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  1. This isn't for a game, but I'm amazed that this ability doesn't appear to be available. If I have a large number of line segments, but the number of vertices per line can be variable, there is no way to do a bulk draw of this data? Basically I want to draw multiple linestrips, but the lines are generally 2-6 verticies each. I could even order then by length, but there is still no way to tell OpenGL to draw 20 linestrips, with each linestrip consisting of 3 vertices, from the given vertex array. Is this correct? I think I saw an extension that may do this, but I'm hoping for a core OpenGL feature. I;m guessing I could probably use vertex shaders to do this also? Thanks.
  2. GLU 1.3, why the secrecy?

    Excellent. Let me check it out. Thanks!
  3. GLU 1.3, why the secrecy?

    I guess that's what I'm looking for now, is the 1.3 source. Anyone have any idea where it might be?
  4. GLU 1.3, why the secrecy?

    I'm not sure I understood your point. There are various versions of OpenGL since 1.1, and those versions get new 'standard' functions which, while they can be used like extensions, are part of OpenGL 1.2 or 1.4 or whatever version. Using the headers and libs that Microsoft ships, everything beyond 1.1 has to be loaded as an extension, but that's really an issue due to Microsoft. It may be the OS's job to update the glu libraries, which might explain part of the problem. It doesn't seem likely that MS will ever update OpenGL again. But I didn't even find any real information on downloading GLU1.3 for Linux. Its definately not the GPU's job to implement it. And if I had to access the glu1.3 functions via extensions, that would be fine, but the point is that apparently no system will have these extensions.
  5. GLU 1.3, why the secrecy?

    Those sites basically just say that GLU comes with Windows and the development environment, but that only applies to version 1.2. I found an SGI page of open sourced projects, but it didn't have GLU. Is GLU 1.3 vaporware? It seems like nobody is in charge of deploying it (not the OS, and not the hardware manufacturers), so I guess it's dead?
  6. I was thinking about using a GLU 1.3 function today, and realized that pretty much nobody has GLU 1.3 installed. I did some searches on it, and found some documention on what's in GLU 1.3, but pretty much no information on where to get it, how to install it, or if it even exists anymore. What's the big secret? I see it went open source, but apparently nobody cared? At least not enough to host it? I'm a little confused as to what the story is here.