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  1. Good morning--   I have a series of videos on youtube related to development. My most successful ones so far are just web-related development, like with Twitter Bootstrap, etc.    Anyways, I've also made a series on developing a video game from scratch using Javascript and the HTML canvas. I remember browsing Gamedev and other sites when I was in college, and I think that if I'd had such instructional videos available then I would have really liked it.   My first series was uploaded last week, and I'd really like some feedback on anything I can do better. Any suggestions for future games? It hasn't gotten the traction that some of my other playlists have, but if I can get this series to the point where it's worth investing more time into (with my job, baby, etc...) I want to make a Frogger clone and a scrolling shooter game of some sort.    The series can be accessed here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHdNOd06rSZ93FEC5a4JnkgZF5NLP284
  2. Ronin Magus

    funny free game - I Am The Night

    Loved it! Cool shirt too, but it should have text on it which says "I am the night"
  3. Ronin Magus

    New Game Dev Blog

    Hey all, I've created a new blog to describe my path to creating my second iPhone/iPod Touch game. It will chronicle the game from beginning to end. Something of a pet project of mine. It's fairly basic at the moment, but I'm hoping to keep it updated and also hoping that it will keep me on track to developing and releasing my next game. It's a simple wordpress blog at http://davesgamedev.wordpress.com/ and all of the posts that go to it will be mirrored on my main blog at http://www.daveandrews.org Check it out if you have a chance!
  4. Ronin Magus

    New game for iPhone/iPod Touch - Smiled Out

    Quote:Original post by 00chris00 I just bought it! Nice game. It's fun and challenging, I like it. :) And I think I found a small bug: Although it said that this puzzle can be solved in 8 moves, I solved it just with 4. Then it said I could solve it in 4, and I solved it in 2. You could add something like a help-button, sometimes it gets really difficult and it would help to see how you can get it solved. Also, a few difficulty levels and a top-score list for each of them would be nice. Just wanted to let you know I've located the bug in my solution finder so it will be fixed soon. And it will be extended to have a help button. I've designed 50 levels that are going into the game as well, I just have to write a new level select screen! As you complete levels, the next one will be unlocked and you can replay levels at any time. Thank you for your great suggestions, and they will be in the game!
  5. Ronin Magus

    New game for iPhone/iPod Touch - Smiled Out

    Thanks for buying it and the great suggestions! I'll look into that move counting bug..
  6. Well it took a few months of learning Objective-C and getting around in my shiny new Mac but I finally got my application approved and online with the Apple App store! It's a "lights out" style game for the iPhone and iPod touch, with a touch of personality. I've been a member here for years and I know that if anyone can help me make this game better it's the GameDev community, so please post your thoughts about this game and anything I can do to improve! There are 5 free promo codes below. I'm not sure exactly how they work yet but I think they are first-come-first-serve. Below is my press release and links to check it out. (promo codes at the bottom) Homepage: www.daveandrews.org Download it here: ITunes Link Smiled Out – A challenging light toggling game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Recapture the nostalgia of this classic puzzle game with a touch of personality and humor! With 3 game modes and an endless supply of solvable, randomly generated puzzles, the experience is always new and exiting. Smiled Out is a game where you try to make all of the smiley faces on the screen a happy yellow color. Clicking on a red face turns it into yellow, and clicking on a yellow face turns it into red. But watch out–clicking on a face will not only change its color, but the ones immediately to the north, south, east, and west as well. Every puzzle is solveable; puzzles are fun and can be played in a short amount of time. Features * 3 game modes: Standard, Timed, and Hardcore. In Hardcore mode, you have a limited number of available moves. * Character: The faces on the screen will taunt you and make faces at you in this family-friendly game. Great for the kids! Device Requirements * iPhone or iPod Touch * Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later * 2.5 MB Pricing and Availability Smiled Out is available now for purchase and download in the app store for $0.99 USD. Smiled Out does not nickel-and-dime with in-game purchases, $0.99 USD is the price for unlimited play and all features. Promo Codes ============ LLA7MJMLFAP9 4NX4NA99EL4M J697THR64RY3 46KHW47L6PNJ 4334YPA7YXW7
  7. Ronin Magus

    Release 9 of Dusty Engine

    Hey all! For a couple years now I've been working on a Task engine for Irrlicht after being inspired by the Enginuity articles here on Gamedev. I called it Dusty Engine, and it is a task engine for Irrlicht. After over 2 years of work, the 9th release of DE is now available for download. If you are a developer who uses Irrlicht and are looking for a way to make controlling objects and login in your game much simpler, check out Dusty Engine. Check it out here: Dusty Engine From my FAQ: What Is DE For? DE is designed for game programmers who use Irrlicht and want a quick and easy way to control many objects using minimal amounts of code. It is inspired by the Engenuity Engine series articles by Richard Fine on GameDev.net. What Does DE Do? DE allows programmers to create "tasks" which do anything the programmer wishes them to do. The tasks are then added to a general tree of tasks, where each task can have as many children tasks as the designer wishes. The "grouping" of tasks allows the programmer/designer to pause/unpause/destroy the parent task, thereby pausing/unpausing/destroying all the children tasks, at one fell swoop. Here is a copy of the changelog for this release. Quote: Dusty Engine A Task Engine for Irrlicht by Dave Andrews http://www.daveandrews.org ====================== Changes in Release 9 ====================== - Thanks much to Michael Taupitz for inspiring many changes to the Entity class. Modifications: -------------- * Rewrote the Entity and EntityParentTask classes. The interface for Entity is exactly the same, except with some additions noted below. In release 8, an entity would create 13 tasks on the task tree, and pause/unpause them to use only the ones it needed. In this release, the Entity only creates 4 tasks on the task tree: a parent, a movement task, a scale task, and a rotate task, and it uses only the different types of tasks as they are needed. The other unnecessary tasks are created in memory but are only present on the tree when they are needed. This change created a dramatic increase in entity performance. * TaskTree will now grab() a task when it is added to the tree. It still drop()s a task when it is destroying. This means that when you add a task to the task tree, you must now call task->drop() on that task: DummyTask * myTask = new DummyTask(); taskTree->AddTask(myTask); myTask->drop(); If you drop the task after adding it to the tree, then the task will be deleted from memory when the tree no longer needs it. * Added a new function to DustyDriver: GetEntityByNode(). This function will return the entity that is associated with the given node. If it fails, it will return NULL. * Added a new ability to Entity class that will cause it to remove() the node it is working with when the entity is destroyed. This allows the programmer to set the node to an entity and not worry about removing it manually from the scene when the enttiy is destroyed. The functions are SetRemoveOnDestroy() and GetRemoveOnDestroy(). This will default to false. * Added functions to Entity class that allow getting the current interpolation value of waypoints. GetMoveWaypointInterpolatinoValue(), GetScaleWaypointInterpolationValue(), and GetRotateWaypointInterpolationValue(). * Added functions to the Entity class which allows you to set the entity to execute tasks multiple times to make up for time passed between the last executions. (See docs for Task class, SetExecuteMultiple.) * Added functions for controlling direction of interpolation in an entity. ReverseMoveInterpolation(), IsMoveInterpolationReversed(), ReverseScaleInterpolation(), IsScaleInterpolationReversed(), ReverseRotateInterpolation(), IsRotateInterpolationReversed(). * Added functions to the Entity class that allow easy addition and removal of non-default tasks to the entity. This can be used in many situations where you want a task to be destroyed or paused or unpaused with the entity. Those functions are AddChildTask() and RemoveChildTask() in the Entity. * Added functions to the Entity class that are accessors for the move type, scale type, and rotate type. I was amazed to see that I had SetMoveType(), SetScaleType() and SetRotateType() but not their accessors, so I added GetMoveType(), GetScaleType(), and GetRotateType(). * Sometimes it is necessary to associate a "Tag" with a task. I've added a field to the Task, which is a string called tag. There are functions GetTag() and SetTag(), that allow you to associate a string with a task. This is not used for any purpose internally. Bugs Fixed: ----------- * Fixed a bug where a node that was being controlled by an entity would become invisible when an entity or the task tree was paused and then unpaused.
  8. Ronin Magus

    My first cool OpenGL project

    Cool man, runs great. One bug I ran into though was I accidentally set it to 0 particles/loop and couldn't get it back up. Kudos for writing linux stuff!
  9. Hey all. I started using the RakNet library a while back, and I'll probably never use anything else :) It's a great, great networking library. I noticed a slight void in tutorials for RakNet though. So I set about writing the first tutorial I've ever written, A Primer For RakNet using Irrlicht. It's a fairly extensive tutorial but it explains as well as I am capable networking and the simplest RakNet classes. I think it's a great tutorial for people who are new to networking, like I was before I discovered the library. Irrlicht is my choice of graphics engine, but RakNet can work with anything, even console stuff. Anyways, please check out the tutorial, and check out RakNet. I recommend it to anyone.
  10. Ronin Magus

    Little C++ opengl help please :)

    did you enable texture mapping? glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D);
  11. Hi all! I'm using Code::Blocks Beta 1.0, along with Visual C++ Toolkit 2003. I'm trying to compile a program that uses OpenAL 1.0. When I comment out all the alut stuff (specifically the calls to alutInit() and alutExit()), and do not link with the alut.lib file, the program compiles just fine--but there is no sound. However, when I do not comment out those two alut lines, and do link with the alut.lib file, I get this error when trying to compile: "Fatal Error LNK1104: cannot open file 'uuid.lib'" Nowhere in my project settings am I trying to link to that file, it does not even come with VCToolkit. I have found it in an installation from Visual Studio 6, but I don't want to use that one. (doesn't even work when I do.) What if I didn't have VS6 installed? So I'm wondering, either how can I initialize OpenAL without alut, or how can I force it to compile without trying to link with uuid.lib?
  12. Ronin Magus


    I have updated the game greatly since I first released it. There are now particle effects for explosions, sound effects, and a great theme song. The ship now has a "thruster" type thing where you hold down the button and it slowly begins to accelerate, then picks up speed. As you let off the button it will begin to decellerate. The theme song and all the sound effects were graciously made by my friend Alan D. Moore. His theme song is awesome IMO, a spin-off of the original Asteroids theme song (the "heartbeat" sound.) Also, _Acid, I fixed the problem I think was causing you to have an error.. one of my texture was not power of 2 in width and height. Try it now! Download it directly here (3.57m): Click Or get all my downloads here: Click All the source is included. It was written solely with Dev-C++, using Irrlicht, OpenAL, Ogg/Vorbis, and my engine DustyEngine.
  13. Ronin Magus

    Ever want to be part of a MMO project?

    Those screenshots in visuals are very nice, especially the ones in the forest mountains. Beautiful artwork!
  14. Ronin Magus


    Hey everyone! I've been working on a few little projects using Irrlicht and Dusty Engine to try to show off some of the things Dusty Engine can do. My latest endeavor is a simple clone of the game Asteroids. It's very simple, but it's addicting! All the source code is included, but it hasn't been commented thoroughly so beware. I try to make all my code as self-documenting as possible, though. Screenshot: Download it directly here: Click Here Or to see all the downloads for my engine: Click Here Check it out, what level can you get to?
  15. Ronin Magus


    Quote:Original post by Undergamer Quote:Original post by darookie Quote:Original post by Undergamer I'm sure there are those who disagree but Delphi isnt my first, or second, or even third choice for programming games. It could be considered good for learning purposes but a good C compiler can do wonders more than Delphi can. I'm not sure how to address your problem directly, however if you want to look into other languages check these out. Dev C++ <- Free IDE + Compiler + OpenGL App Wizard (very quick and painless, + it works) Eclipse IDE (Free Java IDE, also has a C++ plugin.. developed professionaly by Sun Microsystems) I don't think bashing Delphi helps here. Besides, there a few decent (Delphi-compatible) Pascal compilers like FreePascal that do a good job in compiling (e.g. lightning fast and pretty tight code) and are available for free, too. najan, I didn't do any Delphi for years so cannot help you out. Nevertheless I don't see any eason for not using Delphi/Pascal for game programming. As I said, thats my opinion. I respect that Delphi has its uses, but in my opinion I dont think its suited for this. I agree with you, I wouldn't use anything but c or c++ for writing games. But that's my personal preference, and I'm not going to tell someone else not to use what they want to use. I'm a follower of the old argument: It's all 1s and 0s. If I felt like opening a hex editor and typing in only straight hex to program an executable, I could, though it would take much study. But in the end: It would still be an executable. Tools != Imagination.
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