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  1. furby100

    So who is still around these days?

    I'm not around any more, but some strange compulsion caused me to wander back here tonight. I first registered to participate in the MP3-beating compression thread. It was thanks to the GDNet lounge that I discovered that there were still creationists around and that a whole segment of society viewed Microsoft as the ultimate evil. I was once briefly allowed to be a moderator here, but I think Dave came to view that as an error of judgement (on the part of the person who nominated me), mainly because I allowed friends of mine to use my account and they started deleting threads for the thrill of it. I no longer harbour dreams of becoming a game developer, after realising that I did not actually enjoy programming so much when it was all I had to do and without being able to direct what I was doing myself. I am moving from England to the Netherlands soon. That is all.
  2. furby100

    Handy code snippet

    Is the thing "In locus hic, omnes res dementes sunt" yours? If so, shouldn't it be "In loco hoc"? My preferred rendition would be "Omnia hic insania fiunt", as a reference to Descartes' quip that "Omnia apud me mathematica fiunt".
  3. furby100

    Hey... YOU'RE DUMB!

    Are you familiar with the fact that Socrates was the wisest man, because he knew that he knew nothing, while everybody else mistakenly thought they knew something? It comes from Plato's Apology.
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