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    sound making tool
  2. zackriggle

    Rand() question

    I think the proper funcion to get the time would be GetTickCount. edit: It doesn't get the time, but rather the number of milliseconds elapsed since the program began execution. This will never (very seldom) be the same, even on the same macine with no other tasks running.
  3. zackriggle

    Fight against WSAWOULDBLOCK

    Try reducing the # of times per second to something more reasonable, like 2-5 (10 max). Also, 1KB every send is excessive. Try to reduce that, as well (delta compression, use smaller types (like BYTE instead of integer, or store 8 bools into a byte instead of using 8 bytes) ).
  4. zackriggle

    Specific DOS Question

    Norton Ghost does this by not using DOS or a similar OS as a proxy between itself and the disk (ie. Norton Ghost is the OS). I would look around for some Linux programs that already do this and, if not, that would be my best guess as to where you need to go with this (since it will, more likely than not, give you more control over the low-level stuff than DOS will). Note: The whole Norton Ghost thing is entirely an assumption... I am not 100% positive Norton actually does boot into it's own "Operating System", but it would make a lot of sense if it didn't have to deal with some other OS that's not created in-house.
  5. zackriggle

    MessageBox() problem!

    You mean to tell me that this does not work?: MessageBox(NULL,"Are you sure you want to save changes?", "Confirm", MB_YESNO) I'm going to have to agree with felisandria... I didn't know that was possible (to not work).
  6. zackriggle

    Free C/C++ Class

    Just to erase any doubts, he does know his bits and bytes (Wreakon and I have worked together in the past), along with his C\C++ and everything else he will teach... I might even join for his lecture on BS Trees. [Edited by - zackriggle on June 22, 2004 10:29:31 PM]
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