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  1. I've updated ut now. Everything works so far and it pretty good. No slowdown so far. My son likes your game :-)
  2. Lumia 535 here. On the screen with the "Tap to start" message. I can tap as long as I want. Nothing happens.
  3. You can always modify the source from GLFW. The wndproc is in the folder src/win32_window.c where you can add your raw input if you need to.   Edit: There is the function glfwGetWin32Window. With this function you get the HWND. So you could subclass the windowproc from GLFW but I would not recommend it.
  4. And what makes you think input handling via GLFW is slow?
  5. That. Whenever I see a post with 95% code and no real question in the title or in the text, I hear a sound of somebody vomiting and the result is the code.
  6. Maybe you can give cereal a try. It should be pretty easy to save it as a XML file.
  7. Nice article. Though there is something wrong:
  8. Keep your facts right! It wasn't Gabriel who made the deal with the NSA it was Mr. Steinmeyer1 (also from the socialists party) Edit: Gabriel was at that time prime minister of lower saxony.   The CDU did also bad things.2   Yes Merkel knew it and she hasn't done anything against it. Thats a fact. She knew that the germans are spied and what has she done? Nothing! What did Mr Pofalla (from the same party as Ms Merkel)? He told that the affair has ended3.   Either Merkel knew it and she hasn't done anything against it. Then the accusation of perjury may be correct. Or she knew it and she wanted to do something against it but couldn't. The she is incapable to lead this country.   You may know but in the year 1968 there was a secret agreement between Germany, the US and Great Britain for transmission of communication data for the secret services. These agreement also allowed to spy on the german citizen. It was done under the government from Kiesinger (CDU).4The remit of such agreements lies with the Ministry of the Interior. Paul Lücke and Ernst Benda (both CDU) were minister for inner affairs at that time.   It isn't only the fault of the socialists. All parties in the Bundestag have "Dreck am Stecken"   So please don't tell its only the fault of the socialists. I didn't vote for them and I knew the saying "Wer hat uns verraten? Die Sozialdemokraten" ("Who betrayed us? The Social Democrats") . But I really hate it when one says its only the fault of party X or party Y.   1 - http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/datenweitergabe-des-bnd-an-us-geheimdienst-steinmeier-soll-deal-mit-nsa-abgesegnet-haben-1.1740994 2 - http://www.braunschweiger-zeitung.de/kultur/buecher/cdu-geheimdienst-gegen-willy-brandt-id935011.html 3 - http://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2013-08/nsa-bnd-pofalla--bundestag-spaehaffaere-snowden-abkommen 4 - http://www.n-tv.de/politik/Geheimdienst-Vereinbarung-aufgekuendigt-article11107271.html
  9. I am not a fan how the chinese government treated its people in the past and how they are doing things currently. BUT: Toxic child toys are not only China's fault. Neither from the government nor from the companies. It is a little bit short sighted to judge the country in which these toys and other goods are manufactured. There are many companies which can produce their goods abroad and specify how these goods are produced and what exact materials to be used. These companies are responsible for ensuring that these products are non-toxic and conform to safety regulations. These companies should be held liable for any damages that may arise. If you understand german you can read more about it here. But I think the translation of google or any other translation services could help to understand this article.   The current and coming german government isn't great. Chancellor Merkel is sitting out most of the problems and sensible laws are passed only in homeopathic doses. Some call here "Miss Teflon". There were very many laws in the past, which have been blocked by the Constitutional Court. Most of the ministers in the Cabinet are, putting it mildly, unable to fulfill their job properly. Some ministers, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, were accused in relation to the NSA affair perjury. If it actually comes to a grand coalition in the Bundestag then Germany has no functioning opposition.   If you denounce the problems in a country, then you should also look at the larger picture that lead to these problems.
  10. Could you elaborate about that?
  11. Maybe you could try chromiumembedded? It uses, like awesomium, chromium under the hood. There is also the project berkelium which was similar like awesomium but it is no longer maintained.
  12. I don't know but maybe this will help you: http://www.mingw.org/wiki/Specify_the_libraries_for_the_linker_to_use   Edit: Forget that. Here is more info: http://answers.awesomium.com/questions/1349/undefined-reference.html?sort=oldest   Looks like you can't use it with mingw unless they provide a build for mingw. :-/
  13. When you want to absolutely force a lost device then reinstall your graphics driver while running your application.
  14. Hm, I also have a test application where a EnumDisplayDevices loop is very slow. I haven't bothered because it was just a test application. But I try to isolate the code and profile it.