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    First demo release

    Sweet! Pretty cool so far. My biggest complaint is that the level was too small. I really wanted somewhere to go, so I could develop a nice tarzan/spiderman-style rythm. [smile] It seems like the metal cable shoots out a too slowly. Right now, it's (too) difficult to get the cable where you want it to go when you are moving quickly. Also, and maybe this is just a personal thing, I'd like to be able to move faster. I tried just looping around a floating island, going faster and faster, but my speed maxed out at a really low level [sad]. Lastly, I felt like the game may have been zoomed in a little too far. It might get hard to see where you're going once you pick up some speed. Of course, I realize this is very much a work in progress, and you probably have stuff like this in mind already. Keep up the good work! Get us some more levels!
  2. extralongpants


    Your game looks really cool. I've always been interested in trying a black box approach to gathering information about the world, and using that to power AI. I always thought it would be cool, for instance, to have enemies in a 3D shooter actually render the scene from their perspectives, and analyze the rendered data to determine what they were seeing. Then things like wearing camouflage and hiding in shadows would really work the way they are supposed to. Not to mention all the other possibilities. A man can dream... [lol]
  3. extralongpants


    Quote:Original post by Sir Sapo Random Academy Paragraph of the Day ... Man, that's rough. I have to admit though, it sounds fun in a hellish sort of way :)
  4. extralongpants


    Quote:Original post by EasilyConfused Appreciate it doesn't look like much as a static image... lol, are you serious? It looks awesome. The first word that popped in to my mind when I saw it was 'dynamic'.
  5. extralongpants

    Major overhaul

    Your solution seems reasonable. Supporting LCDs is a pain. It's now made worse by the fact that there are wildly different aspect ratios to deal with. On one of the projects I worked on, we just supported one widescreen resolution and made it so that if you had a widescreen monitor, you see more of the play field. It's not really 'fair', but at least those people with widescreen monitors that wanted to play fullscreen didn't have to deal with a noticeably stretched image. It gets to be a real pain in the butt when you want your background images and whatnot to be the same size as your native resolution. This requires separate art(and likely UI layouts) for every supported resolution. Ugh!
  6. extralongpants

    We're here for a good machine gun

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Now: to prevent clipping of the gun through the wall. That could be harder, so I might not bother with it. It's a videogame! Just make sure the player can't effectively shoot through walls by standing up against them [smile]. Unless of course you label it as a feature [wink].
  7. extralongpants

    Two new weapons, and my physics test course.

    w00t! Chainsaw FTW! Was the racetrack you purchased just a mesh, or was some sort of collision, bounding, or physics information included too? Do you still have to give the surface of the rode a different friction coefficient, etc.?
  8. extralongpants

    An 'Event'ful day of implementation

    We're officially a game company, and we do make games, but we spend a lot of time on other, more reliable (not so fun) sources of income, like training programs for the military and edutainment titles. Our UI engine does indeed have performance problems relating to an insane number of dynamic memory allocations and de-allocations, with events being one of the perpetrators. But to be honest, it still runs quite well in the general case, especially considering that many of our UI screens are very complex, and contain hundreds of controls. In short, I wouldn't worry too much about event allocations yet. You can profile later and determine whether or not they are worth optimizing.
  9. extralongpants


    Looks like the makings for a fun game. I think adding rope physics might actually negatively impact gameplay, so a rigid arm is probably not a bad idea. Although, maybe you could have it wrap around corners, ala the rope in Worms (very rigid, single joint bending around contact points). That would be pretty sweet. Maybe as an 'upgrade' later in the game.
  10. extralongpants

    An 'Event'ful day of implementation

    Sounds good. We use a similar system for events in the UI engine where I work. Having the ability to give events multiple listeners is really indispensable. I exercise that feature almost every day.
  11. extralongpants

    Animation, Powerplay, Tiles

    I like your style. The two things that jump out at me in your walk cycle are: 1) The warping of the bottom of his back-pack-thing 2) As the above poster mentioned, the frame count is noticeably low As you said, though, these are probably concerns to be addressed later, if it turns out your users find them distracting.
  12. extralongpants

    ... projection, perspective, viewport

    Cool stuff. I still want to write a software renderer some day. I really hope Intel's Larrabee is successful. It might spur the development of some really cool software renderers
  13. extralongpants


    Looking good! I haven't read your journal before, so please excuse any late comments on old features. I like how your buttons have text labels on them. I feel like it is such a cop-out when people use image buttons and reserve the text description for tool tips. Keep up the good work!
  14. extralongpants

    GCC & VS weirdness

    I believe this is because array.size() could result in a value of 0, and according to MSDN, arrays of size 0 are typically not allowed: Quote: The number of elements in the array is given by the constant expression. The first element in the array is the 0th element, and the last element is the (n-1) element, where n is the number of elements the array can contain. The constant-expression must be of an integral type and must be greater than 0. A zero-sized array is legal only when the array is the last field in a struct or union and when the Microsoft extensions (/Ze) are enabled. Although your integer is constant, it cannot be verified at compile time that your integer will be assigned a valid value ( > 0).
  15. extralongpants

    At the edge of time...

    I say keep 'em. They really make some of the stuff pop out, like the pillars with the blue tops in the first couple shots.
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