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  1. jjmontes

    Randomly Picking from Arrays?

    I'm thinking that you should also be aware that there is anothere difference between the two suggested methods: the first one can produce repetitions, the second one (randomly reordering) will not if you just iterate through it. Hope it helps.
  2. jjmontes

    Expert programmer?

    Quote:Original post by Flarelocke When an expert programmer you've worked with tells you so. But then you still might have one duty ahead, young Skywalker... ;)
  3. jjmontes

    Max players on UDP?

    I'd go with UDP. I see no problem (and yes some benefits) with that. You should implement handshake by hand. It is easy to authenticate the users at the login stage and then use one of the many systems to track them (user ids). Flow control: just be careful with your network code, you shouldn't be sending packets to lagged people, no more work than that. Also, ignoring duplicates or disordered packets from clients should be no problem. Distribuition and clustering: I have no experience with this, but I _guess_ that it will be difficult to modify your code to be distributable in the future. No problem, do that with your _next_ game. Having only a server for 100 players will also make your game designing more easy. A 100 players MORPG is not huge. Note that UDP datagrams are sometimes faster than TCP connections. Anyway, most real time applications use them nowadays, including well known game servers like Quake III. I'm unsure but I think that you can also set QoS bits in the packets to 'min-delay'... it may help. Hope it helps,
  4. jjmontes

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    Wow, so you americans totally forgot why did you started that war? IIRC, it is an illegal war, not aproved by most of democratic countries (the spanish governement did, though), nor aproved by UN, and that has nothing to do with Bin Laden's terrorism. So using fire bombs is the least important thing here. And, Etnu, I use to like your posts but... hell! what does WTC to do here? didn't the USA strike Afganistan for that? when will you stop? I guess never, too much people has interest in weapon industry :-( Just an opinion from abroad.
  5. Is it Apache 1 or 2? You have to tell your web server that you don't want trans_sid before the first page is server for every user. Use this for Apache2: php_value session.use_trans_sid 0 You have to put that in the virtual host configuration or in a .htaccess file (if you have enabled them). I think (I hope) that should work. If you use another http server tell us. Hope it helps,
  6. jjmontes

    [web] Javascript problem

    I'm unsure but I'll try to help. Try this into that loop: setInterval("IE(animatedImages[" + i + "])", 100); This way you are really construncting a string with the variable name. It is strange, but most script languages (perl, php...) work this way with identifier names. Hope it helps,
  7. jjmontes

    Opinions needed on book title

    I also had 'More OpenGL programming' in my head before reading it in your post :). Hope it helps,
  8. jjmontes

    How to do a render function?

    Later on, you will be sorting objects by material, depth (in some cases)... I also suggest that you start with the one previously suggested by jyk.
  9. > Completely stupid answer removed from here <
  10. jjmontes

    Multitexturing and lighting?

    I'm interested too. It is not clear in the tutorials. However, from my little experience I would say that no, it is not correct. You should set all the glTexParam and Env stuff for each material and texture unit. I think that gluCreate2DMipmaps has to be called once, though. Please can anyone tell how should be done?
  11. jjmontes

    Color not showing up (strange)

    I think you should disable texture rendering: glDisable (GL_TEXTURE_2D); Also, if lighting is set up, you must either disable it or use also: glEnable (GL_COLOR_MATERIAL); glColorMaterial (GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_AMBIENT_AND_DIFFUSE); (this will make the quad's material have the same color that you've set with glColor3f). But, if you don't want to light the quad, use: glDisable (GL_LIGHTING); And you can forget about materials then (I think). Hope it helps...
  12. jjmontes

    Terrain Engine...

    First, implement that terrain engine, then care about framerate. As beginners is the best we can do. Anyway, you can always strech that heightmap to 128x128. That will work reasonably well in any card nowadays. Hope it helps.
  13. jjmontes

    DLL/LIB Question

    Two cents: OpenGL also works this way.
  14. jjmontes

    OpenGL error

    Man.... maybe this helps you a bit. Hope it helps.
  15. jjmontes

    Single Word Game

    STOP! }:]
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