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  1. tok_junior

    Name for a RPG

    Every single one of mine has been called Rpg1 i think.
  2. Sure there is; create more vertices :)
  3. tok_junior

    collision detection with world

    Divide the world using some space partitioning which suits your type of world (like an octree, quad-tree or uniform grid), then use the structure to cull out all the polygons of the world that aren't anywhere near the candidate.
  4. Start by getting a book on game programming for beginners. Don't try making a NES game, unless you want to code it in 6502 assembly, which by all means is fun but useless :)
  5. tok_junior


    Personally I leave everything up to the compiler as long as it's fast enough. If it's not I profile it, and if a lot of time is spent in call overhead I inline those functions specifically.
  6. tok_junior

    free tools for commercial software

    Quote:Original post by ertyqwer Also, what constitutes "commercial use"? Say, if software is "shareware", but user is allowed to "evaluate" it for unlimited amount of time with full functionality? That you're using it with the intention of making a profit.
  7. tok_junior

    Why Irrlicht don't use STL?

    I can't see any reason for it not to use STL. Rolling your own custom code is only defendable if you've tried out the STL containers and found them too slow/memory intensive/fragmenting/whatever. As Irrlicht isn't an engine for consoles, i'm stumped as far as reasons for not using STL goes.
  8. tok_junior

    DX questions

    Direct3D is a 3d rendering API, while D3DX is a library of helper functions for Direct3D. A texture is an image, while a material describes light interaction. I think you need to spend a year or two learning the basics before you go for GI, that you asked for in your other post. It's a fairly advanced subject, and doing it in real-time is everything but easy.
  9. No. You could use a hardware occlusion query, but that will only give you the number of pixels that got rendered. The depth test is performed during scan conversion, so there's no notion of vertices or faces. What is it you're trying to achieve? I know there's a better way of doing it...
  10. Quote:Original post by EvilNando then that way trees will be rendered on top of characters no matter what. but that gave me the idea to assign a depth value to each actor depending on its Y value that it is proportional to the number of layers (lowest layer - highest layer) I'll post an update soon Lower Z values will be rendered closer to the viewer. Althought you may want to avoid negative values.
  11. Well, change the mode to BackToFront and modify the Z-value of the sprites. Characters can have Z=-1, trees and stuff can have 0 and ground +1 or something.
  12. tok_junior

    Infinately small, help...

    Quote:Original post by devronious Yes I think that's it, I heard limits were the way, so that looks right. Chapter 1 of any book on calculus should cover limits and rates of change, and you would probably want to read through it to make sure it's what you're looking for.
  13. My guess is that you've enabled depthbuffering. Disable it, and everything will be displayed in the order you render it.
  14. tok_junior

    Infinately small, help...

    Quote:Original post by devronious Raghar, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain? Maze Master, I'm trying to create a formula a=b/c where c can become infinately small so that a can be infinitely large. b/c is important and must be b/c and no other math relationship. Does such a thing exist? -Devin I'm not sure this is what you mean, but something like a = b/c lim c->0 perhaps?
  15. tok_junior

    layered animation in opengl

    You could render each layer to a separate texture, and draw a multitextured quad using these textures.
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