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  1. Well I was 6 years on, back in 198t. Then I wrote other games and taught myself how to program with a pen, paper and math grid paper. I was in Africa no access to a computer, just a library card that gave me access to computer magazine and monthly Radio Shack manuals. Eventually through the efforts of an expatriate British English teacher I got my hands on a ZX spectrum, eventually a BBC microcomputer, AMIGA,Archimedes. I released a sprite editor, and a paint program on shareware back in the late 80's on Atari ST. Been doing this as a hobby for years I refuse to be in the industry, and instead been working on network engineering stuff. Currently working with NVDIA developers and CISCO developers and 3rd party company on firmware, firmware and opengl drivers fixing issues with remote graphics on platforms using HP RGS, UGE Openlava on an NVIDIA Grid k2 cards on ciscoc240+ servers.
  2. Tha_HoodRat

    Old dude back this site,Game Programming is a hobby again.

    I have looked at Unity and Unreal, if I wanted to make something commercial I would pick one of those.. I am not doing that, to put it in perspective I lucked out married a geek/gamer/gear head. My wife and I are going to restore a 1967 Chevy impala as a couple's project over a few years. She has her personal projects, gamedev is going to be mine, and she is going to help. I have been looking at 3d engines, brought it down to 2, Ogre and Irrlicht. Leaning towards ogre, cleaner code base more active community even though I have a lot more experience with irrlicht. Decisions. To clarify in the process of making my rpg I will have side projects, 3d games quick 2d games etc
  3. Tha_HoodRat

    Old dude back this site,Game Programming is a hobby again.

    Ate the rope and Burned the rope too!
  4. Tha_HoodRat

    Old dude back this site,Game Programming is a hobby again.

    Old contest games april 2000 http://archive.gamedev.net/archive/community/contest/entries/radik.zip October 2000   http://archive.gamedev.net/archive/community/contest/entries3/MissBubbles.zip . Reading the Design Doc on miss Bubbles is nolstagic.. Lol
  5. Tha_HoodRat

    Old dude back this site,Game Programming is a hobby again.

        Not yet, I am still focused on the movement against Goblin genocide and finding Pooya's scanner drivers so he can scan you his... you know 
  6. Tha_HoodRat

    Old dude back this site,Game Programming is a hobby again.

    Thank you jbadams, I am looking into making retro arcade type of games strictly 2d.  I am interested in making extremely in depth 2d rpg, targeting systems Windows, Linux and Mac Osx.  This is just for fun and not commercial purposes and I am willing to invest years into it. I am currently evaluating SFML and the Thor extensions because  I have been programming in c++ for the last 10 years and that library is cross platform. I have used SDL in the past as well  so I will evaluate that as well.     I love all aspects of game dev,  designing, character creation, programming, 2d art, music and  sound. I think it will be fun to do all the programming and asset creation myself. Unlike traditional rpg's I a will be basing mine on African mythologies, Story telling, music and art. It is going to be fun.
  7. So where do I start? Also how do I reset my gdnmail.net mail account password it asks me for an answer that made sense when I was a youngun but have no idea now I am older.   Edit Shout out to Sweet Oblivion, Gaming Megasite, Diana Gruber (fast graph), Andre Lamothe, Taansfall, Myopic Rhino, Felisandria,Yoda_Tha_Coder,.. being sentimental.
  8. Tha_HoodRat

    The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

    Could not finish the game Dinosaur Hunter within a week. Working a demanding schedule, a demanding social life. I will still finish making the game and release it for free and release the code for free.
  9. Tha_HoodRat

    Upcoming Unofficial GameDev Competition

    I awoke from my slumber, excited about this.
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