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  1. Yratelev

    Starting with PHP

    Thanks guys. I've already got XAMP, so I'm gonna give PHPEdit a try, and then netbeans. Good day to all
  2. Yratelev

    Starting with PHP

    Hi, I'm an experienced coder (C#, C++, DirectX, etc). I've never done website design before, looking at starting with PHP. Could you guys enlighten me with the best dev tools you use? I've got the apache server, but whats a good PHP IDE? Thanks, Yratelev
  3. Yratelev

    Hosting an off the shelf free forum

    Cheers guys - much appreciated Yratelev
  4. Hi, Newbie question - hence its in the newbie section, but I'm building my own website and want it to have a forum. Are there ready made forum code files (say php+sql) that I can copy and paste onto my site? Thanks Yratelev
  5. Hi, Looks like interesting stuff. I'm intrigued, how can you do collision detection using the z buffer? Surely objects out of view cannot benifit from this (or are there multiple renders?) Does anyone have a good article on explaining it? I did some googling, but nothing concisely explaining it came up... Thanks, Yratelev
  6. Yratelev

    Noise in HLSL

    Wait, I have solved it. Here's the solution for anyone who does a search on this (credit to Matt Aufderheide as he suggested it): Create a texture volume 16x16 pixels, depth = 16. Put a random greyscale colour in each of the 4096 pixels. Use DirectX texture tool to make the volume texture from 16 bitmaps. Then, in HLSL, use the following sampler - note the wrap and linear are important! sampler NoiseCubeSampler = sampler_state { texture = <noiseCube> AddressU = wrap; AddressV = wrap; AddressW = wrap; MIPFILTER = LINEAR; MINFILTER = LINEAR; MAGFILTER = LINEAR; }; Then sum over multiple samples, scaling each one appropiately. finally, normalise the result: float4 NoisePixelShader(OutputVertex In) : Color { float4 colour = 0; float3 position = float3(In.texPosition.x , In.texPosition.y, time / 30); colour+= tex3D(NoiseCubeSampler, position); colour+= tex3D(NoiseCubeSampler, 2 * position) / 2; colour+= tex3D(NoiseCubeSampler, 4 * position) / 4; colour+= tex3D(NoiseCubeSampler, 8 * position) / 8; colour+= tex3D(NoiseCubeSampler, 16 * position) / 16; return colour / 1.875; } Have fun! Yratelev
  7. Yratelev

    Noise in HLSL

    Ah, thanks, thats the way I had started to use, so at least im on the right lines... However I want a volume texture, so does that mean i need a base volume noise texture? I can imagine that would be a very big image, taking up lots of GPU memory. Thanks for your help, Yratelev
  8. Yratelev

    Noise in HLSL

    Hi does anyone know a way to create noise on the gpu, as fast as is computationally posiible? It doesn't have to be perlin noise, any noise will do. Thanks, Yratelev
  9. Hi, I have a model (lets say a sphere) and I have an effect, made using nvidia FX composer (the effect makes a sphere into a textured planet). However, i don't know how to link these two things together... I think its possibly something to do with a .fbx file... I'm using XNA so the effects are already loaded in the model when you come to draw them. Any ideas how to link the effect and model together? Thanks, Yratelev
  10. Hi, I'm creating a simple turn based strategy and I want it to run on machines that can be quite old and have no 3D acceleration. Basically the only system requirements i want my game to have is windows XP (and installation of graphics API runtimes). However, whilst i am familiar with DirectX 9c, I don't know of any less intensive APIs, or if DX can be less intensive. Although I want a few 3D graphics, they can be rendered beforehand and displayed as sprites, the rest of the graphics are completely 2D. Anyone have any ideas? Assuming DX is installed on an XP machine, can it run fine with simple graphics and no 3D acceleration? Thanks Yratelev
  11. hi, in Visual Studio, the error list toolwindow contains 3 filters, errors, warnings, and info messages. I know i can create my own error and warning messages using #error and #warning, but does anyone know how to create info messages that will appear when the info message filter is applied? what are info messages anyway? thanks Yratelev
  12. Yratelev

    Streaming avis

    is there not a simpler way, without using sdks or programming, like a setting in iis for example? Cheers, Yratelev
  13. Hi, you know how the bbc stream videos, rather than u downloading them and then watching them, how can i set my pc up to stream videos? I have win xp pro. Cheers Yratelev
  14. Hi, I am trying to serialize a class, using the SoapFormatter class (c#) and I get this runtime error: "An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in mscorlib.dll Additional information: Field in TypedReferences cannot be static or init only." What the hell does that mean? I've tried googling it, in vain. Thanks Yratelev
  15. Yratelev

    Is it best to go to college for making games?

    Go to college (preferably university) and study Maths or Computer Science, then read books on how to make games and you will understand it a lot better, plus if games get boring youve got a proper degree. (dont anyone tell me a computer-games-designing degree is a degree) Yratelev
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