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  1. I need to use SendMessage because I don't want to continue until the window is closed. I would like to be able to leave it open and show/hide it except that it is a dialog with an OK button that I sometimes need to press. When I press the OK button, the dialog will disappear and I'll have to open again. I believe the reason might be that there's another dialog with the same title that I'm finding and closing... the wrong one. I'm not sure how else to distinguish 2 windows with the same title. Or how to know which is the one I just opened and which is the one that has been open but hidden the entire time.
  2. I have an application that I am sending messages to from my program using SendMessage. One of those messages is to close a specific window within the application. If I open and close this window quickly( once every 500 milliseconds ), I find that after a few iterations, the window opens but the message to close the window does not actually close the window. I'm using SendMessage( hWnd, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_CLOSE, 0 ). Any ideas on why it would stay open after the SendMessage call?
  3. hmmm. I'm not sure about that. I'll give it a try, though. I'm having a hard time finding a better way to do it.
  4. Yeah. The key, I guess is to get the main window handle using FindWindow. I have another question for you guys. I had to use this command using PostMessage because if I use SendMessage, the program will wait until the window created from the selected menu item is destroyed. My question is, How can I do a post message and wait for the item selected ( a new window ) to be activated? I'm trying to retreive info from the newly activated window but it seems that sometimes, I'm moving to fast and I try to retrieve the info before the window comes up. I really don't want to do something like Wait( X ) because how do I know how long it will take for the window to come up? Is there some way to wait on it without having its handle? I know about WaitOnSingleObject, but I don't have the handle to the new window... Or is there some way to get the handle before it's activated? thanks!
  5. I was able to get it to work using the WM_COMMAND directly. I retrieved the itemid by doing a GetMenu, GetSubMenu, GetMenuItemID :) Thanks so much.
  6. I haven't tried the WM_COMMAND directly, but I don't have the menu ids. I'm not too sure about doing keyboard input. How would you do an alt+char? Does the window need to be active? edit: Took last question out because I wasn't getting the same window every time
  7. Hello, I am working on trying to automate the use of one of my programs but seem to have trouble when trying to access menu items within the program. So far I do a findwindow to get the main window and then a GetMenu to get the menu. From there I've tried using SendMessage(WM_MENUSELECT), but can't seem to actually select any menu items. I use MF_MOUSESELECT and send a handle to the sub menu but I haven't found a way to select the actual menu item. Any tips on how to solve this? thank you.
  8. Chaucer

    Talking to a child window

    Thanks. It's interesting that it worked that way but not the other. If I got a dlgitem for a CButton, is there a message I can send to press the button?
  9. Hello, I am trying to automate the use of one of a windows application but am having difficulty writing to a text box. I did a CreateProcess to start the app and then did a FindWindow to get the handle to text box used to login. From there I can do a ShowWindow( SW_HIDE ) and see it dissappear but if I use SetWindowText( "test" ), it remains blank. What is more interesting is that if I do a GetWindowText() after the SetWindowText(), I get the correct string ("test"). But it doesn't show up in the app... why? I appreciate it. [Edited by - Chaucer on September 4, 2004 11:27:58 AM]
  10. Chaucer

    vague problem

    You were right. Changing to D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE unlocked it for me. Thank you so much.
  11. Chaucer

    chunk lod + texture splatting

    I dont see memory usage as a problem at this point with the alpha maps since I think the majority of the textures will fall into every chunk. If I only have 7 textures for the entire terrain, then I will only have 7 alpha maps. I would rather be able to have 7 textures per chunk but the hard edge is easily solved with the larger alpha map and I really don't have an idea of how else to fix it. My bigger problem would be if it slowed the frame rate by using a larger alpha map. I did go ahead and implement it this way such that the entire terrain is drawn for each texture instead of rendering all the textures on each chunk and moving on to the next. It is slower now, but looks very nice with the large alpha map. I'm still trying to figure out some ways to alleviate the fillrate but it looks like I've got some other CPU delays as well that I need to fix first. Thanks for suggesting to look at the caps. I'm still workin on it. Thanks.
  12. Chaucer

    vague problem

    What's REF device?
  13. Chaucer

    vague problem

    I'm not sure how to enable it.
  14. Chaucer

    vague problem

    And somehow after several hours of looking at this, immediately after I make the post, the problem magically goes away...
  15. Chaucer

    vague problem

    I upgrade from dx8.1 to dx9 recently. Since then my framerate will max at about 40 fps even if I'm not rendering anything but the fps. I also get very jerky movement for some unknown reason. Has anyone seen this before? It's like I'm rubber-banding when I render something but I can't see any reason that would cause it. Thanks.
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