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    Eclipse J2ME plugin?

    Thanks for the info :) I actually ended up following Kim A Daniel's advice and using the WTK with Ultraedit. Eclipse is OK, but I don't really have the time at the moment to learn how to use it properly (although it's definitely on my list of things to do). Cheers! RM
  2. Which should I get - I can see at least 3 different ones listed :) Thanks! RM.
  3. Ritual Magic

    Looking for a free engine - details inside...

    Ah, thanks for that link - most useful :) However, what I need now is a 2D engine. Thanks! RM.
  4. Hiyas :) I'm looking for a very simple 4-way-scroller, tile-based engine. If it's an RPG engine, so much the better, if not, no worries :) I've googled a fair bit, but I think I might be using the incorrect terms. Any input appreciated :) RM
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