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  1. Same here. Although I think there was a clause saying it could take 8-12 weeks for shipment?
  2. acw83

    need a new pc, your opinion

    Heads up, OCZ memory and ASUS Core 2 Duo boards don't always work well together... http://forums.hexus.net/showthread.php?t=81768
  3. acw83

    6th Anniversary of being GD member

    Oh crap I missed mine too.
  4. acw83

    Frame Work

    If you used a linked-list of of pointers to the XMesh instances then to add you just create a new instance and add onto the end of the linked list. This is a classic case of where a linked-list is superior to an array. If you really want to use an array though, I suggest you look into the stl::vector which is somewhat like a dynamic array.
  5. Have you considered having a side class for just the draw data for objects (geometry + texture data)? This class would be a member of a game object class and the render class could take it as such: CRender::Draw( &gameObject.objectDrawData ); In this way all the game data is separate from the draw data, and the renderer could draw anything. The limitation is that anything you want to draw must be drawable in the manner your side class is drawn. This is kind of a simplication of how it would really be. You could even have different types of draw data objects which inherit from a base type.
  6. acw83

    Basic level partitioning

    Have you looked into octrees?
  7. acw83

    The way we do math.

    The branch of math called abstract algebra completely generalizes things like operations. It's really very interesting, but too in-depth to really explain here. Basically, as you surmised, there are other "systems" of math which use completely different definitions for everything, but however they show patterns which apply to all types of math, even basic algebra.
  8. acw83

    Matrix Problem

    OpenGL uses a row major format for matrices. Thus each row will correspong to a vector. Based on your description, it sounds like your camera is using a column major format, which is what D3D uses. They are basically the same, it's just that the order of multiplications is reversed for the two.
  9. acw83

    Master C++

    I would think 4+ years of experience would be sufficient, provided you really know C++ well. Knoe what your best strengths and weaknesses are in the language, and be prepared to answer if they ask you this. The problem with job requirements is that they are often written by HR people who don't know much about development technicalities. For example, back in 2001, I remember seeing job ads "requiring" 5+ years of Windows 2000 experience... you do the math on that one.
  10. acw83

    Funniest Computer Word

    "Kilogirl" Explaination.
  11. Hi, I'm using GIMP 2.0. I have encountered something strange. The first time I used GIMP I was able to save as a raw filetype, basically just pure RGB data. However, after closing the program and restarting it I cannot not save raw files! I was able to reproduce this behavior on someone else's account. Try it on yours. Any ideas?
  12. acw83

    Resizing an NTFS partition.

    Thanks I'll check it out.
  13. I am trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop, but I first need to reduce the size of my WinXP NTFS partition. The Ubuntu installer has something for this built in, but it doesn't seem to work. Are there any ways to do this from Windows? I can't use a live CD Linux distro to do this because most don't support my laptop display. Thanks.
  14. acw83

    SSH from windows into linux...

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  15. Hi I have an interesting problem but am unable to find any help on the internet. I am using Cygwin/X to ssh into a linux server on campus which I use for my graphics programming class. For some reason I cannot run my programs remotely. I get an error saying that freeglut failed to create the window. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Thanks. By the way, I know these programs work because they run fine if I run them from the linux lab.
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