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  1. I've posted an article on my member website with Marc Jackson, President of Film Finances, Incorporated on Completion Bonding for Game Development budgets. here
  2. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight I don't think actionscript can communicate directly with a server. Assuming I'm correct, you would be stuck with using some sort of hybrid system either way. There is Flash Media Server, which you can call in Actionscript 1.0 Have read a little on it.
  3. Quote:Original post by Byron After having quite a bit of experience with Flash I finally saw that Flash CS3 is coming out and it has Actionscript 3.0 (I know that Flex has had it for a while) and since a friend of mine and myself are attempting to create web based games I thought I would ask if anybody has had any real experience of creating AS3.0 based games. >I don't have experience creating games in this env, but I am very interested in it and will persue it further with the resources of the company I just took over here in Mill Valley, a small specialty advertizing firms I sold on the concept of 'advergaming.' From what little I have seen out there it seems that AS3.0 and Flash player 9 are a massive leap forwards in terms of performance - or is that just people are running it on more powerful systems? >I believe the former. I have heard that if you are going to write server side apps in AS, it only accepts in the 1.0 version. This is about a three month old statement drawn from an actionscripting 2.0 book I read. This is going to become a major media, imo. I am particularly interested in generating real-time 3D in - I managed to do that in Flash 5 with a couple of hacks but I was wondering how far Flash had progressed in that area. >I believe I read somewhere that you can write it, I have not been up to date as I would like to be because of the acquistion, but in a month or two I will be able to answer that more definitively. Further, I would raise the notion that most of your transmitted files will be swif files for the flash client embedded in the browser, and how much screen real estate do you want the light file to own? Most of the scripting languages I have seen at and the like aren't bigger than a 480 X 640 window or to that scale effect, but it is also true that these games are generally tile based designs, and not overly sophisticated. In spite of that, they generate huge traffic and use. Another point I would raise is the mobility element, Flashcast server can pump out swif files to cell phones, and I'm specifically referencing dialing the users number, not coming over an e-mail or through a mini browser, and significant penetration advanted I suggest. Though the percentages of that are small now, it will likely imo to become the dominate entry market for small footprint transmission gaming for mobile devices. I'm all for a full on 3-D game cash yo. I'll be linking an ad in help wanted soon for a few small flash games of my own devisement for the new adco site sometime this fall, for future reference. Sincerely, Art Byron Flash based game development
  4. adventuredesign

    Breakthrough in people games

    Hi all; Been awhile since I posted. Been working on some video and some standup here in Mill Valley. Wanted to report I have been working on a 'people game' for a few years where the state of play was related to the society you locally lived in and the area within which you went daily. It's finally occurred to me how to mesh my game conflict challenge to the player and the time and space they can actually dedicate to play without having to clear their schedule and sit down and play, but rather to make it part of the payoff of working and living. Games as a lifestyle is a lofty goal in game design, and I have been fascinated by this subject for years. It's nice to have a breakthrough like this. Keep you posted. Addy
  5. adventuredesign

    World size vs. Servers

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster What qualifies as making a virtual world the size of earth? If you want an accurate physical simulation, it's not going to happen any time soon (both data and computation speed issues). If you simply want the typical level of detail found in MMO's, I'm sure it's technically possible, but still economically impossible (even assuming instant and completely free content). Actually, in a software factory business model, with content releases balanced against average playtimes, you could probably have the player progressively access different parts of the larger simulated (or perhaps suggested is more accurate) world through game progress. Food for thought. Adventuredesign
  6. adventuredesign

    World size vs. Servers

    Quote:Original post by Eber Kain I am a firm believer that we have hit a point where anything is possible. Gee, I hope so, my design calls for just about 40 % of the earth's surface in detail. Yeah, and it's fun too, I'm told, lol. Adventuredesign
  7. adventuredesign

    Size of the world population in RPGs

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid This is a question that's I've been pondering in the back of my mind for a while, since aspects of my game design depend on it. What would you say is the typical population of an RPG world? I think this is a function of the kind of game world you design, and is not a top down answered question, but a bottom up evaluation. Though there are many kinds of stock characters that traditionally populate a given genre, most of the time, when writing the game, whom your character interacts with either as a primary or stock character can be functions of expositional choices dramatically. The more clearly your game world is defined, and the more structured your player information necessity exposition line is detailed (what they need to know, where they find it and when, essentially) will be the answer to these questions. Adventuredesign
  8. Quote:One kid is seriously hurt The kid passed of brain trama two nights ago.
  9. adventuredesign

    Computer Game Design Theory

    Quote:Original post by Dobbs I don't know why some people here have been focusing on gameplay through combining "features of games that have sold well", since that's a much weaker version of gameplay through combining "features of games that are generally recognized as well designed". That's the real argument. Not all popular games are well designed, and not all well designed games are popular. And I agree this debate would be more interesting if Siolis were to post a design doc for some constructive criticism. Well said, dobbs. I couldn't think of putting the effort into developing a game design without it being something that was so near and dear to my own view of what kind of game I would like to play, even if some features of other games were adapted creatively or mechanically to my original design. Otherwise, why make such a long, sustained effort, fraught with economic, technical and market challenges without following your creative path in the first place? Ad
  10. adventuredesign

    Do you like your job?

    Quote:Original post by kSquared From the brilliant Jimmy Carr, host of Comedy Central's Distraction game show: "Oh, you're an actress? In that case, I'd like to ask you a question I've asked every single actress since I've arrived in Los Angeles: 'May I have some more coffee, please?'" The paradoxical other side to that, according to Sidney Lumet, is when you send the assistant director to go get you coffee. I wrote my first articles for actor's weekly, a now defunct publication, while driving the hollywood tour in a limo. It *was* the freak show from a safe distance. Chicks outside Graumann's chinese theatre singing 'somewhere over the rainbow' at the top of their lungs, sitting for coffee in beverly hills while my tour was oogling the golden triangle jewelry shops hitting on the TV actresses, and occaisional film actress that came in. Does the phrase, "Sleeping in my suit" capture what I am trying to convey? Now, working up here in Marin, its a lot different. I have plenty of time to write in beautiful places with tons of hot babes everywhere. Man, norcal is so much better than southern california. My job is laid back when there is no evil afoot at least. At least I have a job and a view from my new place in Belvedere that I am moving into next month. Ad
  11. Quote:Original post by Big Sassy Wow, tough break. I hope nobody was seriously injured. Get better soon [smile] It was pretty gnarly, dude. One kid is seriously hurt, and the other two are banged up but ok. They should be, I broke their fall, heheh. The real thing that bugs me is that the driver was this totally old dude who had no business being behind the wheel for about twenty years now. Well, I'll be back in action in a few days, and for now, I just went to the beach and enjoyed a paid day off, if nothing else. :) Ad
  12. adventuredesign

    Writing Competition 2005, Round 1 Entries

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow Well, it was efficient, but what good is efficiency if you aren't doing anything interesting with it? The writer was. /me sticks out tongue, 'hah, you fantasy writers, tremble before the awesome power of science fiction!!!'
  13. Hey, there was a pedestrian accident I was involved in today where some special ed kids got hit by an elderly driver and I took a hard fall getting some of them out of harm's way. I am laid up for a few days at least, and wrote the conference vp and asked if I could get ahold of some transcripts of the presentations. Dang tough luck, but better than the others. I'll present what I get should they send it. Adventuredesign
  14. Quote:Original post by Big Sassy Hey, thanks for doing this. I got a few questions: Like fastlane69, how do you get the opprotunity to pitch to an investor? When you get the pitch opprotunity, what would an indie have to do to give a knock-out pitch? The kind of pitch where they say "Damn, I'm impressed! I can't wait to see this make money for us." This has something on it from the article I wrote at GDC 2005, Click The other questions are on file, and will attend to them during the networking sessions Ad
  15. adventuredesign

    Writing Competition 2005, Round 1 Entries

    Quote:Original post by sunandshadow "...well personalized"? *hopes that was sarcasm* I meant in the sense that the description rendered personality quickly and with POV. I love efficient characterizing...
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