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  1. risingdragon3

    Space combat prototype - phase 1

    Congrats on that PC Zone article. I remember reading that in the UK back when HL was the "big thing". :-) :-) I'll be there to play the tech-test. AWESOME! Its exciting to see the buzz slowly start to generate and everything come together...
  2. risingdragon3

    A thousand ships

    Great job! I'm excited to see new videos as always :-)
  3. risingdragon3

    Interview, video, new screens..

    WOW! Keep on going! The game better be really good or this will be a waste of a JAW dropping 3d engine..
  4. risingdragon3

    Low orbit view

    Amazing! The one on the left looks oh-so-real. I don't think we even need clouds for that picture - looks great! The thing with the horizon might also have to do with the position of the sun, which might be different angle from your picture and the nasa shot. Anyway, I wanted to say that ever since i stopped programming I'm vicariously programming through you, because I always wanted to make a space MMORPG too - I just never got past a sphere with some (bad) atmosphere...
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