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  1. Some advice about MSc. in UK Universities

    I did the MEng, which is the three year BSc plus an additional year involving the MSc, at Hull University and loved it. The course is very involved, the first semester involves a graphics orientated project, with the second semester handling physics and parallel processing project. Also while I was there there was a project which involved creating a game in a group, then porting that game to various platforms, at the time it was gamecube and psp but I know that they have recently gotten hold of three PS3 devkits which will most likely be used as well. With the MSc also there is the third semester project which involves picking a project from a select list.
  2. Your most memorable childhood game?

    [list][*][url=""]Puffy Saga[/url][*][url=""]Little Puff[/url] on C64[*]Dizzy[*]I cant remember what this one was called, but it involved going round a house/mansion trying to recover parts to build a car.[*]Various others from my C64 days[/list]
  3. Opengl and rand()

    [quote name='alvaro' timestamp='1303329691' post='4800917'] You just want to generate the same random numbers each frame? You could just generate the random numbers one, store them in an array and then use the array. [/quote] or you could seed rand with the same value you started with. At a guess, do you want to generate the points (at random) at runtime then from that have those points displayed while the program is running? if so you could save your seed value to a variable, and use the same seed value again at the start of the display loop. or you could store the points in an array.
  4. Simple OpenGL Questions

    I think you are missing the glEnable for the depth test. try adding this glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); before glDepthFunc(GL_LEQUAL); in your glInit method.
  5. OpenGL Visual glBlendFunc Tool

    Not too bad, didnt expect to see this using HTML5 Quote:Original post by maspeir This is awesome, but I'd prefer a standalone app where I can input my own images. The concept is excellent though. I found this one not too long ago,
  6. Trying to include OpenGL Quote: Usage examples To use GLee, include GLee.h from your code, then link to the GLee library (e.g. GLee.lib) or add GLee.c to your project. To check for the ARB_multitexture extension and use it: #include <gl\GLee.h> // (no need to link to gl.h) ... if (GLEE_ARB_multitexture) //is multitexture support available? { glMultiTexCoord2fARB(...); //safe to use multitexture } else { //fallback } you dont need to include the header GL.h
  7. Like others have said store the date/time at shutdown, then when the game starts check if the time saved is either past or future. If the stored time is in the past add to the energy bar, if it is in the future put the energy into the negative. Sure you might have the small time errors when syncing the time but it wont be a great deal.
  8. Coin-op game dev

    I don't know alot about, one thing I do know is that the StreetFighter IV arcade machines were using a PC set-up with windows XP, it was when it was released anyway. Designing the hardware will be quite a task and as you said alot of the newer machines are using close to if not PC hardware, so you could go from there. And for the coin op you will probably just buy the hardware with an SDK.
  9. My university has told us that, you can use the GameCube devkits to develop for the Wii, since the Wii is a more powerfull version with different controllers. They havnt told us if they are getting the Wii Kits yet, so at the moment we are stuck with the GC kits, which isnt that bad if you think about it.