. Sander

    the DRM sweet spot

    Quote:I want to add some kind of anti-piracy protection, even if its just something very simple that a half-knowledgeable person could circumvent. I just want to be able to prevent most people from stealing it for free. I don't think that will work. One smart person cracks it. Then Average Joe can download it from bittorrent. As an alternative, take a look at the Humble Indy Bundles. They tout "No DRM" as a feature. A unique selling point.
  5. "Frets on Fire" is a game where the source is released as GPL but the artwork (specifically, the songs) are not. You could have a look at that. Also, ID software has released the source code of many games under a GPL license, without the artwork.
  6. Sander

    Linux use and development, finally...

    @tstrimp: Novell's version is more accurate:
  7. nl2br() will work. The problem with your original code is that you are using single quotes around the \n in str_replace(). \n only matches a newline in a double quoted string, e.g "\n". In single quotes, it matches a literal backslash + letter n.
  8. Sander

    Coding in bed

    Laptop here too. I use Linux. Thanks to the Awesome Window Manager (a programmable, tiling WM), Vimpertor (makes Firefox look and work like Vim) and Vim itself, I don't need to use a mouse at all. Perfect for coding in bed, on the couch, in the train, etcetera.
  9. Sander

    Linux use and development, finally...

    Another happy Vim user here. Out-of-the-box Vim is a good editor but not terribly useful. But there are hundreds of plugins that make it great for any kind of editor. Personally I use Netrw, surround, VIP (lots of PHP tools), xdebug, taglist, bufexplorer, latex-suite, omnicomplete, snippetsemu and a whole bunch of others, along with quite a big .vimrc file. Vim (like emacs) is pretty much just a programmable editor. You can make it do whatever you want, make it work how you want to work. That's the beauty of it. Most IDEs work best when you work in a certain way. You need to adapt to the tool. With Vim (and emacs) it's the other way around. The only downsides are a steep learning curve (it took me six weeks to be as fast in Vim as I was in a regular editor) and that you start to fiddle endlessly with your configuration :-)
  10. Sander

    OpenGL without X on NVIDIA

    They're X-drivers after all. If you want OpenGL without X, see if you can hack the Nouveau drivers. Or have a look at Wayland, an alternative to X.org.
  11. Yup, get both. Make one canonical and redirect the other to the canonical one. If it's a pure non-commercial FOSS project I'd make the .org the canonical one and redirect the .com domain. If you plan to offer commercial services alongside your project I'd make the .com the canonical one (or split them up, the .com for the services and the .org for the FOSS development).
  12. Sander

    [web] Help with website

    Quote:Original post by MrGameGov what would be a good decison when wanting to build a large site ? for example a website that can make money from it content? A business plan.
  13. Sander

    How to code faster?

    Quote:Original post by phresnel Quote:Original post by d000hg I don't buy that there is not a good enough tool out there already. Sounds to me like you're suffering from NIH. I've tried many. Most are too complex for what I need. Are you afraid of the commandline? I'm loving Taskwarrior. It checks pretty much all your boxes. It'll run on Windows but you need Cygwin for it.
  14. I'm 31 and I love birthdays. I stopped caring about gifts a long time ago. I just invite all my friends and family over (about 60-70 people or so) and throw a massive BBQ party once a year. The kind of party that still talk about for weeks and that people are really looking forward to. It's great! I love throwing these big parties once a year, as does my girlfriend. We usually combine everything into one big event so usually the party isn't even near my actual birthday. My girlfriend had her birthday in the beginning of September and my birthday is end of October. On September 14th, we were together for 5 years exactly. So, we combine everything into one massive party tomorrow evening. BBQ, beer and booze for 70 people. I've been prepping all week. Yay!
  15. Sander

    Any favorite free csv editor?

    Try Gnumeric. IMHO it's the fastest and best spreadsheet editor around. I use it all the time.
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