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    AngelScript 2.28.1

    Looks fantastic. Excellent work Andreas.
  2. Hi guys! I'm here to announce my new game, Magic Rampage, which I created using my own open source engine, Ethanon.   Magic Rampage is a free-to-play platformer that combines fast paced action gameplay with elements from the classic Action-RPG genre seen in games such as The Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past. It attempts to bring back the experience of playing platformers on our classic 16-bit consoles, but with a more up-to-date touch at the genre.   Currently it is only available for Android, but it will be available for iOS and other platforms in a near future.   Official video:  
  3. andrew1b

    AngelScript 2.26.0 is out

    It is nice to see companies like Frictional games contributing to the development of AngelScript.
  4. andrew1b

    Crash instead of compile error

    Hi Andreas, I've been following the WIP version and enjoying using AngelScript so far. Thanks for the great work. There's something I found today which might be a bug, fortunately it is easy to reproduce. The following code is crashing the compiler instead of returning an error message: class Foo { Foo(int a) { } } class Bar : Foo { void func() { } }      
  5. andrew1b

    Assertion failed while using function handles

    Thanks! I successfully ran Magic Portals on 2.26.0 WIP (r1505).
  6. Hi, After I updated my engine project to the latest WIP version of AngelScript I could successfully run my base testbed. However I had a minor issue while trying to run Magic Portals with the updated version of AngelScript: Assertion failed: (calledFunc), function AdjustGetOffset, file /../../../../source/as_restore.cpp, line 3471. I could isolate the issue and reproduce it in a smaller excerpt: [source lang="java"]class Foo { int a; } class Bar { float b; } funcdef void TEST_FUNC_HANDLE(Foo, Bar); void testFunction(TEST_FUNC_HANDLE@ func) { func(Foo(), Bar()); }[/source] It appears that the assertion fails while trying to save the bytecode for testFunction. Am I doing anything silly?
  7. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    I've just updated my project with the latest wip and apparently all my internal tests passed. Thanks!
  8. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    That was exactly it: It'll always define TARGET_OS_IPHONE, but "= 0" on Mac Great to hear that! I'm glad I could help. Thanks for your time.
  9. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    I just ran the testbed on mac os x and here is what I found: -Everything passes without AS_MAX_PORTABILITY, but not when it is defined (I tested on 32-bit only) -The AS_IPHONE option keeps being defined even on the project I created from scratch (asGetLibraryOptions returns AS_IPHONE AS_X86!) When I build my project without AS_MAX_PORTABILITY, it won't crash at the spot I mentioned above, but it crashes when I try to use some of the operators in my vector2 object. The crash this time would happen in the as_callfunc_x86.cpp, which I would guess has something to do with the definition of AS_IPHONE. Edit: there's a great chance the iphone macro confusion is xcode's fault. I'm still looking into the issue.
  10. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    Hi Andreas, I made the entire project from scratch as a static library and it still crashes at the same spot I mentioned in the first post. Perhaps it would be nice to run your testbed on osx. I'm downloading the test_feature source code and see if I can discover anything.
  11. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    Hi. I have just tested the updated AngelScript libraries on my windows build of the same project and all my tests passed just fine, no crashes at all. It really seems that the xcode project is broken (hopefully it's just the project, not anything in the library source code which is less likely to happen). I'm not using JIT then I'll do that and I'll write back soon.
  12. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    I guess I did. I'm a bit confused now. I have replaced the entire library source code and build files by the new ones. Is there anything else that was not included in the sdk? Yes, I'm using the xcode project included in the SDK. It was fine with the previous xcproject, there could be something wrong with the new one, but I'll do more testing. When I simply updated the source files without touching the previous xcproject, macros worked just fine again (still crashes anyway). I'm glad to hear that. I'll try to run it on windows today and see if it is happening only on my mac. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for your time.
  13. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    Hi Andreas, just a small update, I've been doing some superficial debugging and it appears that, for some reason, the word TARGET_OS_IPHONE is being defined, even though I'm on OS X/Cocoa. I'll look into this and I'll keep you posted (I'll edit this post if I can, to avoid flooding). EDIT: I did some workaround to force undef the TARGET_OS_IPHONE word but I'm still having crashes, sometimes with, sometimes without AS_MAX_PORTABILITY. I'll run it on Windows when I get to my PC to see if this is a Mac-only thing (though 2.22.x was working fine). EDIT2: After the latest workarounds I made, I could reproduce the exact same crash mentioned originally but this time without using AS_MAX_PORTABILITY. One thing I think it's worth mentioning, is that I'm still using only generic calling convention. If I'd switch all standard add-ons to register using native calling, it would crash inside native calling functions. It appears the library has become unstable, something wrong around as_config, perhaps? I can't tell yet if this is happening only on OS X. I'll keep digging.
  14. andrew1b

    Crash when I use arrays after updating as

    Hi Andreas, Thank you for the quick reply. I began using AS_MAX_PORTABILITY because the native calling was crashing my app when I ran on Android. It was mid 2011 though, I remember reporting it in the forums and someone mentioned (can't remember if it was you) that there should be some incompatibility with the arm code and Android platforms. So I ported all my code to generic calls and I never tried the native calling again. Since I never had performance issues with that, I felt pretty confortable with it. Also, my code runs on at least four different platforms and I'm still expanding, so I decided to stick with the AS_MAX_PORTABILITY.
  15. I'm having a crash after I upgraded from AngelScript 2.22 to the latest version 2.25.2. It happens on line 3240 of as_scriptengine.cpp: [source lang="cpp"]asCScriptFunction *asCScriptEngine::GenerateTemplateFactoryStub(asCObjectType *templateType, asCObjectType *ot, int factoryId) { ... ... ... ... // Tell the virtual machine not to clean up the object on exception func->dontCleanUpOnException = true; func->JITCompile(); // it crashes right here according to xcode return func; } [/source] The error message is EXC_BAD_ACCESS I'm using Xcode on a Cocoa application. I'm using the standard scriptbuilder add-on (from the latest version as well) and the crash happens during module building. I'm using the latest array add-on too. One thing I noticed is that it only happens if I define AS_MAX_PORTABILITY, otherwise the crash won't happen (though most of my code still won't work but there's a great chance this is my bad, probably because all my code was made to run on MAX_PORTABILITY environment). I'm running a very minimalistic script in order to make it clearer to debug the crash, which is: [source lang="java"]void main() { LoadScene("empty"); Foo[] foo; } class Foo { int a; } [/source] I have reproduced this crash on other situations and I'm pretty sure it is the array declaration that causes this crash (if I comment it out, no crash happens). However, when I declare variations of this array type, behavior changes: Foo@[] foo; // doesn't crash Foo@[]@ foo; // doesn't crash Foo[]@ foo; // crashes I hope I could give enough details. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
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