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  1. I like Indy Mogul myself. It's got a cool forum, with friendly people, as well as a lot of cool instructional vids, behind the scenes things, and what not. Check it out if you haven't.
  2. Nothing game related, but I've been slowly piecing together a new album. Basically everything on this page (except for "A Girl Like You") is recent, with "A Girl Like You" being a couple years old. The first song, "Transmission" is actually a cover. Feel free to check out all the music and tell me what you think. The Tons of Fun Project ~Tons of Fun
  3. I agree with Settlers of Catan and Carcassone, both great games. The original Risk as well, but the point was made it's hard to find others who want to play it with you (which is the problem I have found as well). Munchkin is a great card game from Steve Jackson Games. It's relatively cheap, has tons of expansions for when the basic stuff gets boring, and you can always convince someone to play because who can resist an RPG style card game?
  4. If you have the free time, and it does last a month, then you could use the time to fully refine and polish your entry.
  5. If I can find the time, I'd love to get in on this.
  6. Staggerin' Monks Pure Punch You In The Crotch Rock, at least that's what they call it. Good stuff.
  7. My friend and I recently bought Helio Phone Service on a whim since we both needed new phones. I bought a Heat, and he got an Ocean. So far I'm really enjoying it's features, especially considering the price (I got it for free, with no activation fee since my credit was decent). I got a Heat, and he got an Ocean, and they aren't very different from what I can tell. I haven't had any problems yet, and hopefully won't have any for quite some time. I just wondered what phones/Providers everyone here was using, and if anyone has had any bad experiances with their Helios. [Edited by - HackMaster321 on December 23, 2007 9:25:51 AM]
  8. -Jets'n'Guns Soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy, Guys who took out the audio chips of their commodore 64's and put them into their synths (no joke). Pure Metal.
  9. One program to rule them all... Best Practice One of the BEST time stretchers I've ever seen. It does time slowing and speeding, as well as pitch shifting, and it actually does an awesome slowing down job to about 70% (thats when it starts pitch shifting, though only minor). The true best part, is its 100% FREE AND Open souce. It uses a bunch of audio formats and can play/rip cds. I recommend it for practicing learning songs as well as learning solos by ear, it helps a bunch. Enjoy.
  10. Not everyone is as awesome as you guys, so hopefully musical projects count too right? I mean the original poster said he wanted inspiration, didn't he? music can be inspiring, and everybody seems to have a budding talent they want to share with the world. Staggerin' Monks - "The greatest rock band in the history of ever." Staggerin' Monks Online (it's a place holder for our site, so its currently under construction). The End - The Project's first major project (besides the first album that is), and that was a music video shot on a budget of 0 dollars. The video came out to be awesome, and thus this link will take you to the youtube upload of the video. Enjoy. So yeah, enjoy if you will. Wish I still did as much game programming as I used to, then I might have a real project to show off hehe, oh well.
  11. RIGHT AS YOU POST IT! I found it through GameHippo, but yes it is Super Secret Ninja, perhaps the greatest Ninja game ever! Thank you kind sir, and to anyone who hasn't played this game, please do! It is amazing.
  12. Grah! I must find it. Nikujin isn't it, as this game's whole point was to just go from one end to the other, and you couldn't attack any of the guards, you were just supposed to avoid them. I thought it had ninja in the title as well, but have yet to find anything (which makes me more suspect as to it being so old it will never be found again). I shall run through the GDshowcase again just to see, but I don't know that I'll find it there. I'm mostly just glad I'm not the only one who remembers this game. Now if we could just find it.
  13. Ok, I've been looking through the forums for a while, and have yet to find this game again. I think, and am relatively sure, that it was first posted around 3-4 years ago, and after I lost the download, have yet to find it again. So any help locating it would be the greatest thing ever. It was a side scrolling platformer, where all you did was run from the left of the screen to the right, throw your grappling hook to get on ledges and swing (like a pendulum), and avoid being seen or heard by the randomly placed guards. All the levels were randomly generated, and each level got longer with more guards. When you hit the ground, the higher in the air you were, the bigger the circle was (for how loud the hit was, though the game had no REAL sound). There was also a timer, so you had to hurry to the end of the ever increasing levels. The levels consisted of bamboo platforms and pagodas. I don't recall if it was made by someone from gamedev or just made by a person who posted a link to the download on gamedev, but I know for a fact that there was a thread for it, that ended up around 3-4 pages long before dieing out (at least how I recall it). Once again, if anyone knows this game, or has a link to where I might find it, that would be great. This game was amazing for such a simple concept, and I would love to be able to play it again. I also feel people who haven't played it, should play it, because it rocks so.
  14. Crappy flash animation but a great song. It's worth its weight in YouTube. Staggerin' Monks - A Tribute to Jack Black AKA I Want to Marry Jack Black They also have a whole live show up that includes the same song done live (with bass and drums no less). But either way, enjoy if you will. P.S. For any fans of walking on sunshine, I may recommend their cover of it.
  15. A 2 year old Deviant Art ID.