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  1. JinJo

    What a bad weekend

    Thanks for all the replies. Turns out I've sort of got the house thing taken care of. I can stay at my mates till end of month. Job wise, I think I have a good chance of getting my old job back tomorrow. But I think my state of mind is worse. I've had horrible thoughts all of today. She also decided to phone up sayin she was pregnant. Everyone says I should stay away from her and I know I probably should but I can't help thinking I want to go see her. Ah, I dunno. Sucks.
  2. JinJo

    What a bad weekend

    Mantear, well it was building up for a while. We've been making up and breaking up for a while now but we tried one last time. Everything was going amazing but sometimes she can't control her temper or moods and she just went to far. So Im at a mates but I can only stay here a few more days. No one else has any space either. I decided to turn to drinking again after this which made me miss work twice. So yeah it's all my fault I suppose.
  3. JinJo

    What a bad weekend

    Well I do still have a lot of goals I want to focus on, hard in the very short term though. I am hoping that by end of the month I can have enough to get a flat. I just need to try and get somewhere before then. Job hunting just now though. I certainly see lessons learned lol, I know I should always put away some savings now! And I'm trying not to think about trying to get her back. I mean I do want to but I know it would be the wrong thing. Thanks for the replies.
  4. JinJo

    What a bad weekend

    Ever just have a few days where you've no idea what the hell went on? Here I don't mean from being under the influence lol. I have lost my girfriend, my kid, my house and now my job. I have no funds saved at all. I am at a friends just now but I can only stay here for a few more days and after that I have no one else to go to. I have a freelance job where I will get some money at end of month and next but not much. What would you do in same situation? Note there's no chance of getting back wi her, and withought going into the detail, she's evil lol. I'm thinking I will do a lot of job hunting, also check for freelance jobs. I don't want to go on benefits as it's only £45 a week! I don't know what to do about house though. In a bit of a messed up way to be honest. So rant over. Just wondered what you guys thought and have any tips on where to get freelance gigs fast? Thanks
  5. JinJo

    Palm top suppliers

    Hi there. I am looking for 20 new palmtop pc's for my business and about 60 by the end of the year. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good suppliers in the UK I could get a bulk buy deal that is cheap but also with reliable hardware. Or if anyone knows a good website where I can get a list of suppliers I can speak to. I have tried Google and almost all the sites I got where dead.
  6. Hi there, I am thinking of applying for a game programming position. Like a lot of people here I got into software to do game development. I have been to college and then university and now have 1 years industry experience but working on .net and asp.net business applications. Altogether though I have been programming for many years and have some old demos of when I began like tetris and breakout but I have lost the source code, not a good start but the games look polished. I now have some demos of stuff I've been working on but none are really worth showing as not finished but I could maybe show a screenshot or two and a code sample from these. So if I applied and sent a portfolio link with a list of all the business stuff I've done and university projects and also these old games, would I stand a chance? I believe I am a good developer, NOW, though and would show a lot of enthusiasm and willing to learn a lot and get stuck in. My current job has taught me a lot and especially about business side of things but the pay is below even the average game developer and I have responsibilities and family to loo after now too. Thanks for any advice.
  7. JinJo

    what are the flashes i see in sky?

    Now I am confused. Visual Snow sounds almost the exact same as blue field phenomena and the picture on the wiki link even shows it against the sky. Though it says that it is because migranes or MS, which I don't think I have ;) I do get floaters when I close my eyes sometimes too, they can be very vibrant in colour and they can drift off and then I can focus them to be back in the centre to start the drift again. Optics are so strange. (A side note, is this sort of thing taught? When I first posted I thought it was a physics type of thing going on, but it seems more biology. But I was thinking that if I was doing physics I'd learn of it by either being told about the particle theory I had (which was wrong) or through something to do with optic) Sorry for rambling, it's early. ;)
  8. JinJo

    what are the flashes i see in sky?

    Well I think it is definatley the Blue field entoptic phenomenon. I also get floaters from time to time, I was gonna ask about those next but found it harder to explain. I will add though that I have a catarac in my left eye which blocks 90% of my vision in that eye, though only when right eye is closed. If I close my left eye my field of view decreases a lot, so it must work a bit.
  9. JinJo

    what are the flashes i see in sky?

    I am quite sure that it is not distant lightning as the flashes are about the size of a grain of sugar and travel in paths, straight r curved, for a fraction of a second before disapearing. I don't think it is damaging either although it may be some optical effect in my eye?
  10. No I am not talking about UFO's or little green men. I have noticed this phenomena for years now but am not sure what it is. Most notable during the day, when I look at the sky i see lots of little fashes of light. Even when looking straight into the horizon so I can still see a little bit sky I notice the flashes but not when say looking at an object or wall. This lead me to believe that it is collisions between particles given off a photon. Or is it cosmic rays hitting the earths atmosphere? If it's something totally different it would be great if you could post a link to more info. Thanks.
  11. JinJo

    Employment law

    i asked for one but she said i should just do self assessment. I could get her to give me one if I told her this sort of stuff. I am a bit worried it might look bad to other employers is I said I wasn't working or I got sacked or something. With the letter I just thought it was strange, why not post it? I could have even got it at work?
  12. JinJo

    Employment law

    Hi, a few weeks ago I was asking about leaving my job in one of my posts, I'm still there but have a few questions where I think they may have broke some sort of law. (Though I could be well wrong lol) So I had a contract with this company (can't find it this minute though) and it was for 3 months. They asked about a week later if I wanted to continue working there, I said yes but I want to negotiate a better pay. After 2 months and a few questions by me the boss said he'd been too busy to enquire about they pay. I have been looking for other jobs and have a few interested. Now I have had a few absenses but they have been real sickness, where I've been to the docs or hosp. And they have put them down as unexplained and never paid me sick pay. So heres the bit that bothers me most, they told me I'd get a letter about an investigation metting about my absense. However they sent two employees of the company (an I mean it may aswell have been the vending machine guy as they have no higher management status) to my door with a letter with no address on it saying private and confidential. Isn't that against the law? Data protection? I spoke to one lawyer but they said doesn't sound like anything they doe is wrong. In a really far out thought, maybe a paranoid one, imagine that me and that guy had some run in at work, now he has my address! I know you can say he knows where you work but still, I still reckon this is wrong. So any thoughts or is there really nothing I can do about this?
  13. I've no idea why PenetrationPoint creeped in there, thanks. No wonder I was getting silly results. I'll amend it tonight.
  14. Couldn't wait to try it but I can't get it working correctly. The penetration point comes out as 0 or nonsense, like x being away off and y never gets calculated. heres my code r1.width = 10; r1.height = 10; r2.width = 200; r2.height = 10; r1.x = 0; r1.y = 2; r2.x = 0; r2.y = 0; float oldX = 0; float oldY = 10; Point movement = { r1.x - oldX, r1.y - oldY}; Point ptPenetration = {0,0}; CalculatePenetrationPoint(r1, r2, &ptPenetration, &movement); r1.x = r1.x + ptPenetration.x; r1.y = r1.y + ptPenetration.y; void CalculatePenetrationPoint(Rectangle r1, Rectangle r2, Point* PenetrationPoint, const Point* MoveDistance) { float r1Left, r1Right, r1Top, r1Bottom; float r2Left, r2Right, r2Top, r2Bottom; r1Left = r1.x - (r1.width / 2); r1Right = r1.x + (r1.width / 2) ; r1Top = r1.y + (r1.height / 2); r1Bottom = r1.y - (r1.height / 2); r2Left = r2.x - (r2.width / 2); r2Right = r2.x + (r2.width / 2) ; r2Top = r2.y + (r2.height / 2); r2Bottom = r2.y - (r2.height / 2); if(r2Left >= r1Left && r2Left <= r1Right) { PenetrationPoint->x = r2Left - r1Right; } else if(r1Left >= r2Left && r1Left <= r2Right) { PenetrationPoint->x = r2Right - r1Left; } if(r2Top >= r1Top && r2Top <= r1Bottom) { PenetrationPoint->y = r2Top - r1Bottom; } else if(r1Top >= r2Top && r1Top <= r2Bottom) { PenetrationPoint->y = r2Bottom - r1Top; } if(MoveDistance) { float fMovementDistance = sqrtf(float(PenetrationPoint->x * MoveDistance->x + MoveDistance->y * MoveDistance->y)); PenetrationPoint->x = int(float(PenetrationPoint->x) * fabsf(float(MoveDistance->x) / fMovementDistance )); PenetrationPoint->y = int(float(PenetrationPoint->y) * fabsf(float(MoveDistance->y) / fMovementDistance )); } else { // Choose the smallest absolute penetration axis as separation if(abs(PenetrationPoint->x) > abs(PenetrationPoint->y)) PenetrationPoint->x = 0; else PenetrationPoint->y = 0; } } can you spot anything wrong with my code?
  15. ValMan: thanks very much, exactly what I was looking for. I'll implement it tomorrow, enjoy weekend!
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