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  1. Hey guys,   Looking for some feedback, good and bad on our latest for Chesster. Its a match three game, but its a deeper experience than what you might think. You move 3 pieces at a time so that you can better control the creation of combos and chains.   Here's some gameplay: Gameplay   Some level art I did:     Download the alpha demo from the blog: Demo   I'd appreciate any constructive comments, thanks!   Seank
  2. Chesster is a puzzle game that's match 3 meets chess we're developing. Anyway I've recently finished some level art and Kevon (the composer) has finished the theme song. Check it out! [img]http://playchesster.com/sphpblog-content/images/LibraryFINALweb.JPG[/img] [url="http://www.indiedb.com/games/chesster/videos/chesster-theme-music#imagebox"]Theme music[/url] over on indieDB.
  3. We have just release a small demo over on indieDB of our medieval puzzle game Chesster. [url="http://youtu.be/SSL5R4iBM-Q"]Here is some video![/url] It's still a little rough but we appreciate any comments and suggestions. [url="http://www.indiedb.com/games/chesster/downloads/chesster-demo-10"]Check it out here.[/url] Thanks for your time, Sean
  4. Hello all, A while back, I posted in the help wanted forum here for some help in the programming department (I'm an artist) and found some great talent. We've been working on things for a couple of month now and things are coming along! We've just put our project up on [url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1619230931/chesster-a-new-puzzle-game-based-on-chess"]Kickstarter[/url] in hopes of really bringing this thing together. Gamedev is a great community and I'm glad to be part of the collaboration that goes on here because it has gotten us to this point. Anyway, head on over to the Kickstarter page or [url="http://www.playchesster.com"]playchesster.com[/url] to check it out. Spread the word and, if you really like what you see, maybe you could help us out? Thanks for your time! Sean
  5. great answers, thanks. The animation will be limited to walking in the cardinal directions. I would like the style to come out pretty strong, so 2d seems to be what I'm looking for. I'm not looking forward to doing three animations for about 100 outfits though, oh well! Sean
  6. Hi all, I'm designing a game where I need a lot of different people, as well as a system that lets the user create their own person. What are the pros and cons of creating a 2d vs 3d avatar system? Sean
  7. Three animated flags in two styles. 128x128 and 64x64 alphaless png's. Ideally ran at 15fps. Add life to castles and battlefields and mark goals and achievements with these flags. Tip: change the hue to make them whatever color you need. Flag Sprites Sean
  8. Hi all, I've just updated my site with free mountain tiles. There are three versions: dirt, grass, and frozen/winter tiles. Hope you enjoy! Free Stuff Sean
  9. Thanks for your concern about ripping sprites. I am aware of this but the quality isn't that great on the gif animations (plus no transparency) and people could rip off a picture I suppose but they wouldn't have the animation (thats the best part!). Still, flash isn't a bad idea... Plus there's the legal thing ;) Sean
  10. You can just scale the missiles down, they come in sprite sheets and as individual images with alpha. Heres some pics though!
  11. Hey all, The latest update at effectlibrary.com includes a new missile sprite pack, 3 types of missiles with 16 frame animations with separate exhaust animation, and a new category "PLAYER UNITS" in which you can find a sprite pack with 3 types of ships rendered top down from 3d. Thanks. Sean
  12. Hello all, The site is always being updated, but check out the most recent update, Bottled Lightning. Great for short circuiting effects, security and rpg effects! Thanks for your time. Effectlibrary Sean *link fixed thanks [Edited by - Defcon1 on September 29, 2008 7:47:26 AM]
  13. Are available in the "free stuff" section of the store. Thanks and enjoy. Website:effectlibrary Sean
  14. Alright, the store is back up. Keep a lookout for new stuff all the time, both in the store and in the free stuff section, tutorials, etc... Plus I'm always looking for what people want next. Sean
  15. Good advice, the store portion is down for a bit while a few things get tweaked, but I'll be sure to put up animations of everthing once it goes back up. Sean