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  1. MichaelNolan

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    Quote:Original post by handless ya a medieval rts isn't really a unique idea.. it's just easier to incorporate all the elements. ;P but I guarantee it will have completely different aspects then what you guys are plannin. i dont doubt that, and i cant wait to try a few of these projects.
  2. MichaelNolan

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    Quote:Original post by The_Neverending_Loop Quote:Original post by RAZORUNREAL Nooo! That looks worryingly similar to what I'm trying to do. Mine won't be grid based though, and is hopefully unconventional enough (and has good enough shadows) to stand out. Your kind of not the only one... same goes for me up to your first sentence. was tempted to do my 4e5 this way too but i thought that a lot of people'd be doing it - lol
  3. MichaelNolan

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    to handless, that game of yours multiplayer? cause it looks like a killer MU game :D
  4. MichaelNolan

    4E5: Questions and comments

    I'm curious - although i doubt this'll consern me - but does a mad man stealing European monuments and landmarks count?
  5. MichaelNolan

    4E5: Questions and comments

    Quote:Original post by superpig (We promise not to hit the big "check for updates" button). i'll be sure to make it very noticiable then, lol, maybe even while compuer time's during judging dates, have it popup "Don't press the little red button"
  6. MichaelNolan

    4E5: Questions and comments

    erm, i'm curious, are we allowed to add a "Check for Updates" option (provided that the user/judge can enable or disable the feature) ?
  7. MichaelNolan

    [4e5] sound card information?

    actually i was wanting to know for another reason entirly, but it dosen't matter now anyway
  8. MichaelNolan

    [4e5] FPS? TPS? Iso? ...?

    Quote:Original post by Joakim_ar 3rd person? Now that could be any game. yeah, i see what you mean. Maybe i'll be a little more specific when i ask next time ^_^
  9. MichaelNolan

    [4e5] FPS? TPS? Iso? ...?

    What type of game are you making? I think i'll be doing mines 3rd person.
  10. MichaelNolan

    [4E5] Screenshots and Art

    Quote:Original post by RAZORUNREAL At long last, I started on some game code! Camera movements done-ish for the moment, and you can fire the catapult. Disclaimer: Firing of catapults may not be permitted in completed game. EDIT: Seeing as this is still the newest shot in the thread, I'll throw in another. I've got collision working now. damn that's pretty nice looking.
  11. What king of graphics card are you using to make your entry? Right now i´m using ald nvidia geforce 2. ^_^
  12. What kind of soundcard(s) will be used in the contest?
  13. MichaelNolan

    [4e5] 2d, 3d, not sure?

    I was just wondering how many people will be making their entry 2d, how many 3d and how many don't know. I'm still thinking but i'm steering towards 3d.
  14. MichaelNolan

    Help with my MD2 model loader...

    just a note on md2's layout of triangle vertices. i remember i got some screwed up results with md2 files (it could have been md3 or both) but make sure that your triangle vertices are rendered: {0 2 1} while GL_CULL_FACE is enabled.
  15. MichaelNolan

    average programmer my age

    Quote:Original post by rpg_code_master Note I said various. What I am saying in a nut shell, is that *nobody* can be an expert in *any* language at the age of 14. I wouldn't even consider calling myself an expert C++ programmer until I have at least a 1st degree and more than 10 years professional C++ programming experience. Here's a tip, say that you are intermediate, advanced if you really can prove it, on your CV when you go for your first few programming jobs. If an employer sees that you call yourself an expert, he will test you, and when you fail the test, if wont be fun. The weather is actually quite nice over here. I am having a BBQ as we speak, just waiting for the burgers to be cooked ^^ Hey, i do tend to say tht im advance, in all honesty i neva new "expert" was a level before today :P anyways yea i could prove it *lifts up book entitled Black Art of 3D Game Programming - an ald book i bought a while ago. * anyways i ken this really dosent say much but ull hav ta trust me :wink: atleast until i release sum code for ma latest project - this 1 gonna b good :) btw, i gotta say man i envie the weather down there all up here it's grey skies and cold winds really not summer. -Mike "Lets not fight, lets all be friends and attack our neutual enemy, i give you the Government"
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