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  1. Lame Programming/CS Jokes

    got this one in class today. Assume you and dead people can only read hex. How many people can read hex? 0xDEAE
  2. Quote:Original post by frob So does lacking a cure for cancer mean it ends the picture war? [oh]
  3. Quote:Original post by Moe
  4. Bionic Woman

  5. Hi Im currently coding a project using DX 9c so I have that version SDK installed. I want to start another project thats limited to v 8.0a. Besides including the correct versions of DX headers and librarys such as d3d8.lib, is there a way to tell the comiler to use 8.0a? Thanks
  6. Helping rehabilitate a WoW addict

    Quote:Original post by Ainokea Show him a better game, then they will no longer be addicted to WOW First of all, there is no better game then WOW! (recovering addict) Buy gold for his account from one of those Chinese companies and then report him. All jokes aside, I lost countless hours I could have used for coding due to playing WOW. Fortunately I was offered a big project to design which in turn pulled my head out of the gutter. My advice would be to try and lure this guy back into real-life. new hobby, new friends, a relationship, a good job.. Once you break the habit, it's easy to stop.
  7. Celeb look alike thingie

    Funny Stuff! I got Johnney Depp. Most people say I look like Keono Reeves
  8. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by sSimontis
  9. It's cold out here (no 56k user)

    WOW! That look like funn. Are winter days pretty much stay in the low 70s :( Arizona ) looks as if you could ice skate on the street.
  10. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by evelyn
  11. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel
  12. Cant someone send me some ants?

    I'm also curious about OpenGL_Guru's question. I wanted the buy that awhile back but I figured it would be to much trouble getting the ants and taking care of them. Accidently breaking it would suck. A friend of mine had an ant crawl into his ear while he was sleeping...
  13. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by frob The joys of an ACL injury... was trying to find a pic with the braces on his legs..no luck
  14. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by frob
  15. Picture war (56K Warning)

    Quote:Original post by Caitlin Its a JDAM, not a nuclear bomb BTW.
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