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    Camera Obscura

    I suggested to you in your previous entry to see WoW, and now I suggest you that again :) They set the orientation of character to the mouse+Right button, both for rotation and lookin up&down. Then they set the camera movement (wothout changing character orientation) to the mouse + Left button - again, 2 angles of freedom - that way you can move, and see around you without changing the movement direction (and then you release the Left button, the camera slides back, along the movement). The 3rd view is the one I use most when playing WoW... :)
  2. Zemedelec

    Camera Motion

    And you really should see WoW controls, (except that camera jumping), they are very smooth and cool, and definitely can add to the feeling of one's character.
  3. Zemedelec

    Camera Motion

    Very good idea. In WoW, they made the camera, that moves from the head backward to min( dist, collision ) and it is ok, until you turn fast and meet some close collider - then camera jumps at light speed just infront of that collider. Sometimes it is frustrating, because you lose your sense of where you are. That's why your method seems better to me. Very nice journal, reading it with interest! :)
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