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  1. PhiberOptic

    Complete Gameengine design?

    Thanks for your replies. I have a lot of reading to do I guess.. Well, thanks and have a great X-mas
  2. Hi there! I like to know if there are any good examples on how to implement a complete gamengine.. Okay, I don't want "tutorials on how to render a triangle" or such things.. What I am interessted in is to know if there are any good common way to make the different components (physics, graphics, logic, input, sound, etc.) can communicate together and still make the result "clear" with quite separated "modules"? Maybe there are som good released source to study. What i'm trying to achive is infact to get an high-level idéa of how (good) game engines are structured. I know, there are a few (opensource) out there, but I thought I should listen to ideas before I start reading code for houers! :)
  3. PhiberOptic

    Some resourcesuggestions/help

    Ohh.. I see! Thanks! My world geometry was pretty simple (mostly blocks/"houses" and some flat road), so I didn't even think of optimizing it. But of course you are right! Thanks again
  4. Hi! I like to hear some suggestions. I have a nice litte graphicsengine with huge use of directx. For my gameworld, I'm using vertex and indexbuffers to store all of the geometry data. That gives nice performance. But when it comes to things like collision detection and other things, I can't really use them (the buffers). How are you guys solving this? Keeping the geometrydata in two separate places, one for cd and one for gfx?
  5. Hi, is there a way to use DirectX9 (or maybe 8), like DirectSound to extract the frequencies of a given sound at a given time?
  6. PhiberOptic

    Resize ID3DXSprite

    Quote:Original post by Jiia What resolution are you running under? 640x480 for the windowapp, does that matter?? Quote: It's very simple to calculate the matrix scale using the number of pixels tall or wide that you want the sprite: NewScale = DesiredWidth / ImageWidth; You'll also have to unscale the position of the image to use D3DXSprite. It's very strange in the way it deals with things. Whatever transforms you apply to the matrix always effect the position as well. So inverse the matrix state and apply it to the position before sending it to the sprite class. I got it scaling and the position is correct.. I think.. but why this strange way to do it? I mean, by base the sprite on the size of the texture and force you to store the texture size manually to scale it back?
  7. PhiberOptic

    Resize ID3DXSprite

    I thought I should write some simple gui stuff with the D3DXSprite(9.0) class. It seem to work, but I have no clue how I should handle the size of the sprites. There is always a possibility to scale them with a matrix, but I want to decide more like "this sprite should have x pixels with and y pixels height". I don't know where it gets it size from when just drawing it, but all pictures seem to be way to big (~2x the size of the texture).. Why?
  8. PhiberOptic

    [D3D] Do you use the programmable pipeline?

    [ ] I use ONLY the fixed-function pipeline. [ ] I use the programmable pipeline when I have to, fixed-function for everything else. [X] I use MOSTLY the programmable pipeline, but not exclusively. [ ] I use ONLY the programmable pipeline. [ ] I have no idea what I'm using! ----------------- I *dont* use the programmable pipeline because: [ ] I don't need to, I can do everything I want with the fixed-function pipeline. [ ] I don't have the resources (e.g. lack of hardware) [ ] All my software is targetting "pre-shader" hardware [ ] I'm in the process of learning, so it's not in any "final" code I write [ ] I don't know how / I haven't learnt yet! ----------------- I haven't learnt yet because... [ ] I don't want or need to [ ] I Haven't had the time [ ] It's not really a priority for me right now, but maybe in the future [ ] Too much information, where to start?!? [ ] Not enough information, or can't find information that helps *me* ----------------- When using the programmable pipeline, I use the following components: [ ] ASM Shaders [X] HLSL Shaders [ ] VS_1_1 [X] VS_2_0 [ ] VS_2_X [ ] VS_3_0 [ ] PS_1_1 [ ] PS_1_4 [X] PS_2_0 [ ] PS_2_X [ ] PS_3_0 [X] D3DX Math [X] D3DX Mesh [ ] D3DX PRT [X] D3DX Effect Edited by Coder: Fixed pre tags [Edited by - Coder on July 10, 2005 3:37:17 AM]
  9. PhiberOptic

    glTranslate / glScale/glRotate

    Thanks for all replys and hi Areamor! Long time no seen! I sent you a mail! :)
  10. Hi! I have a model I want to scale/rotate (around itself) and of course, translate. I use the glPushMatrix() and glPopMatrix() around the code to get a new matrix like: glPushMatrix() glLoadIdentity() glTranslate(...) glScale(...) glRotate(...) glBegin(...) ... ... ... glEnd() glPopMatrix() I get different result if I alter the way in which translate/scale/rotate are called. What is the "correct" order to call them in my case?
  11. PhiberOptic

    Array of Pointers?

    Here is one gameprogramming usage: class GeneralMonster {..}; class Spider : public GeneralMonster{..}; class Dragon : public GeneralMonster{..}; #define numMonster 2 GeneralMonster* monsters[numMonster]; monsters[0] = new Spider(); monsters[1] = new Dragon(); for(int i=0;i<numMonster;i++) { monsters->Update(); monsters->Render(); }
  12. PhiberOptic

    quick ques. about rotation

    When calling Move and Turn, you should just save the ammount to a variable like keeping a position vector as to find out where the character is and some rotation variables ( like -0.01f for turning a little left and 0.02 for turning a little bit more right). Then do the actual movement of matrices before rendering. First apply the rotation to the matrix when the char is still at 0,0,0. Then apply the translation.. Should work, if not.. It's early in the morning and I have to sleep more!
  13. Hi there. I have an odd problem. While programming DirectX9 apps, my msvc intellisens crashes. That is, it only crashes when I'm extracting Transformations matrices.. The problem lasts after each time I've used the constant(?) D3DTS_PROJECTION (or view). After that, all expressions in that very function will be evaluated to "D3DTRANSFORMSTATETYPE state". The code will, however, compile and run as it's supposed to. I'm not doing that a lot, so it' not a big problem, but still.. after all, both the development enviroment and the sdk is made by microsoft and I hoped they should be compatible. As a note, intellisens in Visual Studio is when you can, like, get a list of classmembers by just typing "." or "->" I'm using Visual C++ .NET 2003 Pro and the April release of DX9SDK. Anyone with information about this issue is welcome to answere
  14. PhiberOptic

    Writing an RTS

    A RTS Game is as hard to make as you decide. Most of the problem is to display a lot of units at the same time and still have the game running smoothly. Then of course make the AI a worthy opponent, which in fact is a major problem! If you decide to make a 3d RTS, think about having the logics/gamecode running in 2D. Like you can have 3d models instead of sprites.. However, there are a couple of keythings to check out before you start. (if you know all the graphics code). 1. Statemachines (so that you can controll AI for each unit easily) 2. A* / Pathfinding (so that your units won't collide, and find the right path) 3. Tools, you will need a mapeditor, if you're not using another games mapformat. 4. Scripting. I recommand LUA and the 3:rd party lib; LuaBind. It will get you started very fast!
  15. PhiberOptic

    Menu/GUI with themes

    Okay, I already have a gui with buttons, lists and so on. What I want is to split up my controls and make the look of the editable in an xml file. Not where to put them..
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