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    Newsweeks' Top 10 best selling games

    Quote: as someone mentioned heres a better indication http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best_selling_computer_games I would agree that they are better, but they are definitely still flawed. Lots of those are gotten from old news articles or random quotes numerous of which could be wrong. For example the Warcraft 3 numbers are from 2003. The Warcraft 3 boxset was in the 10 top selling games for the NPD chart for last week or really close to that. Has the number not changed in 5 years? This was also before the expansion pack was released. I did find a couple of really good lists, but it seems they have been since removed, which is too bad because they were excellent lists (only for a per year basis, not for all time). If I do manage to find them I will post links. [edit] I found my list: http://www.edge-online.com/features/the-top-100-selling-games-last-12-months (it seems now that its edge and not next gen, the print button has dissapeared) Not the same type of list, but I imagine the numbers are less magic.
  2. Hard Rock

    win32 and mfc, which one is more "Usefull"

    Quote: I am intrigued. Since then have there been any major difference in standards with win32 that may break the code( c++ 6 ---> c++ .net for example)(currently using vs 2008(dream spark). Not really. They added a few changes (The ribbon in the new office, translucent windows) but since all apps that ran in 1998 need to run in 2008 nothing really changed.Look at it this way, Windows Forms sits on top of Win32. Keep in mind the next big thing is WPF, which I think finally no longer uses Win32. (This is more for windows app development then for game stuff, stock win32 should work for a long while to come). Anyway that is the book to use for Win32, but if people start to move over to WPF you might want to plan for that. It probably depends on how Windows 7 performs.
  3. I would use swing combined with the substance library, link here: https://substance.dev.java.net/ . It supports pretty much everything you will need, and looks very pretty for games. Keep in mind substance is a bit slow to load, and might be a little bit sluggish at times (you can do careful optimization to get around this), though it has gotten much better with later releases. Also the backed is swing based which is pretty rock solid feature wise.
  4. Hard Rock

    Are Microsoft Certs (or any other) worth it?

    It really depends. In some companies you can get paid more for having them, some don't care.
  5. Hard Rock

    Amazon Kindle - anyone got one?

    My cell phone has an e ink screen and I can attest to the fact that its great on the eyes. It actually feels very very close to looking at paper and doesn't introduce eye strain I get from working on any of my monitors (and I have some quality monitors). I normally prefer dead tree format, but if they can it a bit more featured (I'd like for searching through pages, being able to flip through really quickly etc) I could see myself getting one for say $100. Maybe up to $200 if it was color.
  6. Hard Rock


    I've only had a couple tracks different in volume. I will say that last.fm is definitely a good idea, and a pretty good implementation as well minus the flaky flash player and constant song switching (free songs change every week).
  7. Hard Rock

    Filesystem and SVN trashed

    I know this probably isn't helpful now, but you should always make cd, backups (or another hard drive backup) etc of your repository. Having a second copy of the repository on the same hard drive isn't a backup. Your question would be better answered at the subversion forums by the developers who have a better idea about SVN naming conventions and recoveries. But personally I would only try to get recover the latest, and make backups in the future.
  8. Hard Rock

    Peter Molyneux up to his old tricks

    Quote: -Peter Molyneux at his GDC lecture No, seriously. That's taken a little bit out of context. What happened was he said that when you had sex in Fable 2, there would still be a black screen, just like in the first game. So a bunch of people in the crowd started whining (pretty loudly), and in response he said that quote. It's basically for rating reasons, and it was a joke.
  9. Hard Rock

    Shift + Delete

    I knew it didn't look right, I don't really think about it when I do it since the keys are all right next to each other. But how do you know I don't want to print instead of paste huh?
  10. Hard Rock

    Shift + Delete

    When I programmed in Qbasic I used to use SHIFT-DEL and SHIFT-INS all the time. It actually took me a long time to get accustomed to CTR-X and CTR-P afterwards.
  11. Hard Rock

    Laptop Overheating

    Was it always like this or did it start happening recently? This happened after about 1 year with my laptop (Toshiba M40), it would actually get so hot it would start to burn if I had it near me and the CPU would almost right away go into power saving mode, which really didn't help. Anyway to make a long story short the easiest way to fix this (and it's dirt cheap and incredibly easy) is to buy a can of compressed air and dust the whole thing. Only a little dust came out of my laptop, but afterwards I went from 20fps to a constant 60 (vsynced) and it didn't overheat after.
  12. Hard Rock

    Dual Boot - Vista x64, XP x32

    1)Only if it's located in a non password protected directory. You can still access it, but you'll need to use your winxp pass 2)Probably, you can change where the directory is stored. I've never done it however. 3)Vista patches shouldn't break xp(you could install them in xp if you wanted to). 64bit apps will not work in xp 32 bit obviously. Entirely application specific though. Chances are you'll have to install the app again for vista anyway, so it won't interfere. 4)It has one, but I don't see how this is relevant to the above. 5)Yes 6)Not Applicable. Anyway I have the dual boot setup and it hasn't caused me any problems. One small issue that you might run into is if you have 4GB of ram you have to enable a special mapping in the bios which will reduce the amount of ram you have in 32 bit mode.
  13. Hard Rock

    A couple of guitar-related questions

    Whatever you do, do not just buy the cheapest thing you can get. I had an old 30 watt amp, no name and it was terrible. Not only did it sound bad, it made it next to impossible to play passably with anyone as the distortion and quality were so off that it was barely even possible to realize what you are playing. Right now I have a Spider II, and it sounds passable. I'm cheap and I liked the distortion sound (it's very crunchy), however for undistorted stuff it's missing something. For that kind of sound I like Marshalls (for clean stuff they sound wonderful, however for most of their amps I am rather disappointed with their distortion quality. The exception is I liked the AVT series, expensive but sound really nice).
  14. Hard Rock

    Creative Zen MP3 players

    I bought a Creative zen v plus, and it was okay except for the following problems: a)It would crash all the time. I never updated the firmware, but why should I have to? b)It was slow as hell. I mean it takes forever to boot, forever to play and forever to do anything. c)It's broken now. I don't know why but nothing on the screen is visible. Other then that technically it works and plays music. So basically it's a glorified and slow memory stick these days. Keep in mind Creative have the worst customer support known to man. They want me to pay $25 us just to ship the broken piece of shit to them, and then they will tell me if they want to fix it or not, and the might even charge for the process of fixing it too. I bought a Sandisk after, its not as nice as the zen, it's bulky and has a few quirks on its own, but I'm never buying Creative again. Just have a look at how well they support their sound cards. Have an Audigy? That will be $10 just to use it properly under vista.
  15. Hard Rock

    Why is game AI generally so poor?

    Quote: Play FEAR. While not phenomenal, it does show some pretty good tactical prowess. FEAR's AI was equally terrible. Honestly I liked the original Call of Duty's AI much better. Sure the AI really just sat in one place and fired, but it looked cool and they threw in some variety. In FEAR the computers do the same thing every time, for every section for every level for every place. The game is so predictable it's not funny. It consists of walking, group of bad guys, walking, group of bad guys. Also for some reason the computer can sense where you are through walls(snipe a random guy when it's obvious you cant be seen and all the players will run right to where you were standing!) and they do some really bad attempts at ambushes (and they only know how to do 1 or 2 ambushes) and occasionally run around like morons. That and they do the same 5 or 6 radio calls all the bloody time. Game AI isn't going to get good any time soon. It's incredibly hard to program, and it makes more sense to go with a scripted and state based behavior which will never be truly convincing, but at least is relatively easy to implement and doesn't act all to bad compared to the rest of the games.
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