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  2. My girlfriend and I got the keys to our first house on Friday. It was somewhat strange walking around the place and finding stuff the previous owners had left behind, which included, amongst other things: a hardhat, 300 cardboard beer coasters and a flashing blue emergency vehicle light that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter socket. We looked in the attic for the first time and discovered it was both boarded and carpeted, which was a nice bonus. I also learned on Saturday that going to DIY stores at the weekend is a special kind of hell. Of course, now the future is filled with nothing but cleaning, painting, laying laminate flooring and carpets, assembling furniture, etc. My incentive for finishing all this is that I won't allow myself to play Resident Evil 4 on our new 32 inch flat-screen TV (which is currently sat in its box at my parent's house) until it is all completed...
  3. We have the site layout worked out which I'll be putting into a Web Developer Sitemap. We'll be using a page layout template (Web Developer provides something called Master Pages) and loading in content from a database. We also need to allow some users to login and edit the content of particular pages. EDIT: By the way, I'm not asking for help making it here I just wondered what people's experiences with this app were...
  4. Well... that was helpful.
  5. I've been asked to put together a large website at work. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only target browser, and I've been asked to use C# and ASP.NET if possible. I'm thinking this sounds like a job for Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, but I've not used it before (nevermind the fact that I'm new to C# and ASP.NET [grin]). Anyone have any experience with this application? What were your impressions? Any tips?
  6. ...about Nintendo's Wii. The console, the games, the price and the features are all looking very special. $250 dollars for a next gen console? Woot!
  7. Today I reached a quarter of a century. Happy Birthday to me!
  8. The following paper was submitted to GameDev.net as a news item. Whilst not perhaps front page news I think some may find it interesting, so I'm posting it here for your deliberation. Feel free to discuss. Please note that I have not had time to read the entire paper so I am not endorsing its contents. Quote:From a news submission by Simon Larsen I have written a small paper about the use of design patterns for level design. I have analyzed levels from Day of Defeat: Source, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Battlefield 1942 and have tried to formalize the solutions for problematic areas / subjects in level designs in 6 different design patterns. Check out the paper at www.blackwood.dk.
  9. I too have been experiencing this in Firefox
  10. Quote:Original post by Jackrhino I hope this is the right place to post this It is, thanks [smile]
  11. Quote:Original post by evolutional I used to love FlashBack, the follow-up game. That was great, and even better than Another World in my opinion. Some really cool sequences for the time and some fab music. Remember fragging the Morph leader (a giant brain) on their home planet, then legging it back through the whole level to your spaceship as everything collapsed around you? Awesome. I think I may have it buried somewhere deep inside my SNES collection...
  12. Quote:Original post by LessBread More chimpanzee than ape or monkey Bonobo! According to the site: "Bonobos and their cousins the chimpanzees, are more closely related genetically to us than they are to gorillas".
  13. Quote:Original post by MrEvil [grin] !
  14. + Cigarillo
  15. Quote:Original post by Enselic I also know some of his former girlfriends, and they confirm his nickname ([totally], [embarrass], [inlove]). This has all come as quite a shock to his wives [wow][flaming][bawling][crying][sick][pig][evil]