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  1. Sorry, it's still not showing the black line on fullscreen for me. :(
  2. No black lines in the test app, even at fullscreen where they show up in your model app.
  3. I actually have some ancient drivers installed, this is my desktop at work. The version says I can try it on my Radeon 9600 Pro from home later this evening.
  4. I just made an interesting discovery - I see the black lines if I maximize the window, but I do not see them if the window is not maximized. Do you perhaps reload the images when you receive a MAXIMIZE event, and use different image settings? If I resize the window to various sizes, I do not see the black lines, they only occur when I maximize the window (framerate drops to <1 fps also).
  5. Works on my work system now, Geforce2MX, no black triangles. Didn't see a performance difference between the 2 executables.
  6. Deffer, no need to recompile simply for me to run the demo. :) My point was that a lot of users will simply delete your game without trying to find the missing file, so you narrow the audience when dependencies like this exist.
  7. It would be nice if you didn't force the user to run at what works best for you (1280x1024, for example). Perhaps before you work on shaders and such, you might institute some more basic features such as configuration options (via a config file, or in-game options), and debugging. I would never have known that your demo wouldn't run on my system unless I saw your post that it required 1280x1024 resolution. My laptop has a Radeon 9600 Mobility chip and should run your demo fine, but the display only runs at 1024x768.
  8. Yes, it's easily possible. All the chunks you would need are documented here: Or check for a 3ds reader.
  9. yakuza

    Multitexturing with 3DS

    IIRC you can define up to about 8 textures, however you'll need to know how you built your model. I'm doing dot3 bump mapping on arbitrary meshes right now with my 3ds loader. I use: MAT_TEXMAP 0xA200 for the diffuse map MAT_BUMPMAP 0xA230 for the normal map There are also Tex2 map, Specular map, opacity map, etc. All those are defined in the material panel in 3dsMax. I've found this document to helpful when I was writing my loader: Hope this helps.
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