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    diceless RPG help

    IMO, going without random elements would feel unimmersive, stupid really, unless there is an element of player (as opposed to character) skill in determining hits. Why? Because nobody hits (or dodges, blocks...) exactly the same way each time for any identical situation. Generally, sometimes you'll score a good hit, sometimes you won't, and there's no way of knowing without trying. On the other hand, I think it's great you're trying to avoid limited P&P rules which have no place in a computer game, like the concept of rolling dice. I propose to base the system on real physics (but of course simplified). Trace projectiles (preferably with gravity, and give the target a chance to dodge if projectile speed warrants it) and compute damage effects based on which body part they hit. Close combat is more complicated. You may want to revert to something die-roll-like to determine hits, but base damage/stun/knockdown on hit location. Anyway, that's how I would do it. This may seem like complicated realism where none is needed, but I feel that known reality is the best basis even if you intend to make a cartoonish game with weird physics or something like that. In my limited experience it also makes balancing slightly easier.
  2. EasyRaider

    RPG Design Considerations

    Not very original, but I would like to play a femme fatale like Cate Archer (from NOLF) or Lara Croft. Gameplay should focus on stealth, combat with martial arts and guns (or bows/knives/rocks if more appropriate for the setting), diplomacy/trickery/manipulation, and exploration. And I really prefer to have character power mainly as innate abilities, all equipment should be expendable.
  3. EasyRaider

    Gameplay and emotional experience of entropy

    Quote:Original post by Wavinator If you could skip forward in time (such as by holing up in a bunker or using time dilation as "forward only time travel") why would you ever risk your neck trying to defeat the evil du jour if you knew it was destined to eventually crumble? Why would you include such a feature anyway?
  4. EasyRaider

    Gameplay and emotional experience of entropy

    Quote:Original post by Undeadlnsanity Quote:If you could live so long that your reputation faded into history, would those deeds be to you meaningless? If I was still recognised for those deeds as a part of history, then no. If they became a myth, then yes, because people wouldn't recognise me for those heroic deeds anymore. Does it matter? If I remember some of the deeds with a smile (because the gameplay was good), then they are still meaningful. However, I think the game should keep permanent track of all major events in a journal. Quote:Quote:If you could skip forward in time (such as by holing up in a bunker or using time dilation as "forward only time travel") why would you ever risk your neck trying to defeat the evil du jour if you knew it was destined to eventually crumble? I wouldn't. If he was going to die anyway, then what would be the point? As I mentioned earlier, the player should also have a limited lifespan if NPCs do. Why would I not risk my neck? Isn't conflict what the game is about? Where's the fun in skipping challenges? Well, I suppose when evil supervillain #317 enters the scene I may just be fed up.
  5. I think you should reconsider the relationship between morale and loyalty. Example: NPC loses best friends, morale hits bottom. You save NPC at great risk to yourself. While NPC may not have regained the will to live (still very low morale), loyalty towards you should be greatly strengthened. You should also be very careful with how you implement betrayals. Even if the chance of your life-long friend betraying you for a small amount of money is 0.1%, I would seriously question the game mechanics if it did happen at some random point. Edit: I think I would keep morale and loyalty independent. Let the actions of the player affect loyalty directly. Let morale control when NPCs panic/throw a fit, nothing more. Or don't, it's just a suggestion.
  6. EasyRaider

    What have been the bad elements of past CRPGs?

    Wysardry, you make some good points. However, even if we were talking about a single, well-defined type of game, we would get wildly differing opinions on many issues, even from the group of exactly the type of players the game is intended for. The bottom line is, you cannot please everyone. Even the best thought out design decision is likely to annoy some potential players. Therefore I am a proponent of highly customizable games, so at least the players with desire and know-how can change the game to closer suit their tastes. Unfortunately, this requires more effort from the devs, and it won't necessarily pay in the long run.
  7. EasyRaider

    What have been the bad elements of past CRPGs?

    Here's another bad element which applies to games in general: grave, obvious mismatches between story/scripting and gameplay. In scripted sequences, people may get killed from getting their throats slit, yet during gameplay, it's more often than not impossible to kill with a single cut, even if the opponent is unconscious. I can understand that single hit kills are often avoided for gameplay concerns, but when they occur anyway at specific, predetermined points, I really feel cheated. In KotOR, it gets downright ridiculous. Thermal detonators are talked about like they are mini-nukes, capable of obliterating anyone within a sizeable area. But later on, you can have them explode right at your feet for only 15% HP damage. Another example (not RPG) is Red Alert: You get to see some really cool, somewhat realistic video clips, but actual gameplay is totally different. I would have liked the game better if it didn't have those action clips to remind me of just how limited and unrealistic the game is.
  8. EasyRaider

    What have been the bad elements of past CRPGs?

    The (obvious) alternative is to add more actual roleplaying. Really, you don't need skill/stat/perk advancement at all to make a great RPG. I really wish level-ups and classes would just go away. There are better and more flexible ways to handle character advancement. Classes do make balancing easier, though.
  9. EasyRaider

    Slow pixel shaders

    PS2.0 (which FX chips are capable of) specifies up to 16 unique textures per pass. The physical number of texture units per pipeline is 1 (2 for FX5800/5900). Oh, and the FX family may be slow for math instructions, but the texturing performance is OK. The newer generations are going the opposite direction. Devs are told to use lots of math ops. (edited)
  10. Texture filtering will denormalize vectors in a normal map, but this is not necessarily bad, as it reduces aliasing. Anyway, this is not the issue here. Interpolating the light vector across a triangle will denormalize it, and this is always wrong, but won't always be noticable. Using a cubemap is more correct. Renormalizing with math ops (pixel shader) gives better accuracy and is often faster on modern hardware.
  11. EasyRaider

    Getting you out of your armor (RPG)

    Quote:Original post by Wavinator About Stealth Full on power armor shouldn't be as stealthy, agreed, but there needs to be power armor for stealthy players or they'll cap out before fighters, creating an imbalance. Wouldn't it be natural for a stealth player to cap out before a specialized fighter? Moreover, it appears to me that power armor will be too powerful. Have you played Silent Storm? While the Panzerkleins were cool at first, they did kill a lot of the suspense, simply because you weren't vulnerable any longer. No single, hidden enemy could do any serious damage. I would include the option to be extremely fast and agile and heal damage in a short time (through nano-machines maybe). This would make a fighter character without bulky armor feasible, kind of like monks in fantasy RPGs. Quote: About Armor Variety [...] I think what I was looking for was situations where the badguys could legitimately coerce you or take you hostage (rather than just killing you). In a light, open suit someone can put a gun to your face, no problem, but in a sealed suit this isn't possible without a bazooka-equivalent. But with all this advanced technology, wouldn't a bazooka-equivalent be rather small, more like a compact rifle? And please be extremely careful about adding scenes where the player gets captured no matter what. If you do, make it painfully obvious that there really was no escape. Have an entire army point their big guns at you or something. I hate the cut scenes in NOLF where I get knocked unconscious, beyond my control. The capture sequence in Deus Ex is even worse, because it seems that it should be possible to fight my way out and escape.
  12. Quote:Original post by LucidIon The game broadly has the player manipulating and influencing NPC characters. This just screams different sexes to me. For once it could add lots of real depth, rather than being meaningless or just cosmetical. Quote: Perhaps a pirate/ruffian will be willing give more information (information is often critical to manipulation) to a female but would not trust her with a task (doing a task would increase trust. Hence a male character would get less information immediately but has the option of doing a mission to get more information than the female can ever get.) I would be very careful to completely lock characters away from certain missions based on sex (or any other single stat). I think it should just be a lot harder for a female to be accepted for these kind of tasks, not impossible. Quote: Would a female be put off if they had to play a male character or vice versa? (Admittedly, many males don't seem to have a problem playing female characters.) I am male, and I almost always want to play an attractive female character. Here's why: 1) My protective instinct kicks in, generally making me care more about the character. This effect is very real, but not necessarily conscious. 2) If I have a choice, I would prefer to spend my time looking at (and listening to) something I find beautiful rather than a generic male. (This applies mainly to third person games and games with lots of cut scenes.) 3) Nobody wants to play a boring character. A girl of my dreams is the coolest, slickest, sexiest, most elegant, most kick-ass character I can possibly imagine. It's only natural I want to play her. (No, I didn't mean in that way, you perv! ;)) Having noted that, I can roleplay virtually anything (or try to). Gameplay and atmosphere are more important.
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