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  1. risingdragon3

    VS2010 beta impressions

    Quote:Original post by nullsquared Someone who installed the beta, try this and tell me if it compiles and hits the assert: #include <cstdlib> #include <cmath> int main() { assert(std::min(2u, 1) == 1); } Quote:Original post by bubu LV nullsquared: http://virtualdub.org/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=255 That's why I'm asking... technically it shouldn't even compile, but on VS2010 it will and then it'll hit that false assert. This is fixed in Beta2: https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=456631 Quote: I select a piece of code like this: TypeOfObject a = something; a.Function(); Where TypeOfObject is some object in a type hierarchy. Right clicking on 'Function', and click go to definition, and it pops up a series of possible 'Function's belonging to TypeOfObject , and other types in it's hierarchy [at this point, this would be the correct answer. All the 'Function's that could result from a specific call site], and then a bunch of Function's from things not in that hierarchy [which is wrong]. Common function names, like 'Init' or 'Close' show for me many dozens of results, of which only a small handful are related. On that note, "Find all occurrences of" doesn't seem to just miss a whole bunch of them as was the case in 2008, but I haven't scrutinized it heavily. It misses some, but not as bad. "Find all occurrences" was just straight useless in 2008. Both of these problems are things that I only had manifest in larger projects anyway, and not in a predictable or easily reproducible way. Intellisense still seems to just occasionally forget what it's doing all together. Bottom line is that the C++ intellisense is no where near the C# intellisense. It appears to be a BIT better, but no where near correct. [Better as in that there are instances that consistently fooled the 2008 intellisense that do not fool this one, but there are still plenty of things that fool both pretty easily] Still wanting a means of identifying use-def chains, but perhaps that is hoping for just too much. Still think that would really simply tracking certain bugs, to just click on a label and show me every assignment that could have fed the value held at that program point. Okay, now I know what you're talking about. And yeah, I know what you mean now :D:D BTW, identifying use-def is hard, unless it's just in the local function scope. then it should be doable. Would be useful to have, I agree...
  2. risingdragon3

    VS2010 beta impressions

    Quote:Original post by Drigovas And for the C++ people, it appears intellisense is still terrible. Ask it to find you the declaration of Engine::Initialize, and it will throw at you every occurrence of the word 'Initialize' in your whole project. The code definition window still shows strange things at times, and it doesn't quite keep track of a lot of stuff that it really should. How did you ask VS to find the declaration? Just curious...
  3. risingdragon3


    you know why it's important? 1-2-3 5-6-7. salsa, that's why! now excuse me, i have to find a salsera in 7 minutes...
  4. risingdragon3

    virtual pc camera development

    What he wants to do is create a virtual webcam. basically, create a fake device that returns images for webcam software to eat up. I think you have to learn how to write lowlevel WDM driver, though. no way around that.
  5. risingdragon3

    Loading Function Using Templates

    class ContentManager { public: template <class T> boost::shared_ptr<T> Load(const std::string& file) { return boost::shared_ptr<T>(new T()); } };
  6. Quote:Original post by nmi Quote:Original post by Washu It should be noted that the "hack" as sneftel put it will be completely optimized out (in general) in release code (since it's const). Theoretically this should be the case, but look at this example: *** Source Snippet Removed *** The functions foo() and bar() basically do the same, they add the input vectors a and b. The code was compiled with gcc 4.1.1: g++ -O2 -march=athlon-xp -mfpmath=sse -fomit-frame-pointer -c vec.cc The result is this: *** Source Snippet Removed *** Although the compiler should be able to generate the same code for both functions, the construct with the static const pointers seems to interfere with the optimization strategies. Can anyone provide compilation results of the example above for other compilers, for instance VC++ (which I don't have installed on my linux box for some reason) ? The info sneftel wrote was about VC8 or 9, I believe. And try a higher O level, i dont' have access to my linux box right now.
  7. I believe you want this: struct vec3 { union { struct { float x,y,z; } float values[3]; } }; might not be 'standard' though. EDIT: uh, i just read http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=261920 do it the way _goat did.
  8. risingdragon3

    What time of the day is the best for interviews?

    Remember... they NEED you. You are confident that you are good. You are one of the best. You will clearly show them that they would be lucky to hire you. You have plenty of other offers. You are asking them: "Why should I work for you?". You are not begging. You are cool and collected. You are smart. Repeat this as you need to. However, this only works if you are actually smart, actually good, and actually know a lot about a lot of things... otherwise you'll just appear like an arrogant asshole.
  9. risingdragon3

    another resume for your critique

    I'm going to look at this as an American resume filtering whore. * it's 2 pages. resumes are 1 page, not 2. * C? credit? GPA, please. (this is clearly because I'm from america...) * Grammar errors in "related university work" * links to website for your demos? (only applicable if you're delivering this online) * Your skills and tech thing - I don't want a table, it's doesn't provide enough info. What's "intermediate" to you may be "beginner" to me. or the other way around. * talk up your game engine. a lot more. * contract your work experience, which is unrelated to game programming, to perhaps 1 paragraph. * your hobbies: 1 line, not 3 bullet points. * "currently named", "currently going through..". don't word it like that. say "supports D3D and OGL". "uses shaders". use acronyms, because acronyms imply knowledge. and knowledge is power. ;) * just say "references available on request". Mainly, it's too long, i suppose. sounds timid. be more assertive in your language.
  10. risingdragon3

    Help! Gods trying to stop me from programming

    Quote:Original post by Delsana Still need some help, same problem. Your project is building for the console target. you need to build for the windows subsystem. you achieve this by going to project options and changing the target to "windows".
  11. Quote:Original post by Code_Dark First off, thanks to everyone that's replied so far--all of your contributions have been really helpful! Sorry I haven't replied until now, I was on a plane to LAX, then to Seattle. I just had dinner in the University District of Seattle (near University of Washington), which has pretty much amazing thai food. LOL!!!! I'm sorry, I think the UDistrict thai food is _not_ that good at all. Did you go that place on the Ave that looks fancy? what is it, Thai 56 or something? You can get much better thai food down here in SF, and cheaper too. Here's my recommendation: go to Berkeley. If you cannot because it's too expensive, go to UCLA. I'm going to assume you can get into UCLA. If you can't get into Berkeley, try Stanford. If you can't get into Stanford, try UW. If both are too expensive, go to UCLA. Also apply to Caltech, MIT, ... all the usuals. I go to Berkeley and I'm going to go to MSFT. they hire a lot of people from the UC system, as well as UT Austin, some from the east coast privates, and stanford and caltech of course. Basically: if you're good... it's pretty much in the bag no matter where you're from. However, on the other hand, being the Bay area is key for startups and you get to build a network even earlier then most people. Because I'm in the bay area, I've gone to career fairs and other gatherings and most of the initial resume filters are my friends and group partners from class. That can be useful, but most are small companies or midsize "niche" ones. On the other hand, I've not had trouble getting past that initial (and IMO most difficult/random) filter on the basis of my resume, either, so... take it as you will. Since you're already in CA... SAVE MONEY. GO TO BERKELEY.
  12. risingdragon3


    Original post by tstrimp Quote:Original post by Ra Not too many useless keys and a normal insert block. Most of the egronomic keyboards annoy me because they they change the way the page up / page down and home / end keys are layed out. Yep. I use the ergo 4000 at work and at home too. The only other keyboard I can use is the thinkpad laptop ones, but i have to consciously keep my wrists level. the ergo is much better.
  13. risingdragon3

    Share in my joy!

    Quote:Original post by lethalhamster Wow, you all have cool jobs. I have a job working with a company that moves offices around Microsoft. just unplugging computers for half the day and plugging them back in. 2 weeks ago I worked a 7 day week with ~13hrs. each day. Dude, you guys are great! I loved how when offices got moved, it happened magically. One day I was in one office, the next a different one. It was awesome.
  14. risingdragon3

    Can your computer run Windows Vista?

    Quote:Original post by adriano_usp I just tried the test "Can your computer run Windows Vista?" from nzone and I'm very surprised! According to the test, my computer can't run Vista because it doesn't satisfy the minimum requirements. My configuration is: CPU: Athlon64 3700+ San Diego MotherBoard: Asus A8N-SLI RAM: 1GB DDR Video Card: PCI-e 7600GT HD: SATA-II 80GB You can test your computer here: Can your computer run Windows Vista? Lies. I'm running Vita on AMD64 3200+ / nforce4 SLI / 1GB DDR / ATI X700 (PRO?) and it's running very fast.
  15. risingdragon3

    About Windows Vista

    Quote:Original post by Tsylatac I had a score of 4.2 (the processor was the least, I have an AMD Athlon 64 3200+). I suspect the slow switching was caused by me running fairly intensive fullscreen games that caused aero to turn bits of itself off. Still, the same combination (from UT2004->x-chat being an example) works fine and very fast in XP. I never tried with the aero interface turned off, but to be honest aero was the reason I was using vista for so long in the first place :). Ohhoho, I don't play games anymore, so I wouldn't know :) I have a 4.2 score too, same CPU. ;)
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