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  1. Turt99

    Bullets and control schemes

    I have been thinking about this same thing lot lately as well. So far I've been playing with the keys and using up, down, left, right while displaying the character moving in the isometric direction. So left is to the top left of the screen. You can see it in action in my Maze game, www.turt99.com, but in my adventure style game that I'm working on I've changed it to pixel based movement instead of tile. I was perfectly happy with the tile based movement because each time you clicked the button you'd move and it was easy enough to get used to, and you didn't need to try and aim in the maze game. Now that I've made it so that you can attach enemies I find it a little challenging to get used to the controls. So I've been thinking the mouse might be better but then it would become a completely different game. I think I'm going to stick to the keyboard movement because my idea is a game based on the idea of an isometric zelda game
  2. Turt99

    CSS Web Devlopment Burned By IE

    I used to be a web developer as my day job and yes you have to struggle with IE to work like firefox. what I would do is put float: left on all the items, and put the items in this order left, middle, right. The other thing is (I believe its IE that does this) the width actually becomes the width you set plus the padding, so what I would do is remove the padding and just use extra divs that are smaller to create your padding.
  3. Turt99

    SQL Question

    DELETE FROM table_name WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT TOP 30 id FROM table_name ORDER BY date) I've never done this before, but its basically trying to do what you planned to do in PHP only in 1 SQL statement Great Coffee Break Games By The Way!!
  4. Turt99

    Tiki Bar

    Is it easy to turn off shadows? if it is, I'd be interested in seeing what the game would look like without them. I don't think they really look bad, but if your going in an your going to nit-pik the graphics then they start to stand out. the tiki-bar looks really good, but sadly it shows how your making the shadows, as the chairs are see-through. Over all things look great, I like the colors, everything looks clean and clear.
  5. Turt99


    I think the grass makes things look a little more connected to the ground, but its very uniformly placed, and it looks a little odd that you have grass growing in a very thin line around everything, but no grass anywhere else.
  6. Turt99

    Screen Shots

    The dark sand, looks a little weird because its so much darker then the other sand, and on my screen it looks almost black. I would have to agree the building seems to float, I think this has to do with 2 things 1) You have dark sand around the building so on my screen it looks like it floating on a black hole. 2) The buildings textures seem to be solid colors where the ground is a texture. I think the buildings and the trees seem to match but the ground almost seems too detailed. I like the Eye Logo and the Hand Logo, but the lips look a little weird, I think they work but only because they are pair next to the others. On its own I don't know if I would know what it is. Finally, if it didn't say that you had selected a sand castle I don't think anyone would know. I know the player will probably know what they tried to click on, but maybe the menu could show just above the item your doing the action to, so that you can still see it. Overall its extremely impressive, its very clear that you've progressed from Mornings Wrath.
  7. Turt99


    Looks pretty cool, I can't wait to see more objects. Ooh and Congrats on the PC GameZone review, I just read it.
  8. Turt99


    I took the image to photoshop and I had to bump up the Brightness 40 and turn down the contrast 10 so that I could see the dirt on the ground, it looks washed out now but atleast I can see the ground. I had the same comments about Mornings Wrath, now I'm using a LCD monitor and it might not be set as bright as yours but I though when you started showing these brightly colored objects (ie. the trees) that this game would be alot brighter then Mornings Wrath. It worked for Mornings Wrath in that it gave an erie feeling so If thats what you want then cool, but I still find it very dark.
  9. Turt99

    decisions, decisions

    I'm just going to comment on the Screenshot because I've always worked solo so I don't know much about the team decisions. The Screenshot looks really cool, the only thing I might say is that the ground and maybe the trees seem to have a little too much detail for the cartoony borders you have on the objects. When you made the sign a long time ago I thought you had nailed the style, but definitly the ground looks too real in this screen. I'm not saying it looks bad, if thats what you wanted then cool, but I was expecting more of a cartoony look.
  10. Turt99

    new ideas.

    If I were to buy a game that had a pricing system like that you would get the minimum amount allowed no matter how good the game was. Why? Because I refuse to pay more then I have to for anything, thats the whole point of shopping around and finding the best deals. But then you'd still have my Minimum payment right? Well yeah maybe, but I don't think you would get $10 out of someone that was going to just download a pirated copy. My point in the other thread was that if someone can easily download your game and there is no reason to buy a legit copy (serial key to play online) then why would they go to the store and pay for a game they already have? I think the best way to get around piracy is to make a feature in your game where you use the internet, ie. multiplayer or a static world or something. If that part of your game is a big seller then people will buy your game to create an account for that part of the game. I know counter-strike got me like that, I was playing with my brothers copy but if we both wanted to play online at the same time we needed 2 keys so I went and spent the money to get a key.
  11. Turt99

    Usage Control

    I can see that you want to protect your game, but I can also see that if your going to make it so that you have to be online to play your going to have to have a really good game. People want cracks to get around having to put a CD in the drive (I know I've done it to games I have the CD for) And then you have to remember that there are people that are not going to buy any games, they just download games and never buy them. I hope you find something that works, and I know it must be frustrating.
  12. Turt99

    New site design

    Looks good, but I must say that it doesn't look quite as polished as the Morning's Wrath site.
  13. Turt99


    HEHE, Yeah I wasn't really posting about what the FPS really was but more so that the numbers are kinda freaky (both having all 3 digits the same) I can't wait to see how the objects that you have shown look on a 3D landscape, this really looks like an interesting project, and I really like these puzzle type games. (Atleast untill I get stuck)
  14. Turt99


    I just wanted to point out the interesting little thing in the last 2 screen shots, the first shot shows 333 FPS, and the new one shows 111 FPS. The numbers them selves are pretty cool, just to get it to have all the same digits twice. But I'm interested you said you rewrote some of the engine, but then it shows that the FPS is 1/3 (exactly) of what it was before, is that because you have more lighting or did you somehow loose performance? Ohhh Yeah, and I'm glad someone else asked because I thought this was going to be a 2D game as well. But I think I was reading Isometric as 2D
  15. Turt99

    An open letter to Best Buy

    I can't say that your story surprizes me, I would say most computer places are going to try things like that. The reason being that alot of people are going to fall for it and end up thinking that they did the right thing. Who wants to have virus's on their computer? I used to work for a computer store, and while I tried to figure out what the customer needed and tried to get them the best deal for their money, others tried to up sell. I remember one customer coming in and asking how hard it would be to install a harddrive. My answer would have been, "If you feel comfortable openning your computer then its really not that hard, make sure your grounded and the instructions will be in the retail box. Its really just a couple cables." and in general cases thats pretty much all you have to do to add a harddrive, but the answer the customer got was "OOH, well your going to have to switch the jumpers on your mother board, and then connect the IDE cables to the correct sockets, then you'll have to format and defrag the drive. One wrong move and you'll fry your machine" To a non-computer person thats going to freak them out and they are going to pay the $30 for the 5 min harddrive installation. I think its really sad.
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