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  1. Bruno

    E3 2010 - Pictures & Stories

    Good luck man, I hope you can get a good deal :) Regarding LA, being a foreigner I had high expectations about the city, however I was very disapointed. I think it's a very ugly city, really nothing to do with what Hollywood portraits in the movies. Anyways, good luck
  2. Bruno

    Armored Warfare Update

    Hey Dan, The game is shapping up very nicely :) How can we get into the beta testing of it ? I'm actually also working on a RTS game (altough, mine is set in space) , are you going to have formations and the similar ? If you are, I would love to talk with you, and exchange some ideas. Bruno
  3. Bruno

    Physics Test Course & More Civilians

    Ahh, i was going to comment the same thing, something is wrong with that female model..
  4. Bruno

    HDRI + shadowing + cities

    Hey Yann, Very nice indeed :) I'm at the stage at where i have a 1x1 texture that contains the luminace of the scene., do you mind explaining how do you interpolate this value with the value of the current luminance ? thanks, Bruno
  5. Bruno

    Sound Advice

    I feel your pain with the audio librarys, hehe. Check out Bass : http://www.un4seen.com/
  6. Bruno

    A Demo....

    Very cool... ;) It has some slowdonws, goes down to around 20fps sometimes when taking off, but generally its at around 200fps, on a GF6800GT, AMD 2.4 Noticed a little bug, when our plane is on fire, the particles of it are rendered on top of the weapons gui.
  7. Bruno

    Bloom effect (Part2)

    I think now it's too much, ehhehe The older blur (the more subtle one), i think it was better , but in this things, i think it's more of a personal taste than anything else ;)
  8. Bruno


    Yup, i like it too :)
  9. Bruno


    I don't think the umbrella in that situation should shade the chair.., i think she is wondering is she should take her clothes and take a swim naked :P
  10. Bruno

    Screen Shots

    Without shadows it will look weird., thats a easy fix, never place trees in places that the shadow would overlap in a building., or if it does, they can allways paint it on top of the building bitmap.
  11. Bruno

    Screen Shots

    Can't you just change the rendering software ??
  12. Bruno

    Screen Shots

    EDI: Can't you use some other software ? I think shadows are just to essential to drop them off.., what software are you using to make those buildings ?
  13. Bruno


    Yup, looking really neat. btw EDI, your mail server was probably hacked, i have been getting spam on my email from your forum admnistrator email.
  14. Bruno


    Looking very nice EDI.., Don't use Fraps, Fraps is slow , give Gamecam a try, you will fall in love by it.
  15. Bruno


    Looking very nice :) Btw, you don't have any portuguese ancestors do you ? I'm asking because "Sapo" means "Frog" in portuguese, and each time i read your name, i think of Sir Frog.. ,lol
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