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  1. xg0blin

    Strange OpenGL blending ?!?

    What are your parameters to glBlendFunc(). You don't need to post anything but that for the moment.
  2. xg0blin

    C# = the future?

    Quote:(except for the fact that Java can be used in Web Applications; surprised MS hasn't jumped in that arena yet...) Ummm, C# can be used in web applications as well. That's my whole job descriptiong basically; writing web apps in C#.
  3. xg0blin

    [.net] .net sdk

    HP System recovery has two modes, a destructive and a non-destructive mode. I've tried using non-destructive before and I ended up with results like yours and had to go for the destructive mode, in which it wipes your drive and reinstalls from scratch. That's probably what you'll have to do.
  4. xg0blin

    Bush authorized interrogation techniques?

    Quote:i considered making a thread about it, but then again, nothing surprizes me anymore, and certainly not this. not that ive been in iraq or cuba, but unless proven otherwise, i have no single reason not to believe bush and rummy have known and encouraged this from the beginning. Nor does it surprise me. I've always suspected it. What DOES surprise me is that there might be evidence. That changes the situation totally. That means that it is not just some random act by a couple of bad soldiers, but authorized all the way up to the top with supporting evidence. Quote:they are not complete morons. I'll have to respectfully disagree with that statement :)
  5. I've seen this posted on a few news sites. Most of them are blogs or news organizations from other countries. One of the only big US news agencies I've found that has the article is the NY Times. NYTimes Article In a nutshell, it says that there is evidence in FBI emails that Bush gave an executive order that interrogation techniques like we've seen at Abu Ghraib and heard about at Guantanomo Bay could be used. It's not posted on many (if any) other major US news sites. I think this could be because they don't want to post anything like the Dan Rather memo or something. Anyways, I'm inclined to believe this. I'll tell you why. Just do a google search for Rumsfeld Interrogation. He was talking about "taking off the kid gloves" and using harsher interrogation techniques before we even knew Abu Ghraib happened. I remember watching it. I also don't believe the soldiers that got implicated in the Abu Ghraib scandal dreamed this up by themselves and then carried it out on their own for that long, taking pictures and everything, in front of everybody without some higher consent. They also used techniques that were geared towards softening up men and women of Arabic descent. Judging from what I've seen, they didn't think this up themselves. Some of those implicated even said they were told from higher ups to do this, getting orders such as "soften them up". We also know now that it was known about by the pentagon and Rumsfeld for a long time. For those reasons, I buy it, at least until further evidence says otherwise. If it does turn out there was an executive order by Bush to carry out these acts, do you think he should be impeached? Do you think that because the soldiers were following orders that they should be freed? Do you think that in a war that this type of thing is necessary to prevent further harm to US citizens? My answers: 1. If its true, Bush should be impeached and tried for war crimes. 2. If we've learned anything from the nazis, it's that "I was just following orders" is not a valid excuse, so the soldiers should still be punished just as severely 3. I don't think it is ever necessary. The US is "supposed" to be fighting a war to win over hearts and minds in the middle east. You hardly win over hearts and minds and lose credibility when you behave this way. Also, intelligence suggests that people who are tortured will tell you anything to stop the torture and that intelligence obtained this way is often no better than intelligence obtained by more conventional means. Last question, why don't you think this is on more major news sites? If it's true, shouldn't this be a huge deal? I mean, a US president might have authorized the use of extremely harsh interrogation techniques tantamount to torture and you can only find a handful of links about it? What's up with that? Does that mean it's less credible or something else?
  6. Please don't triple-post. This is in three places, one with a slightly different name. You can't use them at the same time in a single window, no. EDIT: Make that four posts EDIT2: Make that five posts EDIT3: Make that six posts
  7. xg0blin

    Your three favourites!!!

    I HAVE to have four. There is no way around it for me. I have four number 1 movies. 1. Evil Dead 2. Evil Dead 2 3. Army of Darkness 4. The Princess Bride
  8. xg0blin

    Learning Visual Basics.Net

    Visual Basic.NET is a fine language. Just so you know VB.NET != VB6. I'd definately say it is a good language to learn with. I'm a C++ nazi as well, but I was forced to use VB.NET and C#.NET for my work, and I must say I really like both.
  9. If your tiles are 40x40 pixels then why are you shifting by 32 pixels everytime instead of 40 pixels? Also, you seem to have things in your 2d array set up backwards. You have int map[19][10] Then in your loop you go from y=0 to y=10 and x=0 to x=19 and you do it like: map[y][x] so y goes from 0 to 10 and x goes from 0 to 19, which isn't the way you set up the array.
  10. If you really want to hear something horrible listen to this. DahV and Ill Mitch are geniuses compared to this. Of course it is satire though. It still raped my ears and gave me cancer. War isn't awesome
  11. I can't get past the second damned level. DR3I
  12. xg0blin

    What am I doing wrong?

    What's with this line? if(PCName == isdigit(int)) isdigit returns an integer value (0 for false, non-zero for true) and you are comparing it to your string that holds the input? Also the arugment for isdigit is an int that is the integer you want to test. You just pass int, rather than any integer. I take it you are trying to test if the string entered is a digit. Shouldn't you then convert the string to an int pass it to isdigit and check that? isdigit on msdn
  13. xg0blin

    interesting Fallujah article

    Quote:Original post by Cosmic One Who's committing war crimes now? Who? The Iraqis? Well we can't stand for that, now can we. We should take the Geneva Convention as divine mandate when it applies to them. Unbreakable and infallable. Stick it to them hard, make sure they know what's right and what's wrong. Of course the US, well, we can let their myriad numbers of war crimes slide... The fact that they're breaking the Geneva Convention is a moot point. They're doing it in the name of what's "right", for the sake of "freedom" and "liberty". My ass. I'm sick of this hypocrisy. As ever, *Cosmic* That's the thing. Rules are only rules so long as they are enforcable. Nobody can/will enforce these things on the US.
  14. xg0blin

    DEM or GOP?

    I'm part of the free-thinker party. In the free-thinker party, we tend to vote for the candidate that is more in-line with our ideals and values and hold no affiliation to democrats or republicans. You are always invited to join.
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