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  1. Download The Video (11.7 mb - 1 min.) Wildfire Games is proud to announce the release of a video featuring gameplay from 0 A.D., a historical real-time strategy game currently under development. This is the first dynamic glimpse of our flagship title in its present state. When completed, 0 A.D. will be released to the public for free, with absolutely no strings attached. The game is powered by Pyrogenesis, a game engine built from the ground up by Wildfire Games. 0 A.D. is being developed by an all-volunteer, all-online team with members from five continents and numerous countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, and the United States. A fun, yet focused, atmosphere brings the team members together to complete the serious task of producing 0 A.D. We are constantly recruiting more members. If you are inspired by the work completed so far, we encourage you to visit the 0 A.D. and find out how you can get involved (Applications are HERE). Wildfire Games is looking (Job Openings are HERE) for self motivated, ambitious, skilled programmers and artists who thrive in a team environment. If you can program, script, animate, or model and have a love of video games and an eye on learning new skills in a diverse and determined group of likeminded individuals, then check out the Wildfire Games website to learn more about the game and apply to the team! Several of our members have gone on to lucrative careers in the game industry, while others have further honed and rounded their technical abilities, adding valuable entries to their demo discs and portfolios. You could be thrust into the thick of game development before you know it. As the great Roman poet Virgil wrote, "Fortune favors the bold!" - 0 A.D. is as bold as it gets. If you have trouble with the video, try downloading the XviD codec HERE. If all else fails, THIS link to the smaller resolution video on Google Video should work. Share this news with your friends and help spread the word about 0 A.D.!
  2. IOTD: I want your pictures. Now.

    Is it acceptable to post screenshots of our projects even if we have posted in IOTD in the past (for example, 6+ months ago?).