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  1. Yes, using a program is not deriving from it, therefore you can sell your program, unless you used GPL libraries in it.
  2. NorthWoodsman

    windows "#using mscorlib.dll"

    Use the FindFirstFile function in Win32 API.
  3. NorthWoodsman

    SDL_ttf: Any reason this shouldn't work?

    Because you haven't initialized it yet until the call.
  4. NorthWoodsman

    TCP in internet game?

    UDP is only necessary if you need low latency (IE if your game is realtime). Chess /checkers would do fine with TCP
  5. NorthWoodsman

    Is shift still worth it?

    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Premature optimization is the root of all evil - Edsger W. Dijkstra Knuth said that, not Dijkstra.
  6. Perhaps instead of overriding the HID driver, you could create a "virtual keyboard" and "virtual mouse" driver that accepted messages from user-level applications that would simulate key and mouse movements. Then you could write a program that took inputs from ANY DirectInput device and use it to simulate keyboard presses.
  7. NorthWoodsman

    Help reading binary (C++)

    Iterate through the vector and write each of the elements individually.
  8. Run chkdsk /f, your filesystem might be corrupted
  9. NorthWoodsman

    Visual Basic and SQL

    Most likely NOT. Why? If you're sending raw SQL over the line, it's fairly easy to capture that traffic (via Ethereal, et al). So that means that someone could intercept the login, and use it to DOS your server by sending queries that take a very long time, or at worst, send DROP TABLE (hopefully you have the accounts set so this is not possible though).
  10. NorthWoodsman

    fread/fwrite (a deeper question)

    Keep in mind that when you write to a disk, the OS doesn't actually WRITE it to disk instantly unless it's a removable device (like a Thumbdrive). Access to hard drives is put through a write cache in order to make disk access more efficient from multiple processes.
  11. NorthWoodsman

    fprintf causes seg fault??

    fprintf prints to a FILE, not a stream like stdout or stderr. I could be wrong though
  12. NorthWoodsman

    Multi OS Boot?

    Keep in mind that OEM serial numbers don't typically work with regular Windows XP CDs, even if they're the same product (XP Home/Pro). Unfortunately I had to find this out the hard way...
  13. NorthWoodsman

    my hairbrained speed-up scheme

    If you're intent on being able to access specific items in the list , you should look up Binary Search trees (B-Trees), or its more balanced equivalent the Red-black tree.
  14. NorthWoodsman

    my hairbrained speed-up scheme

    The problem with your plan is that you've now lost the advantage of being easily able to add and remove items, and you'll also end up doing a linear search if you want to go through all the items, only you'll need an extra pointer dereference (one for the element in the array, one for actually using the pointer).
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