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    Good Dog Names?

    A friend of mine named his dog Yoshi. I like!
  2. Coward

    The Six Degrees of ... Adolf Hitler?

    Quote:Original post by Toolmaker Masturbation -> Die_große_Nacht_im_Eimer -> Georg_Baselitz -> Berlin -> Adolf Hitler Masturbation -> Suicide -> Adolf hitler Oh yeah, and Barack Obama -> Electoral fraud -> Adolf Hitler
  3. Coward

    The Six Degrees of ... Adolf Hitler?

    Barcode -> Japan -> Nazi Germany -> Adolf Hitler Remote procedure call -> ISDN -> Germany -> Adolf Hitler Helpful resource Somebody thought of this before
  4. User-friendliness. phpMyAdmin supports every operation I'd ever want my users to do, and I can restrict their access from droping tables and the likes - but then I'd have to explaint to the users why they'd have to "Just find the ID-number in that column in that table, and put it into that column in that table" - There I'd like some software that helps them a little on their way, instead :-)
  5. A little :-) I'm looking for some kind of class or the likes, that I can use to simply allow users to edit tables in a database. I wouldn't give my users access to phpMyAdmin, if my life depended on it... Further searching after posting dug up the term "MySQL Table Editors" and I found a good solutions for what I want to do: Here is also a comparasion of different systems that does the thing I want: I'm not entirely happy with the thing I got now, so suggestions are still much appreciated... Regard, Kasper
  6. Hi, On a large PHP legacy-system I'm working on, we're using a very nice system that has been coded to be a general and user-friendly database editing tool, and I'm looking for a similar, but a little more clean tool. Let me explain. In our database, we have two tables: (Both tables have loads of more fields, but this gives the essence of their functionality) admin_tables: - id - table - name - sortby - whereclause - parent_id admin_tablefields: - id - table_id - field - name - input_type - default_value - ranking So, when I want to give users easily edit a table, I can simply create a couple of rows in this database, and a fully functional editor will be done like this: <? include("layout/layout.php"); top(); $table_id = 2; include("dbadmin/dbadmin.php") bottom(); ?> Needless to say, this lifts alot of burdens of my whole team, since they most of the time can simple code front-ends for the systems on our external web, and make these kind of editors as the internal tools. At the moment we're looking to migrate the whole system to a new server, and this means that we have to deal with 8 years of hardcoding paths e.g.. Converting the DBAdmin system will no doubt be a big burden, since it has been expanding on the server setup for a few years. So I'm on the hunt for a system that can do essentially the same thing, maybe without the need to have a database-backend. I've been searching around and have found lots of PHP classes that can abstract me away from the SQL queries, but they all still need me to write a form that POSTs and fill in the data into the class, before it can do any work for me. Any suggestions?
  7. Coward

    software for exploring/developing ideas

    Maybe you're looking for a graph-visualizer, that can connect you thoughts and give an overview of their connections? I never used such a tool, but here's one that seems promising: It doesn't seem to be able to visualy create graphs, but it's mostly to get the idea, if that's the way you want to go? - Kasper
  8. Now that you've picked a language. Start out slow - Rome wasn't build in one day. If you want to make a tetris game, you need to draw squares. Do you know how to draw squares? If not, figure out how to do that. Also, try to write most of the code from scratch instead of modifying some code you already found - it oftens help understanding alot more. Now that you've drawn a square, what's next? You need to be able to move the square in horizontal direction. Figure out how Python handles Keyboard input, and try to apply it to the drawing function untill you've got a square that moves when you press the arrows. You now know how to handle keyboard input, and how to draw - where to go next? The square needs to be moved downwards every once in a while. Do you know how to time this? If not, figure out how to get your program to wait for a while, before moving on. Your first game won't be very polished, clean or correct. The code will most likely be horrible (I know mine was) - but as you build up your game it will slowly become clear to you, which things could be done better - and you'll know for next time :-) Hope it helps, Coward
  9. Quote:Original post by phantom Quote:Original post by MichaelJackson Well, as everyone should of noticed - ALOT of people want to get into the game programming business (AHEEEHEEE soo many childrenn). In fact I'm starting to believe there are more game programmers out there than games! (Thats an obvious exaggeration for those who can't pick it up) Although you were exaggerating this is probably true; one game isn't produced by a single programmer. Right now at work we have 8 coders working on one product, a situation which isn't uncommon. But doesn't one programmer also produce a more than one game?
  10. Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk Quote:Original post by streamer Recently I made one web page that is made in four languages. I would like to make that if visitor is coming from Germany, web page is displayed in German language. How can I determine which visitor came from which country? Don't. This would mean deciding what languages your visitors want to read, which is extremely annoying. Let your visitors decide for themselves: $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']. If a visitor from Germany doesn't have 'de' set as his primary accepted language, it's very likely that he either has other language preferences (which you should respect, instead of defaulting to German), or doesn't want to be traced as being from Germany for privacy reasons (and it would be rude to trace him nonetheless). Awesome! IE seems to follow the Windows regional settings, but I can't seem to find any place to change it in Firefox?
  11. Coward

    Where does Apple get off....

    Quote:Original post by zaerl Microsoft had admitted that they made a lot of mistakes with the new OS. Holy fuck.
  12. Coward

    It's official. I am 20 years old today!

    Ha! You're one year behind! ... And congratulations! (I turned 21 today, and I've done 2/3 things on your list...)
  13. Coward

    Would this be legal?

    Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command In America, you consult a lawyer. In Soviet Russia, lawyer consults you! I would say that it's the other way around...
  14. Coward

    printing multiple docs in one go

    Quote:Original post by CProgrammer Hmm the only problem remaining is that I would like to have each file start on a new page. Any ideas there using my newly acquired unix functions? Try looking of pdf creator on sourceforge. And print everything to one pdf, and afterwords print the pdf?
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