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    News moderated by you - major upgrades to news!

    [quote name='kiwibonga' timestamp='1302738593'] I don't like the news sources you picked, but I don't know if it's because my expectations of GDnet are wrong... I think there may be a disconnect between the target audience of the site and its actual audience. If you look at the forums, we've got mostly beginners and students, along with a moderately large population of hobbyists, and a handful of people who actually work in the industry, yet a lot of the news we're seeing (before and after the new system) are very "AAA hollywood game biz." What's Crytek up to these days? What ex-EA executive got hired this week? What technology is Autodesk licensing? Snore. Give me original content, tutorials, academic papers, upcoming indie game releases, post-mortems... I'm a hobbyist game developer, not a wall-street banker! [/quote] Before the change, we put a lot of effort into keeping the news relevant to independent game developers. New engine releases, community news, blog posts by prominent members of the indie community. I'm sorry you felt it was Hollywood. That was certainly everything we were trying to avoid. Now however, YOU get to choose what is relevant to you as an individual. Many of our users work as independent developers as well as full time industry employees so what may not be relevant to some may be very relevant to others. I hope you'll enjoy the new system.
  2. Tiffany_Smith

    Back in Classic Black

    Brilliant stuff Ben (as usual), nice work!
  3. Tiffany_Smith

    A quick topic to say thanks...

    Congratulations, Dan! Very well done and all the best to you for the future!
  4. Tiffany_Smith

    I'm Leaving Gamedev.Net Because Of The New Site Design

    Its not about targeting a younger crowd, its about keeping our software current and with the times. I know new changes are hard to embrace but its all part of the maintenance.
  5. Tiffany_Smith

    E3 2009 impressions

    E3 is back! Ok, perhaps not nearly as large and impressive as it once was, but still a few nice things to see. I'm optimistic that by next year we'll be 95% of the way back (I'm looking at you Kentia Hall) below are a few things I encountered that I thought were worthy of note at E3 2009. The expo floor was certainly not as big as years past. Two of the main halls were dedicated to the usual contenders such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and SEGA. Kentia was sadly missing. I say sadly, because that's usually the affordable hall that middleware vendors and crazy peripheral makers gather (them and the porn stars) Announcements The biggest announcements to come out of E3 this year were Microsofts Project Natal, Nintendo's Wii Vitality Sensor, Sony's yet to be named movement-based controller, and Playstation's PSP Go. There was a Blizzard presence lacking, but Activision was there showing off Protoype, Wolfenstein, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and DJ Hero as well as the new Tony hawk game with skateboard peripheral. They also had Stan Lee signing autographs. I listened to a presentation on Fusion-io's, ioXtreme for as long as I could stand it. It only turned the Kentia Hall dagger more, as the presentation came off as cheesy as a late night infomercial (but wait... there's more!). Anyway, the ioXtreme board itself looked decent, basically an array of flash that enables quick read/write similar to the way RAID 0 works, so if you are accessing a file that's not very big you won't see full potential (source files anyone?). It can be yours for 895 easy payments of a dollar each (shipping, handling and taxes separate). Eliza Dushku was present as she worked on some voice over for WET. I would add a link to the WET game website, but it just appears to link to a generic Bethesda website, and the Developers website has no other info either. Marketing for the win? The booth babes as usual were gorgeous and sold it. Here are just a few:
  6. Tiffany_Smith

    How intelligent are kangaroos?

    I always thought Kangaroos were an endangered animal.
  7. Tiffany_Smith

    Obama or McCain?

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Tonight is going to be EPIC. QFT!
  8. Tiffany_Smith

    Pod update

    Quote:Half Life 2 gets this perfectly for me, with a high pressure fight one minute, then a nice, relaxed area with a no-time-pressure puzzle the next. Yeah, I agree, I really think that is a huge part of HL2's success. The user can enjoy ALL aspects of the game. Looking forward to seeing more of your game.
  9. Tiffany_Smith

    .. clipping!!!

    This makes me think of something I often wonder, how much original code is typically written vs code that is rewritten. I know if I'm writing it, a vast majority of it is rewritten because I am constantly finding/needing to find a more optimal way to do things. It really is a "two steps forward, one step back" process. Anyway, I'm glad you're able to move on to the next thing. Keep up the good work.
  10. Tiffany_Smith

    The Way We've Always Done It

    That's really interesting and pretty hilarious.
  11. Tiffany_Smith

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

    Laugh. It's better for the soul. ;)
  12. Tiffany_Smith (TAO)

    Nice work on the article! :)
  13. Tiffany_Smith

    LHC to end the world!

    Why is it that anything I post in the news, makes it to the lounge first?... Perhaps I should start checking the lounge for my news bites each Wednesday.
  14. Tiffany_Smith

    My Wedding

  15. Tiffany_Smith

    Happy birthday, Moe and SHilbert and jpetrie!

    Happy Birthday!!
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