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    Within certain domains visual programming can be an incredibly powerful tool. Typically this is more suited to programs where the flow of execution can be clearly defined (for example process engineering, there's only so many ways you can roll a can down a conveyor belt [smile]). However, it is starting to make a strong showing in thecomplex arena of simulation thanks to MATLAB's SimuLink package. You 'draw' your program as a block diagram from a set of predefined (and rather comprehensive) blocks. You can also create you're own blocks from other blocks (ala functions), or create blocks that work with the inputs and outputs of functions written (textually) in MATLAB's scripting language. Whether this could work well with the development of general applications (eg. a word processor) I'm really not sure, once you start dealing with complex program flows block diagrams can become very unmanagable and you'd soon discover you were better typing everything.
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    The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

    Thanks guys!
  3. I grabbed my GDNet subscription who knows how many months ago, so I figured it was about time I got off my arse and started my journal, and what better excuse could there be than starting my 4E4 entry? That's right folks, 2 months after the contest started I've *finally* been able to decide on an idea that I like for my entry. I've managed to incorporate all 4 elements without it sounding dodgy with a surprise (altough probably very predictable [smile]) plot twist half way through the game. It's going to be a top-down action game with 3D graphics (but 2D gameplay) where you control a team of 4 commando's. Each team member has different weapons and attributes, you can swap between them with the AI controlling the other 3. I'm also wanting to include vehicle's and a physics engine (probably Novodex) if I have time. I don't want to say too much yet since there's still a lot of work left in sorting out the finer details, but the general concept is there. As a sort things out and start development you can expect to see updates on my progress here. I may also consider teaming up with someone for artwork....but that'll come later....
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