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  1. pan narrans

    The Property Ladder

    My girlfriend and I got the keys to our first house on Friday. It was somewhat strange walking around the place and finding stuff the previous owners had left behind, which included, amongst other things: a hardhat, 300 cardboard beer coasters and a flashing blue emergency vehicle light that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter socket. We looked in the attic for the first time and discovered it was both boarded and carpeted, which was a nice bonus. I also learned on Saturday that going to DIY stores at the weekend is a special kind of hell. Of course, now the future is filled with nothing but cleaning, painting, laying laminate flooring and carpets, assembling furniture, etc. My incentive for finishing all this is that I won't allow myself to play Resident Evil 4 on our new 32 inch flat-screen TV (which is currently sat in its box at my parent's house) until it is all completed...
  2. pan narrans

    Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

    We have the site layout worked out which I'll be putting into a Web Developer Sitemap. We'll be using a page layout template (Web Developer provides something called Master Pages) and loading in content from a database. We also need to allow some users to login and edit the content of particular pages. EDIT: By the way, I'm not asking for help making it here I just wondered what people's experiences with this app were...
  3. pan narrans

    Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

    Well... that was helpful.
  4. I've been asked to put together a large website at work. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only target browser, and I've been asked to use C# and ASP.NET if possible. I'm thinking this sounds like a job for Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, but I've not used it before (nevermind the fact that I'm new to C# and ASP.NET [grin]). Anyone have any experience with this application? What were your impressions? Any tips?
  5. pan narrans

    I'm excited...

    ...about Nintendo's Wii. The console, the games, the price and the features are all looking very special. $250 dollars for a next gen console? Woot!
  6. Today I reached a quarter of a century. Happy Birthday to me!
  7. pan narrans

    Things that I need to buy.

    + Cigarillo
  8. pan narrans


    Maybe it is karma balancing things out. Someone does you a good deed and then something terrible happens. Maybe if I kicked you in the balls the files would reappear?
  9. pan narrans

    Pipo, Meetings, Insurance

    I think Pipo stumbled across his early Christmas present. On a totally different subject, I'm really enjoying the work culture of my new job (I've been there 6-7 weeks now). In the past I've worked in positions that were very closely monitored (how you are spending your time, etc). But the analyst world I am now a part of is a very laid back one. Sure, there are crunch times and you are expected to track and take responsibility for your own time, but I could really get used to these days full of meetings, conference calls and the like. Finally, just an hour ago I was signing some insurance docs that mean I am one step closer to having my first house. Apparently, the surveyors picked up the keys to the property today, so we should have the results of that early next week.
  10. pan narrans

    Hmmm.. Hi all!

    Who let you in here!?!
  11. One of the great bonuses of becoming a staff member is that I get the GDNet+ membership along with all of its benefits for free. As I'd already paid up until August '06 that meant I had 4 or 5 months of GDNet+ time going spare. A cunning plan formed: I contacted the guys in charge and asked if I could transfer this time to someone else on the forums. Mike has kindly obliged. So, one lucky SOB is going to log on to GDNet to find themselves unexpectedly GD Plussed! [grin]
  12. pan narrans

    Who put the Mock in Democracy?

    I've been a staff member on GDNet for 5 days and I didn't break it! Woohoo. Of course, if anyone wants to volunteer, I need to practise suspending and banning. I take my role in the Ministry of Propaganda seriously. Strike back? In real life, the Empire strikes first...
  13. pan narrans

    Fix yer active content.

    Thanks for the heads up
  14. We put an offer in on the house we like last week and it was accepted. On Thursday we applied for a mortgage and set the solicitor/surveyor wheels in motion. It's a big undertaking and a scary one too. Apparently it takes an average of 6-8 weeks to get from the mortgage application stage to the point where you can sign a bit of paper and get your hands on the deeds (most of which seems to consist of expensive solicitors taking their own sweet time). Despite our offer being accepted and a "sold" sign appearing on the property there is always the danger that they could try to raise the price on us at a later stage. They call it gazumping, but that seems far too cheery a word for something that is actually a fairly nasty thing to do. Pity the poor fool who would risk my wrath... Anyway, let's pretend the glass is half full: a fun part of buying your first house is trying to surreptitiously scrounge unwanted possessions from family and friends to use as a temporary measure until you can replace them. So far we have promises of bookshelves, a desk, beds, a side table, wardrobes, CD shelves, someone who will install phone lines/electrical sockets for free, someone who will install a fire for free... this is in addition to the stuff we have between us anyway of course. In slightly more GD related shenanigans, my recent April fools gag is now listed on Wikipedia and in reply to Vampyre_Dark's probing/cheeky question I described what the News Editors do on a typical day. Finally, I can't wait until I've got the website upgrade and the house hunting out of the way and I can get down to some serious game devving. It has been such a long time since I actually got a decent amount of code written. With this in mind, I'm trying to decide what exactly I should do. I'm currently an IT Analyst at work, with C++ knowledge from my spare time. There is a development team at work who are currently moving from VB to C#. So if I could get some knowledge of C# under my belt I'd be in a good position to get into the development side of things. Always thinking, see [wink] Maybe some kind of C#/DirectX tomfoolery? Onwards and upwards!
  15. Yesterday's April fools prank went down well for the most part. If you haven't already seen it then read the following news item: EA Shape the Future of the Games Industry. I'd planned and written it well ahead of time, and then almost forgot to post it before I went to view the house I'm thinking of buying. Most people seemed to enjoy it and see the funny side, although if you examine the comments you'll discover that there are some really humourless readers out there. Perhaps they were suckered in, and then got pissed off when they discovered it was a fake? Ah well. The GD Dev team really got into the spirit of things too. The copyright info was edited to read "GameDev.net, the GameDev.net logo, and GDNet are trademarks of Electronic Arts" and Michalson was using the EA logo as his avatar. Speaking of Michalson, he also provided us with a fantastic new-look Forums listing too. I was quick to add a screeny of this to the EA article and claim that it was just one of the new changes... heheheh. Of course, I'm in for a kicking when my girlfriend finds out I made her an "EA spokeswoman"... Moving on, it seems I just can't leave my website alone: The menu has moved to directly under the banner and had a slight colour tweak to help ease the transition between the dark purple header and the white page The page itself is now slightly off-white for those people who complain #ffffff will burn their retinas The links are now green (the previous blue looked out of place and I wanted to carry the green of the 1Up mushroom from the header into the page) The background is now a sort of lilac colour which I think goes well with both the purple header and the white page There are some slight shadows either side of the page, which help the site look a little less bland when you are scrolling and both header and footer are not visible And to round it all off: a new favicon and a new 88x31 link piccy
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