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  1. Max FPS in Windowed Mode

    What kind of computer are you developing on? I remember, I had the same issue when working with a laptop computer I used to have. I suspect that it was because the computer automatically v-sync'd itself and so the timing would always come up at/around 59-60 fps, so you might be having the same issue. I guess the best way you could check is to draw one polygon to the screen every frame and see what framerate you get. I assume that you're also not putting any delays in your code that waits for the program to have passed a certain amount of time before drawing the next frame (where you could also possibly get the constant framerate). Anyway, good luck! EDIT: Hmm... I didn't realize someone was posting when I was. But INTERVAL_ONE wasn't the case with my laptop, so I'm not sure.
  2. dumb question - downloading enet

    Oh wow, thanks a lot everybody! I think I figured it out now. I built the source files into a dll.
  3. This is probably one of the dumbest questions that's on this forum but how do I download ENet? On the Source Distribution page of enet.cubik.org, it says "You can retrieve the source to ENet by downloading it in either .zip form, .tar.gz form, or accessing the cvs distribution directly." but there's no place to download the source in .zip form. Please help. Thank you!
  4. My 3D Terrain makes waves

    It seems like your problem is that geomipmapping changes your texture coordinates but is still assigned to the new vertex as the same tex rather than average it... Hmm... I'm not sure how it works exactly but that's what I'm thinking is the problem. Sorry I can't help much.
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