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  1. OK, I tried setting the backbuffer pixel format to match, but I got an 'invalid call' error. It's not a valid display mode. My card doesn't actually support D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16 textures either, but the reference device does. That's good enough for me, since this is for pre-processing not real-time stuff. However it's only available as a texture format, not as a display mode.
  2. I've spent the last few days writing a texture pre-processor that adds (static) lighting to meshes. It looks quite good, but there are a few issues at the moment. Part of the process is to produce a 'position map' of the mesh, where the 3D location that each point on a texture corresponds to is encoded in the red, green and blue colour components. For example, here is a position map of a cube mesh I made: The problem I was having is that 8 bits per direction isn't accurate enough for my purposes. So I've created textures with 16 bits per colour channel instead (D3DFMT_A16B16G16R16). I then set this as the render target, render coloured triangles as before, copy it to a system memory surface of the same format, lock it, read the bytes and ... the data is in A8R8G8B8 format. Argh! Why is this happening? How do I render to 16 bits per channel texture formats correctly? There's quite a lot of code, but if you want to see any particular bits then please ask.
  3. g

    suggestions for ugrad research

    Quote:Original post by Adraeus Quote:Original post by capn_midnight that's pretty cool. I had just been discussing with my AI professor about the fact that humans are capable of learning without experience, and that I thought that would be an integral part of truely intelligent artifice.Human cognition is limited to experiential education due to perception's singularity. That is true if a general definition ("participation in an event") is applied to the term experience. I think by 'experience', he meant direct experience - the kind where you experience consequences depending on your actions (pain, hunger, reward). Humans are capable of learning without this - for example I've never been shot but I know to be afraid of guns because I've learned from others. Point a loaded gun at a dog, and it couldn't care less.
  4. g

    suggestions for ugrad research

    I did an undergraduate Computer Science project on mesh parameterization last year (mesh parameterization == automatically assigning texture co-ordinates). It was hard work, but interesting. Some parts were very mathematical, which impressed my supervisor, and it would seem the examiners were impressed as well because I got a good mark in the end. (by the way, if anyone's interested in mesh parameterization I could give you a few pointers) Assuming you're studying Computer Science (implied but not stated) and you can cope with a bit of maths then I'd recommend making sure your project involves some reasonably heavy stuff, basically so that you can show off. I'm not sure all of your ideas lend themselves to this (though the component assembly one certainly does). Having said I went to Oxford University, and the focus of Computer Science there is very mathematical. Feel free to ignore me if attitudes where you study are different. In any case, talk to your tutors / lecturers about your ideas and they'll quickly tell you which ones are potentially good projects and which ones are not. Another bit of advice I'll offer is this - make sure you can cut back your plans if your project turns out to be more difficult than you expected, and make sure you can expand them if it turns out to be straightforward. You *will* hit unexpected difficulties, and you will have to adapt your intentions as you go.
  5. Your post looks good. I haven't read all of the replies, so forgive me if what I'm about to say has been said already... Quote:Original post by Wavinator Males have been reengineered into 3 different genetic castes: Laborer, Technician, Servant Males are forbidden the combat arts, especially the martial arts Kovaunn naturally have retractable claws, can spit poison and inject poison through a stinger on their tail. These traits have been removed for males, but amplified with nanotech among females. This is the only part I didn't like. With all of the pheremone technology and genetic engineering I don't see why the females have to fear the males this much and make them quite so weak. After all, we're talking about 4/5 of the population being basically incapable of defending the clan. Can't you just make them _slightly_ smaller and weaker than females, perhaps with no poison - so they are still capable and useful, but could never hope to beat a female in ritual combat. They can still be used as cannon fodder if it comes to it...
  6. g

    Getting an exception! :(

    If you create an instance of the object the first way inside a function, I think the object will be created on the stack and will be deleted when you leave that function. In the second method only it's pointer is on the stack, the object is in your normal memory and remains afterwards. If you are creating the object inside a function and trying to access it after that function has finished, this is probably your explanation.
  7. Quote:Original post by ace_lovegrove I read somewhere that Carmack doesnt use D3DX? He probably doesn't. As far as I can tell, he's got a preference for working at the lowest level he can get away with. I don't think it's necessarily the right thing to do, it's just his personality.
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