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  1. whats wrong w the following code : CSliderCtrl *csc = 0; csc = new CSliderCtrl; csc->SetRange(0, 100, TRUE); csc->SetTicFreq(2); CWnd *pWndHandle = 0; pWndHandle = new CWnd; csc->Create(WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | SS_CENTER, CRect(50,80,150,150), pWndHandle->GetParent() , 7); All Im trying to do is make a slider control, but understand it in code. I think the problem is that I dont know how to get the hWnd of a parent window, or retrieve the hWnd of a child window.
  2. nosajghoul

    Is C++ worth learning?

    I know a math major, recently graduated from KU (go jayhawks) whose in the marines now. Suffice to say he dosent get the trivial BS work that most E-3s have to work thru. :) Having a math degree earns you a lot of respect, as most people, imho, fear anything beyond algebra. Forget programming if its not your thing. : my 2c Jason
  3. nosajghoul

    Request for Fun Links :)

    DeadFishGames.com has alot of fun things for newbie game developers, if youre into that sorta thing. :)
  4. Theres a photoshop and 3D modeling contest going on at www.deadfishgames.com. From deadfishgames.com : " 3D modeling : Recreate a 2D videogame character in 3D. Photoshop : Edit an image, any image, from www.cnn.com. Points for realisim and parody. " Check it out, its funky.
  5. nosajghoul

    is UML a joke?

  6. nosajghoul

    is UML a joke?

    lucinpub : thank you!! I am researching ArgoUML now.
  7. nosajghoul

    is UML a joke?

    Yeah read it. Can you explain it? Cant wait to hear your explanation. Id be willing to bet you dont know anything about it, judging from your post and quick jump to conclusions. [This was unacceptable content for the SE forum] [Edited by - Magmai Kai Holmlor on October 30, 2004 6:08:03 PM]
  8. Seriously, try to find a 2 or 3 sentence description of UML. All you get is sphagetti talk like "...allowing you to model core business application development trends by allowing you to guess what blah blah blah blah...". Sometimes I thing Im reading a dilbert cartoon. I mean, all these are easy to sum up :PHP, CSS, ASP, ColdFusion, Flash. So why is there so much meta crap whenever I try to learn what UML is for, let alone what the heck its supposed to do or how to do it. UML seems to be in the same realm as faith healing and e-dating. -Jason
  9. nosajghoul

    kozoken now freeware

    After alotta thought, I felt it better to make it freeware. Everyone who paid for it (in truth : not many lol) got their money back. Id rather people play my games than just kinda see em. I feel I can learn more this way. It was a noobish, naieve move to ask for payment for it anyway, and Im open to being flamed for it. :) Im a programmer, not a salesman! :) But it isnt a mistake I cant fix, so, if you havent already, please go check out my game(did I mention its free now? :) ) -Jason www.deadfishgames.com
  10. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    boder : "I collected 3 orbs, and I don't think it changed levels." - Do you have the demo version? Its restricted to the first level. "Futhermore, the TAB and SPACE thing is confusing. It should be TAB to bring up the menu and TAB to turn it off." - Youre right, the only reason I can think of why I did it that way is I got used to that way playing diablo. "And like someone suggested, the menu should highlight selections." - Enough people have mentioned something about this that I will probably implement it today. thanks for the input! -Jason
  11. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    Some ppl wondered if the game was beatable, and what the point was, and whats the deal with powerups. To them I say : have you seen this? http://www.deadfishgames.com/images/kozoken_all_out.jpg The orange powerups either a)increase your fire rate b)make you faster c)make you turn faster The yellow ones are repair pods. Your hull strength is persistent from level to level if you have an excess. There is a fairly easy way to max out your ship. Some upgrades are persistent between levels, others (longshot, bouncy, etc...) are not. To go up level, get 3 orbs. (The blue circular things) Have fun with it :) -Jason
  12. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    Thanks for all the feedback! I was really stressing over your reactions, and all the comments have proven helpful! psycho dude: "First impression was this is just some leet form of astroids" - Yes, my line of thought was 'what if asteroids were to be made for the first time today, it would still be kinda retro but still have alot of the same functionality'. I could have easily maxxed out on effects and animations and 3D objects with diffuse reflections of specular highlights, but I wanted to stay true to my goals. wyrzy : I am looking in depth at your error. I will try to contact you as soon as I can fix this (hopefully by this evening) I apologize for the inconvieneince. "Also, as mentioned before, whats the point to the game" - Its a game, for your amusement. :) There is no end (well.....), but there is a storyline (see online at http://www.deadfishgames.com/howtoplaykozoken.htm) This page also tells you more about the game. circlesoft : I should list you as a tester lol! 1: Demo is short, I suppose I could take the time limit off and just restrict it to the first level. I will debate this with my team later. 2:The spacecraft is touchy, yes. You can control its speed with the up and down arrows. Not going all out at first is a good way to learn it. Eventually, when you finally 'get' the pace of the game, you may be asking for more speed. Its really fun to be able to zoom like a bat out of hell between things, around things, and use the wrap around to your advantage. Have you gotten all the upgrades and seen what happens? 3:"would be nice to have a text-based health meter" - Hit TAB or SPACE to see / clear a small HUD. 4:"control the ship with the WASD keys" - Done, give me 15 minutes to upload it and it will work that way too. 5:The particles are done with the cSprite class! :) The size, movement and duration and rotation are all set to within a range of predefined parameters. It was fun to make this aspect of the game. Ill check back later to answer any questions! -Jason
  13. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    Actually only a few, but I *just* finished everything, and am still trying to get it out there. The ship graphics are retro, and are supposed to look that way. Its my interpretation of asteroids modernized, so theres alot of new and alot of old. -Jason
  14. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    You can download it at http://www.deadfishgames.com/games.htm" Its the result of a few months of collaboration with some friends, and *alot* of research and effort on my part, so I would appreciate getting any feedback. Ive been programming for years, but this is my first real product, and I would like to hear any and all opinions. thanx again, -Jason
  15. nosajghoul

    my first real game

    You can download it at http://www.deadfishgames.com/games.htm You can learn alot about the game here : http://www.deadfishgames.com/howtoplaykozoken.htm Its the result of a few months of collaboration with some friends, and *alot* of research and effort on my part, so I would appreciate getting any feedback. Ive been programming for years, but this is my first real product, and I would like to hear any and all opinions. thanx again, -Jason PS I forgot to mention, you can import your own ship graphics into the game. See the above links for a how-to. [Edited by - nosajghoul on October 11, 2004 3:54:29 PM]
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