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  1. OpenGL Too many Java-OpenGL-Bindings!!

    LWJGL for sure. Very fast, clean and compact library. And you have all you need : OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenIL (DevIL), Fmod and Controllers support in upcoming version.
  2. Hammer VMF Files

    Hum, bad automatic translation... (french = on) Bon, je vais m'exprimer en français ca sera plus simple... Le mieux est de trouver les spécifications du format de fichier, ca t'expliquera tout. Il y a certains sites dédiés à ce genre de taches, essaye sur, avec un peu de chance, au pire, sur google tu trouveras ton bonheur :) (french = off) Chman
  3. A great article ! I was currently trying to implement this feature without luck... Thanks to you ;) Chman
  4. MD5 Importer for 3ds MAX 6.0

    Wow it looks great ! I haven't 3dsmax6, but I'm sure this plugin will be very very useful to many game developpers ! Chman
  5. java package errors

    Or maybe it's something in eclipse that you haven't properly set... but if it's the case, I can't help you more because I don't use Eclipse at all... Good luck ! I'm sure there are some Eclipse gurus on this board... Chman
  6. java package errors

    Are you sure that the file in which is written package package_name; is located in the package_name directory ? Chman
  7. dot3 bump mapping

    Have you take a look in the NeHe's article part ? There is a good tutorial for implementing Dot3 independant from hardware (it will run under ATI/nVidia/Matrox without any problemes... Chman
  8. Take a look at Ogre3D ;) It's under LGPL if I remember, so you can sell it with the game without problems... Chman
  9. [web] PHP - reading the file

    Quote:while (!feof($f)) { $x=fgetc($f); $uo = $uo + $x; } You should use $uo = $uo.$x; instead of $uo = $uo + $x; :) Edit: there's a faster way to read file content. Take a look at Clicky.
  10. O_o (teh crazy)

    Yeah that's awesome ! I love it :D Don't know what they smoke anyway...
  11. Strategy like the Settlers serie

    Quote:I love wars in strategy games, so i may not be of much help. You should focus alot on a Politics side of the game were you can make, break alliances, marry out prinsess's, assinate enemy leaders (although if they find out it was you, ie the assasin got captured, then it makes the whole world shun you), have a tax system so you can tax and have revolts, and an extremely good trading system. Hmmmm I think it would help to have a military, but have it so it has a pop cap thats relativey small. And then make it were they die quikly, like in Cossacks: AOW. Good luck Plenty of good and interesting ideas here :) But for the moment I'm only making an indy game so I must not plan a too big game design, else I won't be able to build the game in less than 10 years :P Thanks anyways ! Chman
  12. Setting up OpenGL, GLUT, and SDL in Dev-C++

    I won't be able to help you because I'm not using DevC++ but if you use SDL you don't need to use Glut. Or am I missing something ? Chman
  13. Strategy like the Settlers serie

    Quote:If the goal of your economy is *not* to field an army, it has to be something else. To control trade routes, or to get as much gold as possible. Something! Those who just want to build can ignore the goals. You're absolutly right ! Quote:* More boats. Yes, boats are a very important part according to me. I'm currently thinking about new ways to handle them and making them more useful/interesting. Quote:* If you're gonna have some kind of war, make it possible to raid storehouses and simply steal whatever's in there. After many hours of thoughts, I've decided that war will be one of the main goal of the game. I think I'm gonna design this part in a realistic way (for example, warriors will die fastly if they are hit, not like AOE where they can be hit by dozens of arrows without dying) so as it will be important to manage armies correctly and avoid mass production and massive attack.
  14. CGgl ???

    What do you exactly want to learn ? How to use CG or how to handle CG with OpenGL ? Chman
  15. havok 2.0

    Why do you want to use havok specifically ? You should look into Ode or Tokamak, as Wildfire. They are free and very powerful ! Chman