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  1. That's correct, but the issue isn't with the flash drive itself (which does support autorun.inf), but with WinXP security-- XP autorun will only work when autorun is enabled on the host system (default), and the device inserted is of the 'fixed' variety. That includes cd-roms, portable harddrives, etc. But USB flash drives are set (via that bit 7 of byte 1 [source]) to be 'removable'. There has GOT to be some way to write to that bit... I just need a direct access tool of some sort, but I haven't been able to find one. Thanks for the help. Evan.
  2. Yes, it's bit 7 byte 1 that determines if it's removable or fixed. XP only allows autorun on fixed drives, and I want to switch a USB drive so that it will autorun on insertion. Hmmm... DOS? I'm assuming DOS emulation in XP won't work, and I don't run a computer with 98 on it anymore (still've got the install disc, I guess I could make a 98 partition for a lil' while). Is there a way to accomplish this in a linux build? I'm pretty good with bash scripting... Thanks! Evan.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a utility to read and write individual bytes to a USB drive, or at least a pointer in the right direction in either C++ or C#. I'm trying to change bit 7 of byte 1 from 1 to 0 so that I can autorun unixkit upon insertion of the flash drive, along with a batch file designed to run Pandora's Jar and Firefox portable from the flash drive and save to a directory on it. Also, it doesn't really matter if the solution is device specific, just so long as it works. I'm only planning on doing a 'one-of' so that I can take my todo list, and some music, with me. Anyway, any suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated. Evan. PS. I've Googled, group searched, and browsed the forum extensively, and haven't found anything of great use.
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