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  1. Hi guys,   I was just wondering if this is true, it's circulating around in several emails, it's about politicians.   1. Deputy's goto work in bycicles. 2. Deputy's do not have a car supplied by the state, and no driver. 3. Deputy's have a very very small house supplied by the state (20/40 square metters). 4. In the 90's, there wasn't even a house supplied by the state, so they had a couch in their office and that's where they sleep 5. In Sweden, the prime minister has a very small house, and no employers at all.   Basically, no luxurious provided by the tax payers go tot he politician class. Can someone that know if this is true, comment ? I think there's a lot of miss-information going around, but well, I may be wrong.   Thanks,
  2. Hey everyone, I was hoping to start a discussion regarding game design on Real Time Tactics games. By Real Tactics, I mean games like Men of war or Dawn of War 2 where the focus of the game is not base building or resource gathering, but more the combat tactics around it. Now, these games have one thing in common. Terrain is important, terrain can give the units defensive bonus, penalties, soldiers can get inside buildings (again for extra cover). Units usually aren't built with resources that you harvest with units, instead the player can capture control points, and they generate points , and these points gives the player the ability to build more units, or add units to the squads. I think RTT games are kind of an evolution from RTS games, they exist because people were getting tired of the gameplay mechanics behind RTS games. I have been thinking where can we go next after RTT games, but I can't figure out a gameplay mechanic that would be refreshing to the RTT space. So, what would you guys like to see in a RTT game? Either stuff that's been done before or new features?
  3. Hey, Not sure if anyone here has seen this yet.. : http://www.nydailyne...ut_wall_st.html This one is in Portuguese, but has photos : From what I was able to find out, last Saturday the protest had 50.000 people in there. There's no news on European TV's about this, and as far as I know there's nothing in American TV's either. Is there people here from New York that can confirm that this is actually happening ?
  4. Bruno

    Starfall Frontier - A New Sci-Fi Strategy Game!

    Hey guys, I really wanted to check the game, however, what's with all this facebook games that to even see them, you need to give permission to send you junk to you email adress ? Each time I want to try a game, i see this request, and everytime i decline.., I'm just venting here, you not doing anything diferent from other applications that I have "tried"..,
  5. Bruno

    finding Publishers

    Yeah, that's usually the diference between Publishers and Distributors, funding :)
  6. Bruno

    finding Publishers

    Thanks Sirisian, I know about Steam, but I meant Publishers no Distributors :)
  7. Hi everyone, I'm tryng to find a list of publishers, not casuals, not top AAA games, but let's say middle games. I'm having a hard time finding this., so far I have this small list : -Focus Interactive -Stardock -Paradox Entertainment -Jowood -EncoreUSA -Strategy First (not sure about this one, lots of problems with Strategy First going bankrupt to avoid paying developers) Anyone could suggest any others ? Thanks, Bruno
  8. Hey everyone, Is there a way to find is a application is locked in the taskbar somehow ? I'm going to try to give some history on what is happening. I'm developing a game with TGB (Torque Game Builder), and the game when changing resolution from full screen to window mode, has this weird problem that it gets locked in the taskbar and nothing happens, i'm unable to maximize it anymore. This only happens in one machine using a a X2300 ATI MOBILITY. I'm not expecting anyone here to know the ins and outs of torque, hell, even in the torque forums they don't. This is a longshot, but I was hoping for some kind of idea, on what to do, if there's some way to detect that this situation is happening, so i can prevent somehow the change from fullscreen to window mode. thanks, Bruno
  9. Bruno

    E3 2010 - Pictures & Stories

    Good luck man, I hope you can get a good deal :) Regarding LA, being a foreigner I had high expectations about the city, however I was very disapointed. I think it's a very ugly city, really nothing to do with what Hollywood portraits in the movies. Anyways, good luck
  10. Bruno

    Armored Warfare Update

    Hey Dan, The game is shapping up very nicely :) How can we get into the beta testing of it ? I'm actually also working on a RTS game (altough, mine is set in space) , are you going to have formations and the similar ? If you are, I would love to talk with you, and exchange some ideas. Bruno
  11. Bruno


    Hey everyone, I'm not a Direct3D user, so this is probably a really stupid question, but please bare with me. Let's imagine I'm compiling my game with DirectX 9.0c. A user that has the simple DX9.0 , will it be able to run my game ? Is DX9.0c backwards compatible with DX9.0 ? thanks, Bruno
  12. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if there is some video playback library sdk, besides Bink ? thanks, Bruno
  13. Bruno

    RTS or 4X ? What's your favourite ?

    Yes, one of the problems of Space Games it's exactly the game design. Space is void, so you have to come up with natural obstacles to replace the mountains or rivers on earth. We are going to use gas clouds of diferent types, that block ships in diferent ways, so that you have to use diferent strategys/ships to get the job done. Regarding the game in the blog, the game obviously is not done, and it's just showing ships shooting eachother.
  14. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback of people that play strategy games :) I'm working on a strategy game, and i'm right now wondering if the right path is go torwards a more Sins of a Solar Empire kind of game, or a more standard RTS. Following the new RTS games (Dawn of War2, CnC4, etc), except StarCraft2, all RTS games are going torwards a more easy way to play, more arcade, no resources, no building, etc, while 4x games have all this inside. Our game altough RTS, is not a pure RTS, has diferent mechanics, but in the core it's a RTS, also splitted into a Campaign with several levels and a background story. 4x games don't have this, it's usually a big universe, and you have to expand, develop, etc. 4x games are less content heavy, and more into AI, and much more complicated to balance for a small team, RTS games are more content heavy and less AI. Getting so far into development has been a huge task, competition in the RTS market is big, altough we don't think there's much space RTS's around, there's quite a lot of 4x games, either from indies or commercials. You can see how the game is shapping up in our Blog if you wish. What's your take on this ? What kind of game do you guys think is more viable commercial ? thanks for your opinion :) Bruno
  15. I had to post this, it's awasome :)
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