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  1. Ramsess

    Getting started with multithreading (POSIX)

    Some OS runs all thread on single CPU. (for example FreeBSD 4 and less). Threads not help to increase speed, only another process.
  2. Quote:Original post by Dzogchener Hi, I have a C# server that just stops when I have around 3985 concurrent connections established. D. I'm not sure about it help for you. I got first limitation of connection when system can't allocate memory for TCP buffer. For example (32k+32k) Receive/Send buffer * 4000 connection. System must have free 256Mb memory. 32k is minimum size, could be more.
  3. Ramsess

    MySQL Table doesn't save

    Transaction :) When session has been open, exec: SET AUTOCOMMIT=1;
  4. Ramsess

    [WinsockUDP] Reliable packets?

    You can create channel of data and give different priority, so group data with priority. Each packets can contain several channels, so some data doesn't been send every time, only if urgently need to send or send when "timeout priority occur".
  5. Ramsess

    How to program a firewall

    Quote:Original post by rajend3 I tried looking for resources on programming software firewalls but I've found nothing. I want to create a firewall for Linux with C/C++ but I have no idea where to start. If you have any suggestions or helpful links please post them. Thank You. firewall works on kernel level :) I must deeply know system, where do you want programming. (iptables or ipfw only gives instruction to kernel module).
  6. Ramsess

    MMO Engine

    Quote:Original post by JensB - Free, or very cheap :P - Persistent Server capable, supporting at least 10-20 people on a normal desktop machine - Windows based (can maybe do Linux if there is a good reason for it) - Able to modify the class/level/skill set (programming not a problem) - Pre-populated with graphics & sounds that I can use so I don't have to worry about that (it doesn't need to look great, Ultima Online style graphics is fine) - PvP enabled / allowing to be modified for it This one requires your criteria http://sourceforge.net/projects/planeshift/
  7. Ramsess

    [WinsockUDP] Reliable packets?

    Quote:Original post by roby65 Hi guys I'm creating a multiplayer FPS game using winsock & udp, and i need a way to check if packets are missing.... I' thinking about putting 4 bytes header to check packet ordering....what do you think about that? :) You must send "snapshot" of game in each packet. Of someone drop - ignore it. (missing of packet is not trouble) Each packet contain timestamp when created, and remember timestamp of last received packet. If you have received packet "older", then ignore it. (Order checking). Also read about Lag compensation, for "hide" network latency. And .... read FAQ :)
  8. Ramsess

    Using multiple servers

    Quote:Original post by Sirisian I think 3 separate servers is overkill for the login server, "network server", and database. The login server is a good choice for deciding who manages the zone servers. Managing 2 applications is much easier also (login server and zone cluster app). Network server can manage zone or no. Network server can be named as "Connection Server". When client has connected to AuthServer, AuthServer sends address of Connection server (less loaded server of all) and after client connect to assigned "Connection server". "Connection server" - resends: broadcast message, zone-broadcast message, "InRange" message to players connected to such server. It reduce loads of games server for make decision which players must be receive message. Game server is a Game server :) Database need for store players data and helps to write tools summarize, obtain, create reports usefully information from game.
  9. Be objective for count Game released and Engine released date for each platform.
  10. Ramsess

    Using multiple servers

    1) Auth (Login Server) 2) Network servers (connection management, also are called proxy) 3) Zone servers (zone processing, have pipes to network server and neighborhood zones servers) 4) Database server
  11. Ramsess

    MMO Database Access/Design

    1) Fork() is bad solution of data size is more then 20Mb. Fork system calls and system "freeze" for those process (if server uses threads). 2) You can run save thread, game will be still run. Good solution if you set "SAVED" flag for each "saved" object. Before saving, clear flags and and then item has been saved set flag. Try logical isolate "saving object" for example: save chars and all items linked to chars, NPC and all items linked to NPCs, and all unmarked items. You can improve technology: then items has changed owner (from ONWER1 to OWNER2), when we starting save items linked to OWNER2, current items has been marked as "SAVED". Check and update OWNER1 "saving buffer" for all items that has been changed owner to OWNER2. (I'm using this technology for my game server). 3) And last: DB is slowly. I dump update to file, and this file dump to DB.
  12. I use Code Generation for solve such tasks. 1) Interfaces can be created (generated) 2) In existed code I insert "tag mark begin/end" and dynamical change code between marks. It's easy to teach Ruby or Python create & parse source code.
  13. Ramsess

    Network Engine for Computer Vision App

    Quote:Original post by hplus0603 How do you deal with machine-local resources? For example, if a process is using a socket that's bound to an interface local to machine A, and the process then moves to machine B? Only local resource. Sockets are not supported. (It was 2 year ago, maybe I'm wrong, buy I don't think)
  14. Ramsess

    Network Engine for Computer Vision App

    I used MPI, It's great library. I wrote diploma of computation chemical (surface modeling of the semiconductors). But change some programs for run in several machines was to hard. When I had stopped interesting of science, my colleagues create good tool was called as CHPOX. (Origin link is http://www.cluster.kiev.ua/eng/?chpx) Using of CHPOX help you migrate process between workstation and it's help load balancing of cluster. It's really help you if you use Linux if you run several programs with different data. This is description of CHPOX. Checkpointing is a technique that provides the possibility of saving process context into disk file and restoring of processes from that file. So process that have been checkpointed and restarted later should work as if it was not interrupted at all. This feature is useful for tasks that have long execution time (i.e. numerical simulations) in the case of system instability, power failures, reboots, etc. Checkpointing is usually a feature of advanced clustering operating systems. CHPOX is a kernel module that provides processes checkpointing for Linux.
  15. Do you mean fastest way to process communication ? I wrote some test and can order of fastest way. 1) Shared Memory with semaphores (fastest) 2) Doors 3) Pipe 4) messages 5) Sockets: a) named b) UDP c) TCP (slowest)
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